2025 Toyota 4Runner Rugged Design And Massive Infotainment Screen Teased - SUV VEHICLE

2025 Toyota 4Runner Rugged Design And Massive Infotainment Screen Teased



  • Toyota’s new 4Runner design hints at a modern approach to rugged, off-road vehicles.
  • The current 4Runner is a tough off-roader, and we can hope Toyota will follow this tradition with the upcoming model.
  • Modern interior tech upgrades and advanced safety features are coming with the new 4Runner model.

As of late, Toyota has been on a roll, so to speak, in terms of big reveals and advanced, fresh-feeling models. These models include the new Tacoma, Tundra, Land Cruiser, and Sequoia. While a great step in the direction of modern vehicles, a popular model remains left out of the fold. But for how much longer?

In recent months, an SUV prototype wearing heavy camouflage was spotted possibly field-testing a new 4Runner. That got many interested in the newest addition to Toyota’s off-road and rugged vehicle line. The latest tough Toyotas implement the brand’s modern off-road design, which is on full display in their current pickup and off-road models. Not long after the prototype was spotted, we got a sneak peek of the 4Runner’s rear end via Toyota’s social media outlets, which really ignited a fire, as now we have Toyota confirming the 4Runner.

The most recent news regarding the 4Runner from Toyota has been in the form of a rear shot of the rugged off-roader. Sporting a light blue metallic painted coat, we get a glimpse into the interior thanks to the removable rear glass. While only a teaser, Toyota not only gives us a taste of the design updates and the interior tech upgrades. Let’s dive in!

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Toyota, as well as other authoritative sources, such as J.D. Power.

New Exterior Hints At A Modern Approach To Rugged Design

Toyota’s modern design is observed in many of their new SUVs and pickups. These key features include boxy, tough edges and aggressive contours that are not only eye-catching, but also functional. The bold design allows these models, which include the Tacoma and Land Cruiser, to trek confidently in tough terrain and weather, thanks to their added ground clearance and approach/departure angles.

This design language is observed in the 4Runner teaser photo posted by Toyota as well as the spy shots of the prototype. In the latest teaser photo, the rear-end design, from top to bottom, is characterized by sturdy beams and tough corners, similar to the Taco’s tough, rugged appearance. The social media post gives us a glimpse at the lower rear-end design, which displayed an updated logo design and a brutish bumper. These pieces all come together, painting a picture of a refreshed off-road-ready SUV that will usher in a new era of Toyota exploration in style.

Increased Approach And Departure Angles Are A Strong Possibility

The prototype spy shots show an SUV with ample approach and departure characteristics. Taken with a grain of salt, these photos hint that Toyota, at the very least, will retain the current 4Runner’s approach and departure angles. If Toyota were to increase those dimensions, it would further enhance the off-road capability and utility appeal of the 4Runner.

This could be a huge boon to Toyota’s current line-up, as, combined with the modern tech and components being employed in current models, a capable two-row SUV that doesn’t mind getting dirty could really make some waves. The 2025 4Runner will compete with the Bronco and Jeep Wrangler in terms of performance, capability, price point, and fun-to-drive quality.

The Details Provide More Context To The Teaser Photo

The tough design isn’t the only thing populating this picture, as we see the roof and taillight design as well. The roof features roof racks, as should be expected with an off-roader. However, we also see the blacked-out taillight frame, which serves as a visual accent, displaying that rugged, reinforced attitude that is seen throughout the entire rear-end design. Other details include what seem to be lift assist buttons that possibly open the rear hatch. This feature is found on other Toyota models, including the Sequoia, as well as power tailgate lift assist functions on the Tacoma and Tundra.

The most obvious detail in the photo is that we can see right into the 4Runner because there is no rear glass. Past 4Runners feature removable rear glass, which increases utility and ease when full access isn’t required. This is a popular feature among many 4Runner and off-road vehicle enthusiasts, and we see the 2025 model sporting the same function. Though what’s on the inside may prove to be more impressive.

Interior Tech Will More Than Likely Receive The Modern Toyota Tech Treatment

Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter front interior shot with the driver operating the big touchscreen display.

Peeking through the open rear window reveals a large screen center-dash sitting above the volume or climate control knobs. This hints at the updated interior tech which can be found in the latest Tacoma, Tundra, and Land Cruiser. The interior seems to closely resemble the Tacoma.

While on the subject of the Tacoma and 4Runner similarities, it should be stated that the 4Runner closely compares to the Tacoma, in that its size and footprint offer similar dimensions. Interior dimensions obviously vary, being that one is an SUV and the other a pickup, but the layout appears to be fairly similar to the Taco.

At least from what can be seen through the open rear window. Plus, Toyota is known to share components and dimensions across various vehicles in order to both increase quality control and save on production costs.

This allows us to have an idea of the interior features. The large 14-inch screen is seen in the teaser photo. Standard screens will likely be smaller, as the 4Runner’s trims will feature exclusive upgrades that vary between premium, off-road, and base models.

Advanced Connectivity And Assist Could Take Off-Road SUVs To New Heights

The latest in Toyota’s Safety Sense 3.0 suite is standard in the new models mentioned above and will more than likely be featured in the 2025 4Runner. Not only is the safety and assist suite stacked to the gills with advanced functions, including blind-spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert and full-speed range dynamic radar cruise control. New Tacomas also feature standard terrain management features, including multi-terrain select capability, that make them a beast in damn near any situation. That, along with the superb performance ability and interior updates, is sure to spark some buzz when it finally hits dealerships.

Premium Entertainment And Creature Comforts Are A Strong Possibility, At Least As An Optional Feature

As seen in the Tacoma, optional upgrades can increase the visual and interactive quality of the cabin. These include the JBL premium audio system, which offers an optional removable JBL Bluetooth speaker. While nothing in the way of specific features and optional packages is available at this time, we again turn to the 2024 Tacoma for ideas as to what we may find in the 2025 4Runner.

The Tacoma TRD Pro features industry-first interior tech in the form of its IsoDynamic Performance front seats. We may or may not see these seats make an appearance in the 4Runner TRD Pro, but it would be awesome, as the new IsoDynamic seats provide added comfort and stability to the driver, instilling more confidence in the thrilling experiences one may have in a TRD Pro model.

The 2025 4Runner’s Performance Options Will Probably Mirror Those Of The 2024 Tacoma

2024 Toyota Tacoma engine bay displayed.
Motormouth via Youtube

While speculation has run rampant, much of it is based on Toyota’s consistency. As seen in the 2024 Tacoma, the 2.4-liter i-FORCE engine has proven itself to be a tough mill, able to produce 278 horses and 317 pound-feet of torque in the Taco. The i-FORCE engine also displays respectable fuel economy, which is a big selling point among young buyers and the general off-road/nature enthusiasts. However, there is another, more impressive engine in Toyota’s arsenal.

The i-FORCE MAX is Toyota’s hybrid turbo I-4 that found its way onto the 2024 Tundra and Land Cruiser and is set to make an immediate impact when it becomes available in the Tacoma later this year. The 2.4-liter i-FORCE MAX hybrid inline four-cylinder engine produces a whopping 326 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque with the help of a 1.87 kWh dual-motor setup.

This engine option, if available, would increase the appeal of the 4Runner, as a hybrid model will surely catch the eyes of eco-conscious buyers who enjoy adventure. This is a prime example of Toyota knowing its market.

The TNGA-F Platform

Toyota’s modern modular workhorse, the TNGA-F platform, underpins many of the brand’s rugged models, including the Tacoma, Tundra, Land Cruiser, and Sequoia, as well as the Lexus LX and GX. This platform is extremely versatile and sturdy, making for a customizable vehicle setup and a confident driving experience. The TNGA-F platform allows upgrades like a winch, fog lamps, and more depending on your needs, which is why it’s so popular among the modern Toyota offerings.

Off-Road Prowess Is A Strong Possibility Considering The Current State Of Toyota’s Tough Line-Up

The current 4Runner is known for its capability, thanks to strong construction and intentional upgrades, usually in the suspension and chassis department. Such features as upgraded Fox or Old Man Emu shocks are available on the Tacoma, as are suspension options that allow buyers to fine-tune their vehicle to their specific needs. Along with large all-terrain tires and tough under-plating, the current tough Toyotas display a sense of confidence, providing buyers with that go-anywhere capability that grabs the market’s attention.

The 2025 4Runner marks a significant update to Toyota’s favored models that comes as a much-needed refresher, especially considering the current generation of 4Runner is over a decade old. More news regarding the 2025 4Runner will come at a later date, but for now, we’re still stoked over the fact that the 4Runner is on its way back with a host of new tricks.


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