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Here’s Why The Indian Scout Bobber Is The Ultimate Daily Rider


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The Scout Bobber is the stripped-down version of the Indian Scout, the smallest model in the bikemaker’s current cruiser range. It’s small, light, and brilliantly suitable for everyday riding in and around town, while still feeling great on the open road. An engine and chassis that are dynamic and entertaining up to a point elevate the experience further.

Now, in 2024, the American brand has revamped the entire Scout lineup and the Bobber has received a few crucial upgrades that build on the already solid base from previous years. As per Ola Stenegard, Director of Product Design for Indian Motorcycle,

Our top priority was to uphold the iconic namesake of Scout and ensure the new lineup is as timeless as all its predecessors. For us, it was imperative to keep it clean, follow the iconic lines of Scout, and create a package that offered seamless customization. To achieve this, it all started with the steel tube frame and all-new, V-Twin engine.

Now that you know what to expect, let’s dive into the nitty gritty of the Scout Bobber.

UPDATE: 2024/04/03 13:10 EST BY UTKARSH SOOD

The Indian Scout Bobber has received a massive update for the upcoming model year. So, to keep our readers updated with all the latest details, we have decided to refresh and update this article with the latest information.

In order to give you the most up-to-date information possible, the data used to complete this article was sourced directly from the manufacturer’s website alongside authoritative sites.

The New Indian Scout Is Here To Make Harley-Davidson Cruisers Sweat

Five variants make up the new Indian Scout lineup, headlined by the uber-special 101 Scout

1 Indian Is One Of The Oldest Motorcycle Brands In The World

Even Older Than Harley-Davidson

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

The foundations for the Indian Motorcycle Company were laid in 1901, two years before Harley-Davidson took its first faltering steps toward becoming a manufacturer. The company’s name was changed from The Hendee Manufacturing Company to Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company in 1923. Production continued until 1953, when it went out of business, only to be resurrected by Polaris Industries in 2011. This makes Indian one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturing companies in the world, let alone America. The original Scout was introduced in 1920 and continued until 1949, so when you ride your Indian Scout Bobber, you are riding a vital namesake of motorcycling history.

2 Smallest Indian You Can Get Your Hands On

Making It Ideal For City Riding

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

The Indian Scout Bobber is the smallest model in the Indian range. Physically. Lacking the bulk of the larger Indian cruisers and tourers, it is perfect for riding around town but also possesses a sportiness that is entertaining out on the open road. The low seat height helps with low-speed maneuvering, as does the light weight. Above all else, it looks great!

Dimensions Specifications


Indian Scout Bobber


86.9 inches


36.6 inches


42.2 inches

Seat Height

25.6 inches


540 pounds

3 The New Scout Bobber Is Lighter Than The Outgoing Model

Its Weight Is Perfect

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

The all-new Scout Bobber has a curb weight of 542 pounds and a dry weight of 522 pounds. It may be slightly more than bikes like the Harley-Davidson Sportster S, but considering the outgoing model weighed 553 pounds curb, the 11-pound reduction is quite significant for the new variant. Add to this the more powerful engine, and it’s safe to say the Bobber is faster than its ever been.

4 Great Ergonomics Straight Out-Of-The-Box

Without Any Dire Need For Adjustments

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

Indian’s accessories catalog is extensive, but the Scout Bobber doesn’t need anything added to it to make it good; it’s already loaded! The stock seat is comfortable, and the forward foot controls are perfectly positioned for a comfortable riding position. Once aboard, you’ll also appreciate the likable set of features and creature comforts. You don’t need to change anything to feel good once on it.

5 It Comes With An All-New ‘SpeedPlus’ Engine

Promises Even More Power

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

The previous model came with a water-cooled 1,133cc V-twin engine that produced 100 horsepower and 72 pound-feet of torque. Now, with the latest upgrade, the Scout Bobber comes with the latest 1,250cc (76.3 V-twin engine, known as the SpeedPlus. It produces 105 horsepower and 82 pound-feet of torque. As per Indian, the new engine is beautifully smooth with just the right amount of vibration to give the bike a great character.

More importantly, these figures place the Scout Bobber squarely against the likes of the Harley-Davidson Nightster and the Triumph Bonneville Bobber. Considering that the new trim is close to 10 pounds lighter than the older trim, the cruiser also has an even better power-to-weight ratio. So if you want the Bobber for riding hard, there has never been a better time.

Engine Specifications


Indian Scout Bobber


Liquid cooled, V-Twin (60 degrees)



Bore x Stroke

104 mm x 73.6 mm


105 horsepower


82 pound-feet



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6 Cheap To Maintain

Unlike Other 1000cc+ Motorcycles

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

All the Scout Bobber models have a final belt drive, which is virtually maintenance-free (maybe a bit of adjustment is needed). Even better, the service intervals are 10,000 miles for oil and 16,000 miles for valve clearances. Irrespective, oil should be changed every year, no matter what mileage you have done: oil deteriorates and becomes acidic, so leaving it sitting in your engine for too long can cause damage that will affect the engine’s life. Overall, the new Scout Bobber wouldn’t bother you too much with maintenance, which is great for a daily driver.

7 The Indian Scout Bobber Holds Its Value Well

Perfect For Those Who Upgrade Quickly

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

Much like the BMW and Harley-Davidson, Indian bikes always seem to hold their value. This is great news for you if you like changing your set of wheels. Once you have used the Bobber for a few years, you can sell it off and upgrade to a new model without losing much money on your investment. According to Kelley Blue Book values, a 6-year-old Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is worth just over $7,000 for a bike in average shape. This is around three grand less than a brand-new model, and that is not a bad depreciation percentage at all. If you take care of the model you have, by the time you turn around and sell it, you may be able to cover the cost of a new model.

8 Great For All Riding Levels

From Beginner To Experienced

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

Some of the bigger street bikes can be very intimidating if you are a new rider. Just hearing that the Indian Scout Bobber has over 100 horsepower can make you weak in the knees when climbing onto the seat. Still, the bikemaker had things in perspective when they designed it. All controls are within easy reach, and the turn signals turn themselves off if you forget. Plus, you can opt for the Limited trim that unlocks traction control to keep you upright in low grip conditions. So whether you are a new rider or a seasoned veteran, the Bobber will feel just fine.

9 The Indian Scout Bobber Has Semi-Floating Rotors

Offering Excellent Stopping Power

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

If you work on your bike, you are familiar with the old-school brakes that were fixed in place. Engineers and manufacturers had found that this style of brake leads to warping and instability when braking, so they came up with a change. Almost all bikes are now produced with floating rotors, including the Indian Scout Bobber, which helps reduce brake warping and instability while riding. That means better stopping power and improved safety.

Braking Specifications


Indian Scout Bobber

Front Brake

Single, 298 mm semi-floating rotor, 2 piston caliper

Rear Brake

Single, 298 mm semi-floating rotor, 1 piston caliper

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10 Improved Tank Range

For Less Fuel Station Visits

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

The 3.4-gallon fuel tank may not seem too big in the grand scheme of things, but when you compare it to its rivals like the Triumph Bonneville Bobber, which has a 3.2-gallon tank, you can see that it is just enough. The outgoing Indian Scout Bobber averaged 33 miles per gallon with a 3.3-gallon tank. And now that the new variant comes with more fuel storage, it makes the Indian the perfect motorcycle for keeping your fuel stops low. Even if it is only so you can zip through traffic without getting stuck in red-light traffic jams.

11 The Scout Bobber Looks Badass

Plus, You Can Accessorize It With Company Add-Ons

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

This bike screams raw bobber flair with its single seat, chopped fenders, slammed two-inch suspension, and all-black headlamp nacelle. The low stance, bar-end mirrors, and all-black color scheme complete a sleek design perfect for intense riding. If you’re not satisfied, Indian provides a plethora of customization possibilities for your Scout. The range of luggage combinations includes Commuter, Overnighter, Stealth, and Open Roads, which also feature different headlamps, blinkers, and other accessories. Ergonomic combos with variable handlebars, foot controls, and seats are also on offer.

Notable Design Features

  • Blacked out
  • Chopped fenders
  • Solo seat
  • Bar-end mirrors
  • Slammed suspension

12 Three Trims For All Types Of Riders

Namely Standard, Limited and Limited +Tech

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

The Scout Bobber comes in three versions. The Standard Trim is equipped with every necessary feature, such as an ABS, an analog gauge (with a new fuel level indicator), keyed ignition, and a new LED headlamp. Next comes the Limited trim, which offers you all that is included in the Standard variant with the addition of cruise control, traction control, three ride modes (Sport, Standard, or Tour), and a USB charging port.

The top-of-the-line Scout Bobber Limited+Tech takes things further. It includes a 4-inch display armed with Ride Command. In addition to customizable gauge screens, the new display is loaded with features like ride statistics, GPS navigation, and point-to-point mapping. Additionally, you can access linked bike data such as account syncing, bike health, and bike locator, among other features. Keyless ignition is also present.

Indian Scout Bobber Trims



Indian Scout Bobber Standard


Indian Scout Bobber Limited


Indian Scout Bobber Limited +Tech


13 Are There Any Problems With The Indian Scout Bobber?

Possible Issues To Look Out For

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

For the past generation, there were no problems with the design or build quality, or performance. Still, one of the few nitpicks was that there is limited space to put any luggage, so you might struggle to pack enough for a weekend away unless you are willing to wear a backpack. The new Scout Bobber doesn’t differ all that much, being the smallest of all Scouts. It doesn’t come with a pillion seat or pillion-foot pegs, so you must buy those if you wish to carry a passenger.

14 It Has A Few Noticeable Rivals

But It Promises A Greater Overall Package

2024 Harley Davidson Sportster S

The Indian Scout Bobber does have some great rivals, and it is down to personal taste as to whether you think any of them look better. The most obvious rival is the Harley-Davidson Nightster. It comes with a Revolution Max 975cc V-twin engine that’s less powerful than the Scout. Another direct competitor is in the form of the Triumph Bonneville Bobber, which is powered by a parallel twin engine (1,200cc). But the Bonneville also produces less power and torque compared to the Scout Bobber by 28 horsepower and 4 pound-feet.

Key Competitors Of The Indian Scout Bobber

  • Harley-Davidson Nightster
  • Triumph Bonneville Bobber
  • Honda Rebel 1100

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15 Is The Indian Scout Bobber For You?

The Final Question

2024 Indian Scout Bobber

With an exceptionally low seat height, the Scout Bobber is great for short riders, but if you are over six feet tall, it might start to feel a little on the small side. Similarly, if you are particularly heavy, the very short 2 inches of suspension travel might not be enough to prevent your backside from becoming the rear suspension. The feet-forward riding position also puts your upper body weight onto the base of your spine.

Other than this, if you are after a sporty ride, the Scout Bobber might not be for you. While the handling and brakes are fine, this is meant for straight roads and occasional canyons you come across, not sporty riding scenarios. Not to mention, the single disc would have to work overtime to slow you down before a corner.


Q: Is the Scout Bobber a good bike?

Yes! The Indian Scout Bobber is a great bike, whether you are a beginner rider or experienced.

Q: Is the Indian Scout Bobber fast?

With 105 horsepower from the 1,250cc engine, the Scout Bobber is plenty fast, although the simple suspension and single front disc brake prevent you from riding it like a sports bike!

Q: Is the Indian Scout Bobber discontinued?

No. The Scout Bobber is still in production. In fact, it recently received an overhaul for the 2025 model year, where it gained a bigger engine, new design, and more features.


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