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A Chinese BMW S 1000 RR Could Become A Reality



  • Voge, a Chinese bikemaker owned by Loncin, is planning a lineup based on BMW engines.
  • The 2025 lineup includes an SR350 ADV scooter, inspired by the C 400 X, while the 2026 lineup includes a 1600GT and RR1000.
  • Voge has already shown a production-ready DSR900X adventure bike with a BMW-based engine.

With each passing year, the footprint of Chinese bikemakers is growing in the motorcycle world. Just look at the likes of QJ Motor, CFMoto, and Benda; these were all unheard names a couple of years ago, and everyone knows them today (most of us anyway). Now, another Chinese bikemaker that wants to walk a similar path is Voge.

You may or may not have heard about it, but it’s owned by Loncin–the long-term partner of BMW Motorrad who builds the C 400 scooters and the mid-capacity 895cc engine. So there’s plenty in its arsenal to learn from, and that’s what Voge is eventually planning to do. How does a Chinese BMW S 1000 RR sound?


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Voge Is Planning A Motorcycle Lineup Based On BMW Engines

Voge SR350 Scooter 1

Most Chinese bikemakers have become popular by following a simple approach: tie up with big industry giants, learn from them, and whip up new, cheaper bikes from those learnings. And it’s a hard-to-fault approach, as it’s a win-win for all parties. The Chinese company gets a strong base for its bikes, industry giants get a helping hand in manufacturing (in most cases), and we, the public, get more motorcycles.

This is the same thing Voge’s planning to do. The company recently showed a long list of motorcycles in its future portfolio. While the 2024 lineup had offerings we’ve previously seen as concepts or in official documents, the interesting bits lie in the 2025 and 2026 lineup. The 2025 lineup shows an SR350 ADV scooter based on the C 400 GT platform–a no-brainer move considering Loncin produces the 400 X in China.

Voge RR 666 Concept 2
YouTube via AutoWin

What comes as a surprise, meanwhile, is the 2026 lineup. It comprises a 1600GT, which has the image of the BMW K 1600 GTL beside it. This hints Voge is planning a heavyweight tourer based on the Bavarian giant’s platform. Next, and the more intriguing, is the ‘RR1000’. It has the image of the S 1000 RR alongside it, certainly suggesting a Chinese version of the globally popular superbike. If the latter is indeed true, it’d help Voge match up against fellow Chinese companies like QJ Motor and CFMoto. Both have liter-class bikes in the works.

Upcoming Voge Motorcycles Inspired By BMW

  • RR1000 (BMW S 1000 RR)
  • 1600GT (BMW K 1600 GTL)
  • SR350 (BMW C 400 X)
  • DSR900X (BMW F 900 GS)

Will It Actually Happen?

Voge DSR900 Full

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Called the Voge RR 666, it has an inline-four engine that enables zero to 62mph in under 3.5 seconds

As BMW fans, all this sounds a little cuckoo and unrealistic from an upcoming brand. After all, why would the Bavarian giant in its right mind give Voge its best platforms? But it’s not all cuckoo. It’s a move that’s actually happening as we speak.

Voge has already shown its production-ready DSR900X adventure bike. It employs a BMW-based 895cc twin-cylinder engine (identical to the F 900 GS) and will enter production this year itself. Speaking of this year, Voge also has the RR650R sports bike (check related link) incoming in 2024. It’s a capable machine that’s already turned heads at last year’s EICMA. However, the company has minimal presence in North America.

Source: Motorrad


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