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The Toyota Hybrid Sedan That Outsells The Prius Twins

Toyota has long been known for its hybrid models. Whether the Prius is the first to pop into your mind when you imagine a hybrid or one of the brand’s countless others, it’s clear that the Japanese automaker has its teeth sunk into the PHEV and standard hybrid market. After all, the Toyota Prius first debuted in the 1990s, quickly becoming a global phenomenon, with U.S., Asian, and even South American drivers hopping on the bandwagon.

As we start to see the auto market move from gas to electric powertrains, it’s worth mentioning the quick jump many people are making to hybrids. Although EV ownership is rising across the world, and specifically in the United States, that doesn’t mean it is outpacing hybrids and PHEV vehicles. For now, many drivers prefer the choice between electric and gas.

Toyota has been on the front end of hybrid manufacturing for decades now, so it’s no shock the brand is doing *very* well among hybrid shoppers. You almost always see a Toyota hybrid when out and about because they’re reliable, affordable, and better for the planet. Toyota’s biggest competition outside of itself is Honda, although even then, you can’t beat Toyota’s reputation. Here is the company’s hybrid models that beats even the Prius and Prius Prime, based on 2023 sales figures.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Toyota and other authoritative sources, including official sales reports from Toyota, the EPA, plus official press documents from the brand/Lexus.

An Overview Of The 2024 Toyota Corolla Model Lineup

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Watch Out, Prius, The Toyota Corolla Hybrid Is Outselling You

Even though the Toyota Prius will remain king of the hybrid world forever, it’s worth mentioning that the Corolla Hybrid family is quickly becoming the company’s most notable. According to 2023 sales reports from Toyota, the Corolla Hybrid outsold the Prius and Prius Prime. Of course, this isn’t by tens of thousands of vehicles, but it does show the demand for Corolla and Corolla Cross Hybrid nameplates.

Specifically, the company reported sales of 47,990 for Corolla Hybrids in the United States last year. Compared to the Prius’s 30,495 and the Prius Prime’s 7,557, it’s clear that the Corolla is rising to the top of the food chain within Toyota’s hybrid segment. It’s more affordable, which in today’s economy is proving to be a major asset.

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid And Cross Hybrid Can’t Be Topped

In addition to outpacing the Prius family in 2023, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid and Cross Hybrid SUV are two of the more popular options among U.S. shoppers. First, the Corolla nameplate remains one of North America’s best-selling sedans out of all major brands, with other brands like Honda being its main competition. Even then, Toyota offers the cheapest hybrid (Corolla Hybrid) on the market right now, which can explain why drivers are obsessed with this vehicle. Hey, who doesn’t love a deal?

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Why And How The Toyota Corolla Became King

2024 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

On top of offering the cheapest hybrid to the US market, Toyota’s Corolla Hybrid is one of the better vehicles for MPG ratings per the EPA. For 2024 models, you can expect up to 50 MPG combined in base models, which is class-leading. Generally, sedans get about 30 miles per gallon, with hybrids hitting over 40, but not usually into the 50 range. This is great news for those wanting a cheaper everyday vehicle, especially with fluctuating gas prices.

Toyota has cemented itself as a hybrid leader, not only with the Prius and Prius Prime but also with the Corolla Hybrid and Cross Hybrid family. You get the best of both worlds, gas and electric, plus for under $25,000. Price is everything right now. You don’t want to spend $30,000 or even $40,000 on a base-level hybrid, and Toyota gets that. The brand’s ability to make great cars for less money is what has torpedoed them into the winner’s circle in the 2020s.

Toyota Is Making Hybrids Fun Again

In addition to manufacturing affordable and reliable hybrids, Toyota is doing a fine job making them FUN. Even in the Corolla, you see up to 138 horsepower, plus a Sport Mode function. There’s not going to be extreme speed in this sedan, but that’s not what Toyota is after. Remember, the Corolla has always been a modest nameplate. It seats 4-5 people comfortably, rides smoothly, and saves you tons of money on gas. What more could somebody need?

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Prius And Corolla Are Toyota’s Hybrid Meal Ticket

If you’ve recently driven around and kept tabs on the cars you see, Toyota models are a dime a dozen. Whether it’s a Prius, Prius Prime, Corolla Hybrid, or Corolla Cross Hybrid, these vehicles are everywhere. One reason for this is that Toyota has perfected its hybrid manufacturing over the past two-plus decades, making itself one of the strongest names in these configurations as of 2024. You almost can’t shake the Toyota hybrid ads on Google, and they’re doing everything to slowly get people interested in semi-electric driving. After all, the industry WILL turn electric soon. This is inevitable, and per Toyota’s constant solid-state battery and hydrogen experiments and investments, we’d say the brand has what it takes to dominate the EV and BEV markets very soon.

Don’t Forget The Fancier Version Of Toyota: Lexus

What many people don’t remember is that Toyota also owns and manufactures Lexus. Of course, these brands have different factories and amenities, with Lexus being higher-end. However, Toyota is slowly introducing hybrids and EVs into Lexus’s offerings, which puts the broader company in a perfect position in the lower-price and higher-price auto segments. Not only do you have vehicles like the under $25,000 Corolla Hybrid, but Toyota also has high-end Lexus models like the NX, RZ, and TX, which are nicer inside and out.

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Corolla Is Going To Keep Getting Better

2024 Toyota Corolla Nightshade

With Toyota’s sales looking great in 2023 and 2024, it’s not shocking the brand is putting more time and energy into future Corolla and Corolla Cross Hybrid production. With this nameplate outpacing Prius and Prius Prime, we could see a similar overhaul to Corolla models.

After all, Prius saw incredible gains in comfort, exterior styling, and tech after Toyota realized it had even more potential in the current market. Who’s to say the brand can’t do something as cool (or cooler) with the Corolla series? Toyota has plenty of money to experiment with. There are even rumors of an electric Corolla coming to market, which would be nice compared to the pretty expensive options we currently have. The SUV version of Corolla is a step towards this vision and is doing nicely for the company.

People Want A Good Deal On Their Next Hybrid

On top of hybrids becoming the norm, you want to remember why people love these: You save on gas money. By using electric and gas powertrains, models like the Prius and Corolla can engage themselves in battery and engine power. With the Corolla series outpacing all other Toyota hybrids, it’s worth it to invest even further in the nameplate’s success. We expect big things from Corolla in the coming years. Let’s see how far the brand can take it.

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