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10 Car Brands That Can Use Tesla’s Supercharging Network


Electric vehicles are no longer just toys or runabouts for local travel. Advancements in battery technology have made EVs capable of long road trips and daily driving without range anxiety. Advancements in charging technology have made these longer trips much less painful as well. EVs are nearly at the point where the convenience is parallel with an ICE car.

In terms of on-the-go charging, Tesla is king, with its absolutely massive Supercharger network. The American manufacturer has made it a point to build out as many charging stations as it could in the past decade-plus. Tesla made the bold choice of renaming its charging system to North American Charging Standard (NACS) in 2022, and declared that since it had a larger network than all other options combined, other automakers should just adopt its standard. It worked.

Now most automakers are agreeing by 2025 that they will adopt and work with Tesla’s charging technology. This means that virtually every single EV user will have access to about 2,000 charging stations nationally, and over 12,000 charging ports at these stations. Here’s what we know about all other EVs that will have access to the Tesla Supercharger network in the year of 2024.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from various manufacturer press releases, compiled using the
NACS Charger Adoption Tracker

Tesla’s Supercharging Network Is Getting More Crowded By The Day

With countless car brands joining Tesla customers at Supercharge Stations, here’s why this could spell trouble for the company down the road.

1 Ford

Ford Mustang Mach-E At A Tesla Supercharger

Ford has its own special network of charging stations, called the Blue Oval. Blue Oval is not proprietary Ford chargers, but access to a variety of different private charging networks around the country. Now Ford has struck a deal with Tesla to get on its network as well, meaning Ford EV owners will have access to almost every single public EV charger in the country.

Ford Is Rolling Out NACS Adapters This Spring

  • Ford and Tesla announced this deal in May 2023.
  • Ford will provide free adapters for F-150 Lightning and Mach-E.
  • Ford’s CEO confirmed in January that the adapters will be available for reservation soon.
  • Tesla is building the adapters, which is likely why the precise release date has not been set. Tesla has struggled to release recent products on time.
  • The next generation of Ford EVs will have an NACS port.

With Tesla holding the reins to Ford’s access vis-a-vis the adapter, we are not 100-percent sure when this connection will actually happen. Now that it is officially Spring 2024, we’d think there would be a more exact timeline. Alas, there is not. We hope that this can all go off without a hitch for Ford EV owners, but the Blue Oval network will have to do until then.

2 Nissan

2023 Nissan Ariya charging options

Nissan was one of the few contemporaries with Tesla in the modern electric revolution, but never partnered with the American Automaker. The Leaf has been kicking around since 2010, though the company does plan to phase it out soon. If that couldn’t be more clear, the Leaf will not have access to Tesla’s Supercharger network, but its younger electric brother will.

An NACS Adapter Will Be Available For The Ariya

  • Nissan struck this deal for the Ariya in July 2023.
  • Based on the press release, it appears Nissan is building the adapter.
  • It is unclear whether it will be a free adapter like Ford’s.
  • Despite claiming a 2024 date for the adapter last year, no further timeline has been announced.
  • NACS ports will be standard on new Nissan EVs in 2025

The Nissan adapter situation is a bit more in the air than the Ford one. Regardless of how and when this gets made, it’s important to realize the adapter will not be needed once the next round of Nissan EVs is available. The new standard for charging is here.

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3 Volvo

A 2025 Volvo EX30 being charged

Volvo is a newcomer to the electric game, but offers some of the best-looking and safest EV SUVs on the road. The EX90 in particular looks to be one of the best new EVs coming out this year. Volvo will not be left behind when it comes to charging. It will adopt the NACS as well.

Volvo Will Join The Network In 2024

  • Volvo and Tesla agreed to the partnership in June 2023.
  • Volvo announced the timeline as the “first half” of 2024.
  • It’s unclear who will build the adapters for Volvo’s EVs
  • Volvo will include NACS ports on its EVs starting in 2025
  • It’ll also include a backward adapter from NACS to CCS (its current standard) for future EVs

The Swedish automaker is all aboard the NACS train. Much like the other automakers, there’s no exact date for when it will be on the new standard. However, Volvo plans to not leave its current users high and dry with the CCS chargers they may have installed in their homes, which is nice.

4 Kia

2023 Kia Sorento PHEV

The Korean manufacturer is currently on the CCS standard. However, it appears CSS will fall by the wayside, despite being on the vast majority of brands. Kia will be one of the first non-Tesla brands to have an NACS charge port.

Kia Will Release EVs With The NACS Port In 2024

  • Kia entered into an agreement with Tesla in October 2023.
  • In contrast to most other brands on this list, Kia will have vehicles with NACS ports this year, and adapters for its other vehicles next year.
  • It claims that its EVs released in late 2024 will have NACS charging ports.
  • The Niro, EV6, and EV9 will get an adapter in 2025.

Kia is rushing to put out its EVs with NACS capability. Frankly, this seems like the best solution, to keep the timeline out of Tesla’s unreliable hands. It will also make its EVs more attractive options for the 2024 holiday season, which is a savvy business play. Well done from Kia here, something we haven’t said much recently.

The Best Electric Car Charging Companies And What Sets Them Apart

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5 Jaguar

2023 Jaguar I-Pace with charger
Jaguar Image Gallery

Jag’s EV foray has been an interesting one. So far, only the small SUV I-Pace exists, but soon the company says it will have the high-end, powerful sedans that it is known for in fully electric versions. However, before that happens, it wants to put the I-Pace onto NACS charging, and Tesla’s Supercharger network.

The I-Pace Is Getting An NACS Adapter

  • Jaguar announced its partnership with Tesla in September 2023.
  • Jag has really not committed to a timeline, simply saying the adapter will be ready “when available”.
  • Jaguar is going to let Tesla handle the construction of the adapter, and obviously is aware of that being a potentially delayed process.
  • It announced the new line of Jaguar EVs coming in 2025 will have NACS charging.

The aforementioned EV sedans will help guide Jaguar into the future. Hopefully, access to the NACS apparatus can lead the company to the success that it has been missing in recent times. We’d hate to see the old cat go anywhere.

6 Mercedes-Benz

2023 Mercedes-AMG EQS 53

Mercedes-Benz was recently touting its own line of superchargers for its wide EV range. It claimed it will have 400 High Power Charging Stations built in North America by 2027. As of late 2023, these plans are still on. However, Mercedes clearly couldn’t wait until 2027 to be up to speed with EV charging capabilities. It had to make a move in the present, and that was joining the NACS bandwagon (or should it be “bandwagon”?).

Mercedes Will Have Access To Tesla’s Network In 2024

  • Mercedes-Benz struck the deal with Tesla in July 2024
  • Adapters for current EVs will be available in late 2024.
  • Mercedes will build the adapter for the NACS system.
  • NACS ports will be available in its new EVs releasing in 2025.

With the dream of high-end charging stations across the country starting to hit reality, Mercedes is full-speed ahead with electric vehicles. With its partnership announcement, Mercedes said it plans to include NACS in all of its High Power Charging Stations. Nice ally for Tesla to have, no?

Mercedes Will Challenge Tesla’s Supercharger Network Beginning In North America

As Mercedes rolls out more EV models, it aims to create the infrastructure necessary to keep them charged against Tesla’s established network

7 Rivian

2024 Rivian R1T Charging

Rivian is among Tesla’s main competitors in the luxury electric auto space. Another American upstart, with a focus on luxury branding, and a super-cool pickup truck. Fortunately for Rivian, its EVs tend to deliver on the promises they make. Unfortunately for Rivian, its vehicles don’t sell nearly as well as Tesla. Despite the perceived rivalry, Rivian is also joining the NACS world.

Rivian Is Joining The Supercharger Network This Year

  • Rivian teamed up with Tesla in June 2023.
  • Rivian claimed an adapter would release as “early as Spring 2024”.
  • It’s unclear who will make the adapter, and no further timeline has been announced
  • New Rivian EVs from 2025 on, including the R2 platform, will feature the NACS port.

Rivian could not afford to stay out of the NACS game. NACS is no longer just branding from Tesla, it is the truth about the charging system, it is the standard for the continent. We’ll see how soon Rivian can actually get on it.

8 Hyundai

A Gray 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6

As with Kia, the entire Hyundai Motor Group will be on the NACS train. The Korean giant has big EV plans, and will not let a silly thing like charging standards stand in its way. Much like Kia, Hyundai will push for NACS ports before adapters.

NACS Ports Will Be In Hyundais Late 2024

  • Hyundai was also part of the October 2023 deal with Tesla.
  • NACS ports will be on its vehicles this year.
  • Adapters for older models like the Ioniq 5 and 6 will be available in Q1 2025.
  • It’s unclear whether the adapters will be for sale or complimentary, though we’d guess the former, since the port will be in new cars first.

Again, we see the strategy of pushing for NACS ports before a nebulous adapter as a winning strategy. The best ability is availability, and controlling the availability of access to the Tesla Supercharging network will be a huge boon for Hyundai.

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9 General Motors

Blue Silverado EV Charging

GM is all in on EVs with its Ultium Platform. Now it seeks to step its charging game up. GM solidifies its commitment to electric power with its bid to join the Tesla Supercharger Network.

GM Will Access The Network Via Adapter This Year

  • GM brokered the deal with Tesla in June 2023.
  • GM confirmed an adapter will be available in 2024.
  • No further timeline is available, and it’s unclear who will construct the adapter.
  • GM will include NACS ports in its EVs from 2025 on.
  • GM also plans to provide a reverse adapter for NACS vehicles to CCS standard.

GM, like all the other automakers on this list, needs access. It needs charging stations, and it cannot build them anywhere near fast enough to reach the level of Tesla’s network. NACS rules the continent.

10 Genesis

Genesis Electrified GV70 charging

The final piece in the Hyundai Motor Group, Genesis, its luxury line, will not be left out of the NACS fun. The Korean automaker has a clear plan here. Be first.

Hyundai’s Luxury Brand Has Adopted NACS Charging For 2024

  • Genesis was also included in the October 2023 agreement.
  • Like Kia and Hyundai, it will have NACS ports in its vehicles by Q4 2024.
  • Eventually, adapters will be available for older EVs as well, in Q1 2025.

Beating everyone to the punch will likely go over pretty well for Genesis. Since there doesn’t seem to actually be an adapter coming in the near future, the Hyundai Motor Group brands may actually be the first on this list to access the Supercharger network.

One of the main takeaways here is that despite most of these cars already being on the same CCS standard for charging, the lack of actual infrastructure to charge the cars was significantly more impactful than sharing the same charging technology. Tesla’s ability to actually go out and build chargers all over the country was by far the most important and intelligent decision in recent memory for the EV world. Tesla now controls charging for all major EV brands, bravo.


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