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10 Electric Vehicles That Have Bi-Directional Charging


Electric vehicles have taken the automotive world to task in the last few years. EVs now range from eco-wagons, family sedans and SUVs, pickup trucks, and all the way to hypercars. EVs are no longer miserable little city cruisers like the G-Wiz. They are a viable form of transport for families looking for safety and comfort, the wealthy looking for luxury, and even thrill seekers. Electric vehicles have stormed their way into the conversation as equals to ICE cars, and thanks to government mandates against carbon emissions, will likely be the dominant vehicles on the road in a few years’ time.

The key advancement that has made EVs viable in the modern era is battery technology. Lithium-ion batteries provide a range comparable to most tanks of gas, and advancements beyond this tech will make them go even longer. Since the industrial revolution, access to electricity has been a crucial factor in day-to-day life.

Now we are bringing gigantic electrical powerhouses everywhere we go in the form of our cars. This electricity does not have to be used to solely drive the wheels. Bi-directional charging is a process that allows EV owners to tap into their battery for other purposes, to charge their phone, power a coffee maker, or, in some cases, even a house. Here are 10 EVs that have bi-directional charging.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from various manufacturer websites.

No Electricity? The Ford F-150 Lightning Can Power Your House For Up To 3 Days

Your house can be powered via the truck’s Intelligent Backup Power

1 Ford F-150 Lightning

The F-150 Lightning was the first electric pickup available in the United States. Ford took its most popular vehicle ever, and electrified it for the coming end to fossil fuels. The Lightning has all the capabilities of the ICE version, but no emissions, and even more torque, thanks to the electric motors. Ford was focused on getting everything out of the electric powerhouse too, so they gave it the power of bi-directional charging as well.

The Lightning Can Famously Power Your House

Ford pushed bi-directional charging as a selling point for the vehicle, boasting that in the event of a power outage, the Lightning could power your house for up to three days. Ford calls this “intelligent backup power”, and if hooked up to Ford’s level 2 charging system, the car’s battery will immediately begin powering the house in the event of a power outage.

Ford F-150 Lightning Extended Range Battery Specs


131 kWh

Charge Time 15%-80%

41 Minutes (150 kW)/122 Minutes (50 kW)


320 Miles

(Data was collected from Ford)

The Lightning also has outlets built into power tools, appliances, and whatever else you might need on a job site or camping trip. Even the branding of “Lightning” evokes the truck as something that delivers power to where you need it. Ford has taken advantage of the “electric” portion of electric vehicles, and made something that can bring not just its passengers to a place, but all the power of the 21st century there as well.

2 Nissan Leaf

The Leaf was one of the first EVs to break through in the 2010s. Nissan has said the Leaf will be phased out, with a new EV on its way to replace the small EV. This is a sad fact for fans of affordable EVs, because the Ariya, Nissan’s other EV, is about one and a half times more expensive. However, before it’s gone, the Leaf can still provide some savings beyond its low price tag. Its bi-directional charging can actually be a financial asset.

The Leaf Can Sell Its Energy Back To The Grid

Nissan has started offering a V2G (vehicle to grid) charger that can put the energy from the car back into the electric grid, which the electric company will pay you for. A winery in Australia claims it runs its entire business on solar and a Nissan Leaf, earning about $50 AUD a week on selling the energy.

Nissan Leaf Battery Specs


62 kWh

Charge Time 10%-80%

40 Minutes (150 kW)


226 Miles

(Data was collected from Nissan)

Unfortunately, in the U.S., only pilot programs exist for this sort of bi-directional option, However, it is becoming more of a reality as lawmakers realize the grid-saving potential of having millions of giant electric batteries on the road.

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3 Lucid Air

Lucid has sprung onto the scene as a top option in the luxury EV space. The Lucid Air has an EPA rating of over 500 miles on a single charge, making it among the longest-distance electric vehicles ever made. Lucid sees itself as one of the most futuristic brands and was able to become a bi-directional charging player in a very 21st-century manner.

The Long Range EV Got Bi-Directional Charging Through A Software Update

Lucid added RangeXChange a V2V (vehicle to vehicle) bi-directional charging technology through a remote software update. It will allow you to spare some battery for other Lucid drivers in need. It’s pretty unbelievable that major changes to car technology can be added through software. Here’s some info on

Lucid Top-range Battery Specs


112 kWh

Charge Time 10%-80%

26 Minutes (200 kW)


516 Miles

(Data was collected from Lucid)

The current V2V charging is a bit of a gimmick. The Lucid is not exactly a common car, nor will strangers be super willing to spare some charge for needy drivers. However, Lucid says that more applications of its bi-directional charging could be coming in the future like V2H or V2G.

4 Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai has placed itself as one of the major players in the modern EV space with a bevy of good-looking, affordable EVs. The Ioniq 5 is the sleek SUV of that line. It has the capability to use its power for other things than driving.

The Ioniq Uses Hyundai’s “Vehicle To Load” System

Hyundai has its cars set up to power other devices. V2L (vehicle to load) can power things like appliances, household conveniences, or just your phone. While it can’t hook in and power your entire house, it could power a fridge or washing machine in a pinch.

Ioniq 5 Battery Specs


84 kWh

Charge Time 10%-80%

18 Minutes (200 kW)


303 Miles

(Data was collected from Hyundai)

While Hyundai doesn’t have the completely impressive ability to light the whole house, it certainly is far from useless. V2L is great for camping, barbeques, or emergencies. Hyundai is a strong supporter of bi-directional charging, including it on all its EVs.


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5 Volkswagen ID. Buzz

The ID.Buzz is not out in the U.S. yet, but Volkswagen has said mid-2024 will be the release timeline. However, it is out in Europe, and we know its capabilities in terms of bi-directional charging. Volkswagen wants to pose the Buzz as an update on its famous van, which means it needs to be able to power everything you’d need in a home, or maybe just a home itself.

The Retro-Futuristic Van Can Light Up Your House

The Buzz features V2H charging, which means it can power anything you need it to. So if you plan to live in this van, you can rest easy knowing it will be able to handle anything you throw at it.

VW ID.Buzz Battery Specs


91 kWh

Charge Time 10%-80%

30 Minutes (170 kW, estimated)


250 Miles (estimated)

(Data was collected from Volkswagen)

The biggest issue with the Buzz right now is that it won’t qualify for the EV tax credit since it will be assembled in Germany. That being said, I think most people can agree that having Fritz put your car together instead of Billy-Bob is probably a good thing in terms of reliability and quality.

6 Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Mach-E is Ford’s answer to the problem of the growing desire for crossovers in the US. Slap a Mustang badge on it and call it a day. While the hotter models can provide some Mustang thrills, we think the design leaves something to be desired within the brand’s continuum. However, there are advantages to EV power.

Ford Is Dedicated To Making Its EVs Viable Power Generators

The Mustang Mach-E has had its V2L power shown off by Chevy Chase in a Ford Christmas ad. Much like the F-150 Lightning, it can be used as a generator. Ford seems locked into the idea that EVs should be able to use their electric power to do things other than move electric wheels.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Battery Specs


91 kWh

Charge Time 10%-80%

41 Minutes (150 kW)


312 Miles

(Data was collected from Ford)

The extended-range battery packs most of the power that the F-150 Lightning’s. This means that it will be able to power a variety of appliances, tools, and gadgets for a long period. While V2H is currently not possible, Ford has discussed adding it in the future.

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7 Kia EV6

Under the umbrella of the Hyundai Motor Group lies Kia. Kia’s EV6 is among the best electric cars on the market. It’s great to drive, has a solid range, and is good value for what it does. On top of this, it has V2L charging abilities.

The Korean Auto Giant Has Bi-Directional In The Bag

The Hyundai Motor Group is dedicated to providing V2L charging in its EV offerings. As previously discussed, the V2L system is able to power regular items, but not entire buildings or other vehicles.

Kia EV6 Battery Specs


77.4 kWh

Charge Time 10%-80%

16 Minutes (235 kW)


312 Miles

(Data was collected from Kia)

The EV6 can take a massive 235 kW into the battery, which is why it can charge from 10- to 80-percent in a very short amount of time, just 16 minutes. The 77.4 kWh power pack means that any appliance or gadget that needs V2L charging should be able to go for days on end.

8 Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla has been the king of EVs in America for a long time. Its Cybertruck is a controversial figure in the automotive world, but certainly gets press, good and bad. With Tesla’s EV charging network becoming the North American Standard. Up until this point, Tesla has not bought into the idea of bi-directional charging. However, to keep up with competitors, it has finally caved.

Tesla Finally Gets In On Bi-Directional With “Powershare”

Powershare is standard on all Cybertrucks, and will give the ability to use the battery for bi-directional charging. The Cybertruck will be able to use both outlets built into the bed, and use its battery to power your home with V2H backup. Tesla claims three days of home power should be available through the battery pack. It can even do V2V power and help your stranded friends out.

Tesla Cybertruck Battery Specs


123 kWh

Charge Time 10%-80%

30 Minutes (250 kW, Estimated)


340 Miles

(Data was collected from Tesla)

Why Tesla was so resistant to bi-directional is unclear, but finally, it included the feature. With a huge battery pack, the Cybertruck should be a tremendous powerhouse when you need it.

Tesla Charging: The Complete Guide

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9 GMC Sierra EV

The Sierra EV comes into the game a little behind the eight-ball compared to the F-150 Lightning. Even compared to the Cybertruck, which took ages to come out, it does not have the press or cache in the electric world. The Sierra EV will be out this summer, and the special Denali Edition 1 will have a price tag of over $100,000. It’s a new world for pickup trucks, and GMC is trying to be a part of it.

Bi-Directional Charging Is Standard On All Ultium Platform EVs

GM is betting big on its Ultium platform. The new setup will power all the GM EVs coming out in the next few years. It’s a modular platform that will work just as well for trucks as it does for sedans. GM feels V2H is a right for EV owners, that the electricity owners put in should be able to help them during power outages, and even offset costs during peak grid hours. It makes sense that huge batteries should be using their power when it’s needed, and not just sit idle in your garage.

GMC Sierra EV Battery Specs



Charge Time 10%-80%

Unknown Time 350 kW Max Power


400 Miles (Estimated)

(Data was collected from GMC)

We don’t have the figures on the capacity or the charge time for the Sierra, but we know GMC claims that 400 miles will come out of the Ultium platform’s battery. At any rate, it should be able to provide similar V2H capacity to the Lightning and Cybertruck.

10 Rivian R1S

Rivian’s flagship SUV is not just one of the best electric SUVs on the market, it’s one of the best SUVs, period. The R1S features a combination of luxury and off-road performance that would make a Range Rover blush. That luxury off-roading does not end in the cabin. It is the ultimate glamping vehicle, with bi-directional charging through its massive batteries, that will let you power even the most opulent gear out in the field.

Rivian Is Committed To Providing Bi-Directional Charging

Rivian has V2L capability on all of its cars, and showed off the ability to light up an entire forest with that technology. While V2H has not yet been announced, it’s likely just a hardware limitation at this point and is possible in the future. The Max Pack could easily power a house.

Rivian R1S Battery Specs


149 kWh

Charge Time 10%-80%

40 Minutes (200 kW)


400 Miles

(Data was collected from Rivian)

Rivian has always let its customers tap into their EV power through built-in outlets, and hopefully will have even more access to that power soon.

Overall, we think that there is not enough V2H and V2G availability in the electric world. As the Leaf shows, the V2G capabilities are not just good for the consumer to help save money, but even better for the environment to protect the grid and ensure the battery power that comes out of the grid gets used efficiently. Considering a huge percentage of vehicles will essentially be gigantic generators in the coming years, we might as well get some use out of all that power.


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