Police allegedly catch ute thieves red-handed using tracker app - SUV VEHICLE

Police allegedly catch ute thieves red-handed using tracker app


The vehicle tracking app included with late-model Ford Rangers is claimed to have helped one owner locate their allegedly stolen ute.

Police have claimed to have caught alleged thieves responsible for stealing a ute – by using its tracking app to hunt them down.

According to the owner of the Ford Ranger – who shared the story on social media with radio presenter Jacqui Felgate – the ute was stolen from a property in Hurstbridge in Melbourne’s north on Monday night, with work tools on board.

The owner claims they used the FordPass Connect app included with the Ranger – which shows its current location – to help Victoria Police track the vehicle to a house in Lara, near Geelong, where the alleged thieves were said to have been searching through the tools left in the ute.

In 2020, the FordPass Connect app was introduced to the Ranger, Everest and Transit models, with the technology rolled out to other models shortly after.

The app allows the owner to connect with their vehicle remotely, to carry out tasks such as locking or unlocking its doors, and on compatible vehicles, starting the engine.

In this case, it reportedly allowed them to check the ute’s exact location.

Ford isn’t the only company to offer this tracking tech, as it is included with models from various other car makers such as Toyota and MG.

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