Suzuki’s New Gixxer Is A Unique Superbike That Focuses On Sustainability - SUV VEHICLE

Suzuki’s New Gixxer Is A Unique Superbike That Focuses On Sustainability


Runs on 40 percent bio-sourced fuel and comes ripe with eco-friendly brakes, fairings, and battery


  • Suzuki’s new GSX-R race bike runs on eco-friendly fuel and features sustainable parts like recycled carbon fiber fairings.
  • The sustainable GSX-R1000R race bike was developed by Suzuki engineers in collaboration with Yoshimura for the Suzuka 8 Hours.
  • This initiative could lead to future sustainable technologies being used in Suzuki’s production models for higher goals in the motorcycle industry.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’d know just how sorry the environment’s state is nowadays. As a result, the motorcycling world is focusing heavily on introducing sustainable elements. Whether it’s bio-degradable plastics or recycled metals, we’ve seen all kinds of environment-friendly inclusions. Taking this to the next step, Suzuki has now introduced a new sustainable GSX-R race bike. It not only runs on eco-friendly fuel but also has plenty of eco-friendly parts all around. Here’s what you need to know.

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Suzuki Unveils Sustainable GSX-R1000R Race Bike For Suzuka 8 Hours

Suzuki GSX-R1000R Team CN Challenge

A couple of years ago, Suzuki shocked us all by quitting international racing championships. That primarily included MotoGP and FIM Endurance world championships–two of the biggest motorsports in the world. But this hasn’t stopped Suzuki engineers from working on race bikes. We say that because the GSX-R1000R race bike in context comes from the Team Suzuki CN Challenge. The team majorly comprises Suzuki employees and works in tandem with the company’s long-time racing partner, Yoshimura.

There Are Plenty Of Sustainable Parts On The GSX-R1000R Race Bike

Suzuki GSX-R1000R Team CN Challenge 3

Coming to the Gixxer, some interesting elements make this race bike “sustainable”. First and foremost is the fuel. The motorcycle runs on FIM-certified Moto R40 fuel sourced from industry giant Elf. It’s said to have 40 percent bio-sourced material in its composition to reduce emissions over standard gas. Likewise, the engine oil–from Motul–has a bio-sourced composition.

As for the bodywork, the fairings are carved from recycled carbon fiber while the fenders have natural flax fiber composite material. Topping this is the set of sustainable tires and brakes. The former includes both recyclable and recycled materials infused into them, while the latter comes with non-heat-treatment steel discs and dust-free brake pads. The final touch is the LFP battery (lithium ferrous phosphate) from ELIIY Power.

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Under the skin, the Gixxer employs Suzuki’s 999cc, inline-four powerhouse. It produced almost 200 horsepower in road-legal guise, but the output should be much higher with all the race upgrades. Interestingly, Suzuki also claims the sustainable Gixxer project will eventually help the company discover higher goals and use these technologies in its production models. Is that a subtle hint at a new GSX-R? We can’t say for sure, but we want to hope it is!

Tsuyoshi Tanaka, Executive General Manager, Motorcycle Operations said:

I believe this initiative has a very significant meaning to realize carbon neutrality especially for mid to large displacement motorcycles which are believed that combustion engine will still be needed. I can say with confidence that endurance racing, which simultaneously requests running performance and endurance, is the optimal place for testing and development of not only fuel but also various sustainable items, and it is an activity that would revitalize the future of motorcycle industry. We will not make it a one-time initiative but make firm efforts so that we can continue the initiative by aiming for higher goals in the years to come.

Source: Global Suzuki


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