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Is parking free on public holidays?

Street signs often outline days and times you don’t need to pay, or when time limits don’t apply. But what happens on public holidays?

When reading street signs in major Australian cities, you could be forgiven for thinking you need a university degree to make sense of them.

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Street parking often has signs outlining a time limit and whether you need a parking ticket. However, it can get a little difficult when public holidays fall on weekdays, as in the case of the Easter long weekend.

It’s important to note that metered parking is run by local councils and not state governments, so different rules may apply depending on where you park, but most councils follow the same guidelines.

Private car parks do not follow these guidelines and set their own rules. Ensure you carefully read the signs before walking away from your car. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s private, you’ll probably have to pay.

Is parking free on public holidays? 

Generally speaking, you will have to pay for parking if the sign does not state days when a parking fee is required, or the sign says ‘and public holidays’.

If the sign simply states ‘4P Ticket, 8am–10pm Mon–Fri’, you do not have to pay for parking. However, it pays to walk up to the ticket machine on the street as the machine will not take payment if payment is not required.

In most cases, if payment is required on a weekend, the sign will also say that payment is required on a public holiday.

According to the Australia Road Rule number 318, “If information on a traffic control device indicates that the device applies during particular times, on particular days, in particular circumstances, to a particular length of road or area, or to particular persons or vehicles, the device has effect only for the indicated times, days, circumstances, length of road, area, persons or vehicles”.

“If information on a traffic control device that is at a place indicates that it applies on a particular day of the week, the device does not have effect on a day that is a public holiday for the place unless information on the device states otherwise.”

Is parking free in Sydney CBD on public holidays?

Sydney CBD metered parking is generally in operation 365 days a year, regardless of whether a public holiday is observed.

The Sydney CBD website states, “Parking meter rates vary depending on the time and location. Peak hours are 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, and off-peak hours are all other times. Sunday rates apply on public holidays”.

At least you are getting a slightly discounted rate over Easter; however, you can pay up to $6 an hour in some areas during off-peak hours.

You can find a map of metered parking and pricing here.

Is parking free in Brisbane CBD on public holidays?

Metered parking is also in operation around some Brisbane CBD locations. However, if the signs specify certain days, then you’re in the clear.

The Brisbane CBD website says, “Some parking restrictions do not apply on public holidays. Parking signs that specify certain days of the week (for example Monday – Friday) do not apply on public holidays”.

However, it does say, “All parking signs that do not show certain days (example ‘P15 minutes’) are enforced on public holidays. If you park in one of these areas, you can receive a fine”.

Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday are all recognised as public holidays on the Brisbane City Council website.

Is parking free in Melbourne CBD on public holidays?

Despite only five per cent of all parking in Melbourne CBD being kerbside, you still have to pay on public holidays in some instances.

According to the Melbourne CBD website, it’s the same as other states, “If any day of the week is stated on the parking sign, that sign doesn’t apply on a public holiday. For example, ‘2P Meter, Mon–Fri, 7am–10pm’ would not apply on a public holiday”.

Interestingly enough, Melbourne has a day in lieu of free parking if the public holiday falls on a weekend, “When a public holiday falls on a weekend, the Victorian Government​ may declare a day in lieu. When this occurs, Melbourne City Council has decided to apply public holiday parking rules on the public holiday and the day in lieu”.

Parking on the day in lieu only applies to the municipality of Melbourne and not surrounding areas.

Is parking free in Adelaide CBD on public holidays?

In Adelaide, where days are written on the sign, payment and a time limit do not apply on a public holiday.

The Adelaide CBD website says that when parking within Adelaide City and North Adelaide on “locally recognised public holidays, you can use time-limited on-street parking bays (paid or unpaid) that are signposted MON to FRI free of charge and without a time limit”.

“It is still your responsibility to ensure that parking signs are read and understood prior to leaving your vehicle.”

Is parking free in Perth CBD on public holidays?

In Perth, a sign with any day of the week written on it doesn’t apply on a public holiday.

“If there’s any day of the week listed on a parking sign (for example, ‘Mon–Fri’ or ‘Sat’ or ‘Sun’), that parking sign is effectively ‘blank’ on public holidays,” stated on the Perth CBD website.

“This is because parking requirements on a public holiday are usually different to the day of the week when the specific restriction was intended to apply.”

There is some more info and maps on parking in the CBD on the Perth CBD website here.

Is parking free in Darwin CBD on public holidays?

On a public holiday, all parking in Darwin is free all day. Darwin’s on-street parking is divided into three zones: A, B, and C. Zone A does have some payment requirements on a Saturday.

According to the Darwin CBD website, “ALL parking throughout Darwin’s city centre on weekends except in Zone A on Saturdays from 8am to 2pm and public holidays is FREE all day”.

You can find the map of parking and zones in Darwin here.

Is parking free in Canberra CBD on public holidays?

Canberra uses street parking as well as National Capital Authority (NCA) parking areas. Street parking is free unless no days have been specified or it is specified that you must pay on public holidays.

The NCA website states, “The hours of pay parking in NCA parking areas are 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding ACT public holidays)”. This means you do not have to pay to park in these areas on a public holiday.

You can find a map of all the NCA parking areas on the website here.

Is parking free in Hobart CBD on public holidays?

Hobart has government-run multi-store parking lots and metered on-street parking, both of which are subject to different rules on a public holiday.

The Hobart CBD website says, “On-street parking restrictions do not apply on public holidays. This means you do not need to pay using the meter or EasyPark, and time limits do not apply. Multi-storey car parks (Argyle Street, Centrepoint and Hobart Central) use the same fees as they do on a Sunday”.

You can find out more info and maps on parking in Hobart by following the link here.

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