Here’s What The Next-Gen Chevy Bolt Could Look Like

The Chevy Bolt has long been plagued with issues. Whether it was recalls, a lackluster design, bad user feedback, or an overly high price tag, something always seemed to stop it in its tracks. With a comfortable under $30,000 starting price tag and over 250 miles of range, we desperately wanted this nameplate to work. The Bolt, despite offering immense bang for your buck, was riddled with issues and niggles.

However, we reimagined the next-gen Chevy Bolt, especially with most of us anticipating its comeback in the next year or two. The EUV model will return to U.S. roadways in 2025, while the OG Bolt is still missing in action. Whatever the case, our renderings give you an idea of what *could be* done to make this electric car cool. Without further ado or teasing, let’s get into what makes the next-gen Bolt something worth drooling over. Never thought we’d say that.

To give you the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, this article uses reliable sources, including Chevy press briefings.


Why Chevy Discontinued The Bolt EV And What Comes Next

Chevy took the Bolt EV and the Bolt EUV off the markets at the turn of 2024, and here’s what lies in its future.

Well, Hello There, Next-Gen Bolt EV

Chevy Bolt EV AI Rendering

For those who have been inside a previous-gen Chevy Bolt or Bolt EUV, you’ve likely been slightly unimpressed by its look, feel, and performance. This model came about as Chevrolet’s tester for electric driving, offering 247 miles (Bolt EUV) and 259 miles (Bolt). These figures reflect the 2023 nameplate, which was the final one we’d see before the company announced its abrupt discontinuation.

Regardless, months later, we see news of a new EUV hitting the U.S. streets in 2025, triggering a flurry of articles, opinions, and speculations on the redesign. Our renderings are just that: Ours. However, they could provide a hint at what Chevrolet/GM will do to make this comeback notable, especially after the recall situation and battery problems the previous release encountered.

Chevy Needs To Make The Bolt Series Sexy

Although the Bolt and Bolt EUV were never meant to rock our worlds, this nameplate did offer drivers a great entry-level car. Yes, it was a bit overpriced for what you got, but at the end of the day, the Bolt family did what it had to. Chevy had high hopes in electric and PHEV configurations, investing millions into testing, battery advancements, and an overall tech overhaul. Looking at our renderings/design magic, you see a far sleeker, sexier, and exciting version of Bolt.

Our version:
It has rounded edges, distinct strip lighting at the front, a smooth, almost luxurious-feeling grille area, and dramatic lightning bolt tail lights. This version of Bolt resembles that of the doomed Apple EV, which could be an excellent way for Chevy to swoop in and save the day.

10 Things A New Chevy Bolt EUV Needs

Will Chevy make a new Bolt EUV? If so, what could make this tiny electric crossover a much better SUV? Here are ten things that we can think of.

Come On, Chevrolet, Show Us What You’re Made Of

Chevy Bolt EV AI Rendering

With the Chevy Bolt EUV coming to market (again) in the next year, we do hope GM will take our hint and make this model sleek, powerful, and affordable. We’re in a lull within the electric space, with many drivers ultimately shopping for PHEV and hybrid powertrains. However, with a cool enough model and a nice price to match, this could be the brand’s way to take a bite out of the EV space once and for all. We’ve seen how much hope people have for the Bolt.

What the 2025 Chevy Bolt needs:

  • New body with sharper elements
  • Upgraded interior tech and infotainment
  • Better range and perkier battery performance

Chevrolet knows we want it. There just needs to be more of a push in the design department to get the world excited for the next generation of Bolt/Bolt EUV. Make the lighting speak for itself. Give the interior cabin a touchscreen. Give us something we HAVE to purchase. We dare you.

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