Check Out This Sexy Scrambler From Ares Design - SUV VEHICLE

Check Out This Sexy Scrambler From Ares Design



  • Ares Scrambler is a gorgeous blend of retro design and modern technology, perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts who appreciate heritage and innovation.
  • With upgraded suspension, elongated rear frame, and sleek aesthetics, this is an Italian masterpiece crafted by Ares Design.
  • The Ares Scrambler offers a timeless design with a unique combination of luxury craftsmanship, old-school design, modern tech, and bespoke customization.

Ares Design is a legendary Italian coachbuilder that has lent its design to some of the best cars ever built. Look at Ares S1, Bently Mulsanne Coupe, or Defender V8 Hardtop. For a few years, the coachbuilder has been dabbling with motorcycles, too, specifically the BMW R nineT. This is hands down one of the best retro motorcycles you can buy today, and considering it’s a BMW, you get all the goodies you’d expect from a modern motorcycle.

Today, we’re looking at one such R nineT project. Ares Design has taken this awesome BMW and given it an Italian retro spin. Called the Ares Scrambler, it explores a blend of luxury craftsmanship, old-school design, and modern trickery, topped by a blacked-out aesthetics. All this while, hiding up-to-date modern tech underneath it all. It’s a marriage of retro design and cutting-edge technology, seamlessly executed.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Ares Design and other authoritative sources, including Motorcycle News.

BMW R nineT Becomes A Stunning Italian Bullet

This is what happens when you mix some good old German engineering with Italian design

German Engineering Clad In Blacked-Out Italian Design

The BMW R nineT is a gorgeous motorcycle right off the factory floor. Designed by Ola Stenegard, the bike blends retro cosmetics with modern underpinnings, and it is a terrific canvas for custom bike builders. One such builder is Ares.

The Ares treatment turns the donor bike into a minimalist beast, displaying a dynamic design with sleek lines and meticulously crafted components. According to the maker, the bike exemplifies enjoyment while paying homage to the golden era of motorcycling, the 60s. This era brought about the dawn of performance bikes and scramblers, so what better way to celebrate it, right?

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Ares Scrambler looks unlike the R nineT but doesn’t lose its soul. Take a peek, and you’ll notice the donor bike peeking through the blackout design. However, it’s thoroughly fresh. Everything is keenly designed to complement the philosophy while exuding luxury, whether it’s the choice of wheels, exhaust finish, bespoke engine head covers, or fuel tank straps. In simple words, it’s an enchanting motorcycle with a timeless design.

Design Highlights

  • Redesigned exhaust system enhances performance and produces a distinct sound signature
  • Front and rear light housings are made of carbon fiber
  • Even the fenders are made of carbon fiber
  • LED turn signals complement the bike’s minimalistic aesthetic
  • Fuel tank is carbon fiber with a blacked-out steel fuel cap
  • Leather-wrapped saddle, designed in-house, with slick stitching on the edges
  • Complete blackout treatment on the pegs, levers, headlight rings, and brackets

The BMW R nineT Gets Authentic ‘60s Treatment

Ares Design

Ares Design does not sacrifice function for form. The same is carried over to the Ares Scrambler. The goal was to design a bike that pays homage to the ’60s motorcycle, but still be just as fun to ride as a modern R nineT. To do this (blending old-school design with modern underpinnings), Ares has gone the extra mile with some notable enhancements to the bike’s frame and underpinnings.

The most significant mechanical change is the rear frame, which is elongated on the Scrambler. According to the design firm, this upgrade enhances the ride experience, giving the motorcycle a more relaxed road manner. Mind you, the BMW R nineT, in its stock form, is one of the best-handling BMW retro motorcycles. So the elongated rear frame likely won’t take that away.

Ares Design

What may make a dent in the road manners is the completely revamped rear suspension setup. The stock Paralever monoshock suspension and single-sided swingarm make way for a double-arm swingarm and Matris dual-shock arrangement. Why take a step back? To give the bike a more retro appeal, like the actual bikes of the 60s. As a side effect, the update also tucks the rear wheel brake, giving the rear a drum brake appeal.

The bike also gets various other add-ons and enhancements throughout the design. In the front, the fenders are fresh, the forks are telescopic, and the handlebars are tapered with fresh bar-end mirrors. At the rear, the subframe is done away with, a new fender covers the rear wheel, and the banana seat is replaced with a single saddle. Between these, the carbon fiber tank is adorned with leather straps and knee grips, and the engine header covers are replaced with blacked-out ones.

Performance Specifications

Frame Type

Based on the BMW R nineT’s steel tube trellis

Engine Type

Boxer twin, four-stroke



Power Output

109 HP @ 7,750 RPM

Torque Output

87.76 LB-FT @ 6,000 RPM

0 to 62 MPH

4.3 seconds

Top Speed

Over 125 MPH

(Specs sourced from Ares Design)

Still Packed With Contemporary Technologies And Features

Ares Design

Just because the Ares Scrambler is a retro motorcycle that does away with some signature BMW elements does not mean it’s eliminating everything that made the donor bike special. Its sleeves still hide all the modern trickery, including a modern ECU, which is retuned by Ares Design. Other than that, the lights are all LED. So, while the Ares Scrambler may look old-school, the riding experience is about as modern as the donor bike.

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Bespoke With A Potential To Be A “One Off” For You

Ares Design

The Ares Scrambler sets new standards for performance and luxury by giving you a modern motorcycle clad in an authentically retro design. Of course, the company does not describe the Scrambler as a motorcycle but as a masterpiece crafted for enthusiasts who appreciate heritage and innovation. We don’t disagree. This one is a masterpiece; the attention to detail, the styling choices, the materials — everything is well put together.

Oh, and don’t forget, Ares Design is a coachbuilder (we’ve said it a million times, we know), so it knows a thing or two (with a few zeroes) about designing bespoke, custom vehicles. The same is reflected in the Scrambler. This is a limited-run motorcycle, and you get to customize it as per your preferences. The company offers a vast range of materials and colors to choose from, so if you want, you can even get the blacked-out Scrambler with pink bolts. Cute. Essentially, every Ares Scrambler can be a one-off motorcycle.


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