The Fisker Ocean Is Now The Cheapest New EV You Can Buy In The U.S.


  • Fisker drastically reduced Ocean SUV prices by up to $24,000 to attract more customers and avoid bankruptcy. Wild move, Fisker.
  • Entry-level Fisker Ocean models now start at only $24,999, making them more affordable and competitive in the EV market. Huge price cut!
  • Fisker aims to rebrand itself and succeed in the tough EV market by offering quality Ocean SUVs at much lower prices.

It’s safe to say the EV world has been weird for a while. However, Fisker fans and drivers have certainly felt this sentiment even more, with the brand battling to stay afloat in the current market. The latest news is that the Ocean SUV saw a price reduction of over $20,000 made by Fisker, which is one of the most dramatic we’ve seen. It’s not every day that a ~$50,000 vehicle drops to around $25,000, and Fisker has made it clear this is its last shot at avoiding bankruptcy. Awkward. In the past 12 months, Fisker has seen dwindling sales, support, and stockholder love. The EV company is known for high-quality and durable manufacturing but can’t seem to compete with the likes of Tesla, Ford, etc.

With a slashed MSRP of $24,000 and its most expensive Ocean SUV selling for only $37,499, we could be at the beginning or end of the company as we know it. This all depends on whether people flock to Fisker because of its finally affordable sticker price or if everybody continues to bypass the brand altogether. If there has ever been proof that the market has become dependent on customers, not the other way around, it’s this recent news from Fisker. Power to the people, and for $24,000 less than before!

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Fisker and other authoritative sources, including Business Insider and CNBC.

Fisker Ocean Price: What You Get With Each Trim Level

The Fisker Ocean SUV continues to be the crown jewel of the EV company. Here’s a deeper look at its pricing.

Fisker Just Slashed The Ocean’s Prices By Up To $24,000

In more recent Fisker news and antics, the US-based EV manufacturer has announced it will cut prices on Ocean SUV models by $14,000 to $24,000, bringing your base vehicles to $24,999. This has not been done by the brand before and is unheard of at the level of discount being currently offered.

Interestingly, this could pay off majorly for the EV maker, especially if it gets entry-level shoppers into showrooms and onto the Fisker ordering page. After all, these SUVs used to start at $38,999 and went up to $61,499, with them now being between $24,999 and $37,499 for top-line Extreme models. What’s truly wild about this is that Fisker has tried to get people’s attention before, increasing range, improving specs, and releasing neat press videos and articles about its cars. Nothing worked, so here we are.

Price Cuts Ranging From $14,000 to $24,000

For those who wanted a Fisker but didn’t want to pay between ~$40,000 and $60,000+, now is your time to hop on the bandwagon. First, the price slashes for Ocean models will range by trim. You see your largest discount on top-tier Extreme trims. You would see the lowest $14,000 discount on base Sport models and then a discount of 34 percent ($18,000) to $34,999.

Fisker Ocean Price Cut Chart

2023 Fisker Ocean Trim

Previous MSRP

Current MSRP

Price Cut

Ocean Sport




Ocean Ultra




Ocean Extreme




(Data sourced from Fisker)

Fisker-Nissan Partnership Not Happening After All

Sources close to the matter report that talks with Nissan for a potential transaction have been terminated.

We Feel Bad For Previous Fisker Shoppers

2023 Fisker Ocean

As great as this news is for non-current Fisker buyers and drivers, it leads us to wonder how the existing EV owners may feel. First, seeing someone else get your car for as much as $24,000 less has to sting. We feel the envy, and we don’t own a Fisker Ocean. Of course, other brands have slashed prices according to historical changes in the vehicle market, like Tesla chopping off a few thousand dollars here and there.

However, is an auto brand slashing prices by tens of thousands? Not common. At all. Fisker is known to be a wild card, with this decision further cementing that opinion. Of course, this company is at a crossroads, literally needing to impress shareholders as well as the broader electric market. If it can’t do it with these massive price decreases across all three trims of Ocean, what will? Giving the Ocean to people for free?

Where Fisker Went Wrong

Even though Fisker had every chance to make it big in the EV genre, this U.S.-based manufacturer never could take grasp of the electric market. With brands like Tesla dominating the SUV space within the EV market, Fisker took a chance on Ocean. Due to its timeline, Fisker’s launch was plagued by supply chain issues and a lack of overall access to a broad customer base. Unlike Elon Musk’s brand, Fisker doesn’t have a loud and proud owner or antics that follow, which could be another reason many of us sleep on it. Drama and controversy often drive people to your website, even if it’s for the wrong reason. Fisker hasn’t mastered this yet. Until today.

2025 Fisker Pear: Everything We Know So Far

With a super-affordable price, the 2025 Pear takes up the slot of Fisker’s entry-level model and is an ideal first EV choice for many.

Fisker Hopes To Make It Through This

Blue Fisker Ocean
Fisker Media

Even though it’s not looking amazing for Fisker right now, that’s not to say the company cannot make it through this storm. First, with currently affordable SUVs on the market, Fisker puts itself in direct competition with Mach-E and Model Y and is cheaper than both across the board. That could be reason enough for us to see a mass exodus from Ford, Tesla, etc., towards Fisker because the Ocean is a great car, which would be ideal for the company heading through 2024.

You have the 2023 nameplate (current one) with its quickest version, able to sprint from a stop to 60 MPH in 3.7 seconds, and has a peak output of 564 horsepower with 543 pound-feet, making it a pretty perky vehicle on the market. To put this in perspective, the Tesla Model Y has a 0-60 MPH time of 3.5-4+ seconds, and its highest HP and torque sit at 455 and 487, respectively. This SUV starts at $43,990, which is quite a bit more than Ocean’s current $24,999. There’s a pro to this con-heavy situation!

Fisker’s Rocky History Suggests It’s Not Yet Over

Remembering that Fisker only became a thing in the mid-2000s and delivered Ocean SUVs starting in 2023, the brand hasn’t had much time to get its feet in the ground. We saw Fisker emerge following Tesla, with the first deliveries of the ‘Karma’ model happening in 2011. Moreover, Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler founded the EV brand with one mission in mind: To make electric cars cool for a broad range of shoppers. Up to this point, Fisker has done a great job with its vehicles, and Ocean is a perfect family SUV that delivers up to 360 miles. That’s pretty decent.

Cool Features About The Fisker PEAR That You Might Have Missed

The Fisker Pear is a futuristic electric car that revolutionizes auto industry with modern features, sustainability, and efficient battery packs

It’s Success Or Bankruptcy

Side-view of a white Fisker Ocean

With everything happening right now, Fisker has to swim, or it will sink. Not to pour salt on an open wound, but the Ocean must be successful and easy to sell if this company wants to make it long-term. After all, everyone wants a reliable, eco-friendly SUV right now. If the Ocean isn’t checking those boxes for Fisker, we don’t see what will. It’s a story as old as time; someone has an ambitious dream, and then reality hits. Not every company can have a meteoric rise to fame like Tesla. Sorry. Fisker may fail, yes, or perhaps it will triumph and be a success story. Either way, it’s worth it to remember that electric cars are still relatively alien to shoppers and drivers in the U.S. and beyond.

We’re entering phase two of the EV game plan, and this will be the hardest. Hybrids are eating away at fully electric models’ acclaim and popularity, so brands like Fisker and even Tesla need to get very creative quickly. For $24,999, though, we can’t turn down a Fisker Ocean. So, let’s hope everyone else feels the same way.

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