10 Things You Need To Know About The 2025 Audi Q6 e-tron

Audi has charged into the luxury electric world with full force. Its e-tron series has been incredibly successful, growing massively in the last two years. Audi is taking on Tesla on its home turf, becoming a huge part of the American EV market. Daniel Weissland, The president of Audi America had this to say about the growth:

“We see a strong demand for EV sales, but ultimately the customer will decide at what speed we see the transformation toward electric vehicles… We see a faster transformation happening in California versus some of the states in the Midwest, and we will have to continue to work closely to make sure that we meet our customer at their journey.”

Now Audi has a new electric SUV. The Q6 e-tron will sit between the Q8 e-tron and the mononym original, e-tron. Audi is filling in its EV line with as many options as it has for its ICE vehicles. This is intentional, as Audi plans to phase out its ICE offerings by 2033. With its electric future coming into view, the Q6 e-tron is another stone in the road for Audi’s EV line. Here’s everything that you need to know about the new electric SUV.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Audi.

2025 Audi Q6 e-tron: Everything You Need To Know

The Audi Q6 e-tron may look like any other electric luxury SUV, but it comes with a lot of firsts for the brand.

1 The Q6 e-tron Features Audi’s New EV Platform


Audi not only has a new EV, it has a brand-new EV platform. Audi sees it as a leap in EV technology. It will provide a gain in range and charging time compared to the previous platform. Here’s what we know so far.

It’s Called PPE: Premium Platform Electric

  • The platform was co-developed with Porsche.
  • The motors for the platform are built in Győr, Hungary in the world’s largest powertrain plant.
  • The PPE will be assembled in Germany, at Audi’s Ingolstadt plant.
  • The battery capacity is 100 kWh with charging power up to 270 kW
  • New thermal management technology will make the PPE platform more durable in the long run.

The new platform is the next step in Audi’s plan to go fully electric. Audi’s “premium” philosophy has now extended to its very EV components. Time will tell if this can compete with the Stellantis’ STLA large platform, but as it stands, the PPE is a strong player in the EV world.

2 The Q6 e-Tron Has A Brand New Interior

Audi Q6 e-tron Interior

Audi is a premium brand, and as with the platform, the premium philosophy, of course, extends to the interior as well. It has ensured the new Q6 e-tron will be a very nice place to sit. Let’s tell you what we know about all the new goodies in Audi’s newest electric SUV.

Audi Has Added A 14.5-inch Infotainment System

  • The massive infotainment system comes with an 11.9-inch gauge screen.
  • There is also an optional touch-screen for passengers, a new trend in EVs.
  • A Bang & Olufsen sound system with 3D sound will be available.
  • Android Auto will power the phone connection for the first time in an Audi vehicle.
  • There will be an available augmented reality heads-up display to help reduce distractions while driving.
  • Audi has created a new “self-learning” AI assistant, just say “Hey Audi” to get whatever you need from the car.

As EVs represent the future, companies tend to push a lot of new technology in their electric offerings. Audi has not skimped on the technology here, with several square feet of screens, and even AI. We’re curious just how good that AI is, or if it’s a gimmick.

The Q6 E-Tron Is Here To Further Bolster Audi’s EV Portfolio

The Q6 E-tron has been in the works for quite some time, and Audi has finally debuted the production version of the electric crossover.

3 The Q6 e-tron Is A Small SUV

Audi Q6 e-Tron

As crossovers become a dominant force in the auto industry, companies must adapt and meet the demand. The Q6 e-tron is yet another electric crossover. Here’s how it stacks up in size to competitors.

Competitors Will Be The Cadillac Lyriq and Genesis Electrified GV70

Two likely competitors in terms of price and features for the new Audi will be Cadillac and Hyundai’s smaller luxury offerings. Let’s look at some specs:




Cargo Space

Q6 e-tron

187.6 inches

76.2 inches

66.2 inches

18.6 Cubic feet + 2.2 Cubic feet Frunk


197.6 inches

77.8 inches

64.3 inches

28.0 Cubic feet


185.6 inches

75.2 inches

64.2 inches

28.7 Cubic feet + 0.77 Cubic feet Frunk

(Data collected from Audi, Cadillac and Hyundai)

Audi seems to be lagging behind in cargo space here, with a fairly significant gap between its two closest analogs. Sure, it has the biggest frunk of the three, but that will only hold something small, as 2.2 cubic feet isn’t even enough for a set of golf clubs. The Q6 e-tron is truly a “small” SUV. This isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but it may turn off people who own Great Danes and St. Bernards.

4 Audi’s Newest EV Will Charge From 10- to 80-percent In 21 Minutes

Audi Q6 e-Tron Charging

Range anxiety is one of the biggest issues EV owners face. Cutting down charging time is one of the best ways to reduce this anxiety and Audi has keyed in on this with its new PPE platform. The new Q6 e-tron will be able to put on triple-digit miles in just a few minutes 10- to 80-percent will happen in just 21 minutes.

This Is Faster Than A Model Y

  • Tesla, the gold standard for EV charging and range, can only do 10- to 80-percent in 27 minutes.
  • Audi has knocked off a full 10 minutes in charge time from 10- to 80-percent on the Q8 e-tron, which takes 31 minutes.
  • It claims that 160 miles can be added in 10 minutes, meaning that charging will not be a hassle for everyday tasks and short trips.

It appears we’re finally getting to the point where EVs are becoming nearly as convenient as ICE cars. 160 miles in 10 minutes is a number that makes as much sense as going to a gas station, especially when fast EV chargers can be located in the parking lot of your favorite shops and restaurants. Audi wasn’t kidding when it claimed the PPE platform was a game changer.

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5 The Q6 e-tron Will Be Available In Various Trims And Models

Audi Q6 e-Tron and SQ6 e-Tron

EVs are as customizable as laptops and smartphones. Audi makes this especially clear with all the different ways it lets you set up its electric cars. Here’s what’s coming for the Q6 e-tron.

A Sportback As Well As Rear-Wheel Drive Versions Are Coming

  • As with the mononym e-tron, it will offer a Sportback version of the car for those looking for a little more style.
  • Initially, the Q6 e-tron will be available in all-wheel drive only, but Audi says it will release rear-wheel versions too.
  • As with many EVs, the longer range versions will likely be the rear-wheel versions.

Audi is dedicated to providing a spread of options for its EV customers. If you can’t find a Q6 e-tron that suits your desires, it’s likely your problem, not Audi’s.

6 The Q6 e-tron Can Make Up To 456 Horsepower

Audi Q6 e-Tron

EVs are powerful. That’s a major takeaway from the electric revolution ongoing today. It seems pretty easy for automakers to get a few hundred more horsepower out of the EV companion to its ICE offerings. Power doesn’t really appear to impact range all that much either, which is nice for drivers.

This Is More Than The Genesis Electrified GV70 and Tesla Model Y

We’re not entirely sure what the average Audi SUV driver is going to do with 456 horsepower, to be honest. But, there’s a clear arms race in the EV world to make each car more powerful than the last. Audi will not be outdone by its competitors here.

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7 The Q6 e-tron Will Do 0-60 In About Five Seconds

Audi Q6 e-Tron

Speaking of sportiness, we’ve got the speed figures for the Q6 e-tron. As with power, EVs are also quick. The instant torque of electric motors gets electric vehicles off the line faster.

This Is Actually Fairly Slow By EV Standards

  • Five seconds to 60 is fast for an SUV (the Audi Q5 ICE does it in 6.8 seconds for example), but not for an EV SUV.
  • The LYRIQ AWD is faster, at 4.8 seconds.
  • Genesis’ GV70 does 0-60 in 4.2 seconds.
  • The Tesla Model Y Long Range can do it in 4.4 seconds.

Ultimately, unless you get in a pink slip drag race situation, 0-60 mph time down to the millisecond is not that important. However, if acceleration is a major concern for you, then the Q6 e-tron may not be your car.

8 Audi Estimates 388 Miles Of Range

Audi SQ6 e-Tron Charging

What it doesn’t have in speed off the line, the Q6 e-tron does have in the range. Audi estimates a 388-mile range for its new EV. We’ll see how it racks up against competitors.

The EPA Has Yet To Confirm This Figure

  • Keep in mind that manufacturer estimates are not tested by an outside party like the EPA.
  • The Tesla Model Y Long Rage gets 310 miles on a charge.
  • The LYRIQ AWD has 307 miles of range. Even the significantly less powerful RWD only gets 314 miles.
  • Hyundai’s Genesis GV70 EV has over 150 fewer miles with 236 miles of range.
  • The BMW iX maxes out at 307 miles.

If Audi’s range figure isn’t just a smokescreen, then it will become the leader in its range immediately. Range is huge for EV drivers so this will make the Q6 e-tron a very attractive option for those looking for an eco-car with a prestige badge. All in all the Q6 e-tron admirably fills its niche, it doesn’t try to do more than it needs to, and should make anyone looking for a small German electric SUV pretty happy.

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9 Audi Is Yet To Announce The Pricing For The U.S.-spec Model

Audi Q6 e-Tron

At the end of the day, pricing is very important to automobiles. Can you afford it? Are you better off waiting to buy secondhand? Audi is obviously a luxury brand, so the prices are steep. Here’s what we know so far for the Q6 e-tron:

The Q6 e-tron Will Start At 74,700 Euros

  • ~75,000 Euros translates to about $81,000 at current exchange rates.
  • However, based on the North American pricing for the mononym e-tron and the Q8 e-tron, it seems unlikely the Q6 e-tron will cost this much here.
  • The Q8 e-tron starts at $74,400, which means the smaller Q6 e-tron would be more expensive if the European price holds.
  • An EV tax credit would also make it even cheaper than whatever Audi sets MSRP at.

While we can’t actually predict price, it looks like the Q6 e-tron will be cheaper here than in Europe. Take that Germany! If a European ever asks you why we don’t have state-sponsored healthcare, you can tell them it’s, so we have cheaper Audis.

10 A Powerful SQ6 e-tron Is Also Coming

Audi SQ6 e-Tron

Releasing a hot version of an EV has essentially become mandatory at this point. Even for luxury small SUVs. Hence, we’ve got the SQ6 e-tron, which will come out alongside its standard brother.

The S Version Will Have 510 Horsepower

  • The horsepower increase is only about 55 more than the original, not a huge jump, but it is sure to provide some more thrills.
  • The S version will do 0-60 in 4.4 seconds.
  • It’s only available in AWD.
  • The base price in Europe is 93,800 euros, or about 25-percent higher.

As much as we love sports models, we’re not sure if one for an electric SUV is exactly a must-have. While we’re sure Audi will make some good coin on compromising petrol-head parents with this one, we think it’s safe to say for most consumers, the AWD standard model should be powerful and sporty enough.

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