Genesis Launches A Conceptual Assault On Two Fronts At The New York Auto Show


  • Genesis unveils future concept cars for ultra-luxury and high-performance segments, challenging Bentley and Rolls-Royce while pushing for EV dominance.
  • Magma Concept from Genesis features functional air intake, canards, and larger fenders for aggressive appearance and enhanced performance.
  • Neolun Concept represents a modern take on Korean hospitality with swiveling seats, self-driving capabilities, and flexible displays for potential production.

The 2024 Auto Show is about to open to the public, and Genesis has already revealed two wild-eyed concepts that shows a split trajectory of the company’s future. One concept is aimed at the ultra-luxury segment (think Bentley and Rolls-Royce), and the other is aimed at the high-performance segment where future EVs will fight for dominance not only in raw electric power but aggressive appearance. The Genesis Neolun falls into the former category, while the Magma Concept doesn’t only represent one future vehicle, but an entire range of high-performance vehicles; a sub-line of performance trims, if you will.

Genesis GV60 Magma: The Future Of High Performance Genesis Models

[Hero6]Genesis Magma-2

The Genesis GV60 Magma Concept essentially kicks of the all-new Magma program, an initiative aimed at pushing the brand into the high-performance segment for the first time. It’s built upon the base of the GV60 EV at its core, but it features improved battery and motor technology. Genesis didn’t elaborate too much on that, but the images speak for themselves – this isn’t your buddy’s Tesla Model 3.

The aggressive body components don’t fall into that all-show-no-go category, either. The huge main air intake up front is actually a functional air intake and is used to channel air toward the battery, motors, and brakes for cooling. Canards create additional downforce, while curtains help make the concept glide through air with ease. Even the larger fenders serve a purpose, in this case to help increase brake cooling and reduce kinetic energy.

With only a rending of several Magma concept models and a rear shot of the GV60 Magma, we don’t have a complete idea of just how aggressive the model is, nor can we see the interior, but Genesis says it will deliver “ample power” while at the same time providing a luxurious an comfortable interior.

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Genesis Neolun Concept: Korean Hospitality On A Mobile Scale

While Genesis didn’t release a lot of initial images of the GV60 Magma, we do get a full run of images for the Neolun concept. According to Genesis, this model “represents a modern reinterpretation of Korea’s distinct hospitality culture. Highlights include B-pillarless coach doors, a large display that appears to pop out of the dash, and a spacious cabin that would challenge even Rolls-Royce and Bentley, if you can believe that.

Clearly a model that’s capable of self-driving, this concept is a little more futuristic than the other concepts it’s displayed next to in New York. Genesis claims the front seats can swivel around, indicating that in the future, you’ll be able to enjoy a face-to-face conversation with your rear passengers. There’s also a flexible display that unfolds from the rear seat; a new take on rear seat entertainment.

Whether or not the Neolun Concept will ever go into production is a mystery, but it does showcase Genesis’ ambition to be a key play in more than the mid-luxury segment. It will be a long time before something this advanced hits the road, but a lot of what it represents could land in road cars sooner than later. It may not be too long before Genesis finds itself competing with the big boys in the luxury segment.

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