The Vision Neue Klasse X Concept Gives Us A Glimpse Of BMW’s Future Electric SUVs



  • BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse series will usher in total electrification and redefine BMW’s traditional features.
  • Next-generation electric vehicles will feature powerful, integrated computing systems for unprecedented performance.
  • The Vision Neue Klasse X SUV’s cabin will provide a personalized experience with advanced technology and brighter color schemes.

When BMW showcased its Vision Neue Klasse electric sedan concept last fall at Germany’s IAA Mobility Show, it was clear that this would be the direction the company was going to take for the future of its iconic 3 Series sport sedan.

BMW is already well off in the electric race, with its lineup of i electric vehicles (EVs), but most of these models currently lie on what the company calls a Cluster Architecture (CLAR), meaning they can accommodate vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE) as well.

The Neue Klasse concept, however, shifts everything into an era of complete electrification. In the process, it will try to redefine our expectations of what a BMW should be, either through its exterior design, interior ergonomics, technology, efficiency and, perhaps more importantly, carbon footprint. The Vision Neue Klasse X concept transcends this ethos into an SUV, or, as BMW likes to call it: an SAV (for Sports Activity Vehicle).

10 Craziest Features Of The BMW Vision Neue Klasse

A 3-D panoramic display, an infinite panoramic roof, and an adaptable interior – BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse will boast some crazy features.

“Super Brains” For The Next-Generation Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X (17)

In its press release, BMW talks about how the Neue Klasse X will employ high-performance computers to help the vehicle handle and perform in a way never seen before. The carmaker mentions four supercomputers developed in-house, working in tandem to operate different characteristics of the car.

Frank Weber, member of the Board of Management at BMW, explains that one of these so-called “super brains” integrates the entire powertrain and driving dynamics, with up to ten times more computing power than the computers currently used in BMW products. The second brain, as per Weber’s claims, will apparently enable “the next quantum leap” in automated driving.

If this all turns out to be as wild as it sounds, then the Neue Klasse family of electric vehicles, whose production is scheduled sometime next year, could in fact revolutionize the premium EV space. But the real question is, will BMW still sell The Ultimate Driving Machine? Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

A Personal Experience Space

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X (20)

The Vision Neue Klasse X’s cabin also sees big strides in general ergonomics and technology. Employing a sort of lounge-like approach thanks to its bright colors, space optimization and vast glass real estate, this SUV’s cabin will offer consumers what BMW calls a Personal Experience Space.

BMW mentions a technology called the HYPERSONX WHEEL. Apparently, it will provide an immersive and holistic user experience, whatever that means. There’s a central command screen, like in all EVs these days, but also a second, main screen that spans the dashboard right below the windshield.

According to the carmaker, the Neue Klasse X will come with a virtual personal assistant for human-car interaction through the use of advanced artificial intelligence. A projector system, called the BMW Panoramic Vision system, will project key information across the full width of the windscreen. There will also be a 3D heads-up display.

In other words, the entire dashboard and windshield will become one giant screen. Because, of course, we don’t have enough of those in our lives right now.

New-Generation Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Battery Cells

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X (23)

On top of riding on a completely re-engineered EV dedicated architecture, the Neue Klasse X and Neue Klasse sedan will employ BMW’s next-generation cylindrical lithium-ion cells as well as the company’s sixth-generation eDrive electric motors, all with the goal of improving efficiency, range and charging times.

These cells, according to BMW, have 20% more volumetric energy density than the current prismatic cells used in BMW EVs. Combined with an 800-volt system – which the Neue Klasse X will have – BMW claims that charging speeds and range will improve by 30%.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X also innovates in terms of aerodynamics, which, in turn, should also help improve range. While it didn’t specify the vehicle’s Cd, BMW says this SUV has a 20% lower drag coefficient compared to its current X models.

According to the carmaker, the Neue Klasse family of electric vehicles will signal the beginning of a new chapter in its production history. The vehicles will be built at BMW’s Debrecen plant, in Hungary. The facility is currently being upgraded to become the first BMW Group manufacturing site in the world to run entirely on fossil-free energy.


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