2024 Yamaha WR450F: A Comprehensive Guide On Features, Specs, And Pricing

This year the ever popular WR450F enduro benefits from the updates the YZ450 received in 2023. It is effectively an all-new bike from the ground up, with a host of significant changes compared to the outgoing model.

Yamaha has invested a huge amount of money in their off-road lineup, which offers something for everyone. From the beginner-friendly XT250, which is a back-to-basics offering all the way up to the race-ready YZ450F. With the latest round of updates, the WR450F sits right alongside the YZ450F motocrosser and YZ450FX cross-country racer. The only difference being that this is catered to those looking to take on the gnarliest of trails on a bike that is not strictly limited to closed-course racing.

2024 Yamaha WR450F front action shot
2024 Yamaha WR450F

With the release of the 2023 YZ450F, we already knew the 2024 WR450F would be updated this year. Yamaha did not disappoint, and the list of things they carried over from the previous model is decidedly shorter than the list of new components, chief among which is a brand-new frame.


450cc DOHC single

5-speed (wide ratio)


$10, 199
  • Excellent suspension
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Power delivery
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What’s New For 2024

Advancements are frequent in the world of top level motocross, which necessitates frequent updates to the flagship YZ450F. This, in turn, means that the latest WR450F is the key benefactor of all these updates.

The 2024 model isn’t even an updated bike, it is an all-new bike. The changes are extensive, but the highlights are a lighter engine – achieved by reducing the weight of several components – larger intake valves and a new aluminum beam frame. In the past, WR’s were effectively YZ’s with a wide-range transmission, but today the WR series is so much more than that. Both the tune and transmission have been optimized for enduro riding.

Model Highlights

  • New aluminum bilateral beam frame
  • New engine
  • New transmission
  • New bodywork

2024 Yamaha WR450F Performance And Capability

2024 WR450F static left

Over the years, Yamaha have established themselves as one of the leading open class competitors both in motocross and hard enduro. While they don’t necessarily lead the way in terms of outright power, they make up for that with superior reliability and rideability.

Not only are the WR’s more reliable, but in recent times they have closed the gap on the performance front. The most recent round of updates to the internals should improve power delivery. In this highly competitive arena, the smallest changes and adjustments can make a big difference. Overall, power matters less in this class where everyone is making similar power, it is more about how these bikes get the power down. It is here where Yamaha have taken big strides, as they have found a way to manage the power more effectively than the competition, offering this setup right from the factory. Sadly, the WR series does not get access to the power-tuner app like the competition-spec bikes in Yamaha’s range.

WR450F Performance Specifications



Engine Type

DOHC single

Bore x Stroke

97 x 60.8mm

Max Power


Max Torque


Fuel System


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Design And Styling

The 2024 model is slimmer and lighter than the outgoing model. The YZ450F has already shown us that these changes have improved agility, and even with the added weight of more fuel, we can say with a degree of certainty that the same will be felt on the latest WR.

This year it also features graphics that are embedded in the bodywork, which is great for those who like the stock look but not necessarily ideal for those wanting to personalize the bike with an aftermarket graphics kit. What we can say is that the stock graphics are really subtle and inoffensive, so as long as you like dirt bikes (and blue), you will love the way the latest WR450F looks.

WR450F Specifications And Dimensions


85.4 in


32.5 in


49.8 in

Seat Height

37.6 in


57.9 in

Fuel Capacity

2 gal


258 lbs (wet)


2024 Yamaha WR450F front action shot

Arguably the most important part of any motorcycle, the chassis is an underrated and often overlooked aspect of motorcycle performance. Especially dirt bikes. A good chassis toes the line between rigidity and flex, ultimately separating a good bike from a great one.

It is here that we see the biggest change, as the 2024 bike gets an entirely new aluminum bilateral beam frame. Yamaha claims that their new chassis “provides just the right amount of strength and flex.” Only time will tell how much of an upgrade this really is, but if the YZ is anything to go by, it is – to say the least – radically different. The WR is tuned specifically for longer rides on more varied terrain, but that compensation has not been achieved by any changes to the chassis, but rather suspension tuning.

The bike sits about ½ an inch lower than the YZ. This improves the center of gravity, albeit incrementally. The suspension is without doubt the highlight of the bike and is currently best-in-class. Already fully adjustable both front and rear, the speed sensitive forks now get tool-less adjustability too.

Chassis And Suspension Specifications


Aluminum bilateral beam frame

Front Suspension Travel

11.8 in

Rear Suspension Travel

12 in


26 degrees


4.3 in

Front Tire


Rear Tire


Front Brake

270mm disc

Rear Brake

240mm disc

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WR450F Price And Availability

2024 WR450F static right

If you are looking to buy a bike in this segment, then you most likely are not bargain hunting, but rather looking for a competition-spec bike that still offers good value. If that is the case, then the WR450F makes an especially good argument. For years, the Europeans seemed to have the edge, but the Japanese manufacturers have all hit back. Out of all the bikes that have been updated recently, this is almost certainly the only enduro with a completely new frame and should give the WR a competitive edge. Yamaha’s dealer network is extensive, and will gladly take care of your bike for you if you so choose. What they don’t offer is much of a warranty, as is the case with most dirt bikes.

Pricing And Features


New frame, speed sensitive damping


30-days limited warranty


Team Yamaha Blue



Yamaha WR450F Versus The Competition

While the Japanese competition is fierce for the YZ, the picture is a little different in the enduro world. The European bikes dominate this segment, and also offer a host of street-legal options. The Japanese brands offer a wide range of dual sports, but much of their attention and resources are directed towards their motocross bikes and the enduro bikes usually wait until that platform has been updated then recieve trickle-down updates.

How The Yamaha WR450F Compares To The Honda CRF450X

  • 2024 Yamaha WR450F 2024 Honda CRF450X
    Model WR450F CRF450X
    Engine 450cc DOHC single 449cc SOHC single
    Transmission 5-speed (wide ratio) 6-speed
    Driveline Chain Chain
    MSRP $10, 199 $9,899

Out of the other “big four” Japanese companies, Honda is the only one that really meets Yamaha head on. Other smaller European companies offer some attractive alternatives, which in many ways is a good thing, adding variety to the market. But if you are after something more established, there are few more qualified than Honda. Honda’s X is not as new as the WR, but that doesn’t mean it is in any way inferior. It packs just as much punch, has a proven Unicam engine and is the only bike that can really take the fight to the Yamaha in the suspension department.

2019 – 2020 Honda CRF450L

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How The Yamaha WR450F Compares To The Beta 390 RR

  • 2024 Yamaha WR450F 2024 Beta 390 RR
    Model WR450F 390 RR
    Engine 450cc DOHC single 386cc DOHC single
    Transmission 5-speed (wide ratio) 6-speed
    Driveline Chain Chain
    MSRP $10, 199 $10,699

Beta is an Italian brand that has quietly been building some of the very best dirt bikes money can buy. In terms of overall performance, they are able to match the competition every step of the way. They might not have the unbeatable reliability of the Honda, or the class-leading suspension of the Yamaha, but they are lighter (even the 480 RR is lighter), well priced and full of character. They also offer a full race-spec version for $500 more, which will wipe the floor with the Yamaha, but that will take the price to almost $1,000 more than the stock WR. And much can be done with $1,000.

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Is It Worth Buying A Yamaha WR450F In 2024?

2024 WR450F

In a word, yes. It is a bike you need to approach with caution though. The first year model of any new bike is always something of a “beta” testing phase for manufacturers, and make no mistake, it might carry the old WR nameplate, but this is an all-new bike. As long as you are willing to tolerate the odd niggle associated with that, then this is a bike that has the potential to take your weekend rides to the next level.

Sources: Dirt Rider, MXA and Yamaha

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