2024 Yamaha MT-10 SP: A Comprehensive Guide On Features, Specs, And Pricing

When Yamaha debuted the 2009 R1 sports bike, it became the very first production inline-4 to make use of a crossplane crankshaft. Dubbed the CP4, it is an engine that has since been elevated to legendary status. Yamaha went on to develop the CP3 and CP2 to go along with it, and we all know how well that has worked for them.

Effectively bringing technology from the track to the customer in a tangible way, Yamaha has made a truly unique engine that is able to deliver the low-end punch of a V4 and the top end power of a high-revving inline-4. 15 years on, and we still find this magical engine doing duty in the MT-10. It is a motorcycle that is quite literally all about the engine, nothing sounds quite like it, and nothing goes quite like it.

Side profile studio photograph of a 2023 YAMAHA MT-10 on a white background.
2023 Yamaha MT-10 SP

Expert Opinion: The 2023 Yamaha MT-10 SP stays loyal to its 2022 breakthrough enhancements. Since its inception in 2016, it continues to claim a spot as one of the best hyper-naked super-bikes in the market. The upgraded “SP” version of the “MT-10” features enhanced braking, enhanced suspension, and a full rider-aid suite.

2023 Yamaha MT-10 SP

998cc, Inline, 4-cylinder 16 valve


164 HP

82 lb-ft at 9,200 rpm

  • Incredible performance
  • Impressive suspension
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What’s New For 2024

With a comprehensive refresh in 2022, not much has changed since, except for the price, that is. 2024 sees a $200 reduction, an unusual move from Yamaha but one that is pretty clearly targeted at keeping in touch with its closest rivals.

The hyper-naked segment has gotten a degree busier in the past few years, so it has become even more important for Yamaha to maintain their value-for-money position within the segment. With advanced electronics, a semi-active suspension and the CP4 engine, we believe they still offer just that.

Model Highlights

  • CP4 engine
  • Semi-active electronic Öhlins suspension
  • Full color TFT dash
  • Six-axis IMU
  • Quickshifter

2024 Yamaha MT-10 SP Performance And Capability

Photograph of a 2023 YAMAHA MT-10 being ridden at night.

By the end of the 00s, Yamaha were the dominant force in MotoGP. Some of that was down to a certain Valentino Rossi, but his machine played an important role too. It was a simple innovation, but the crossplane engine gave them an edge and Yamaha took that racing innovation and found a way to mass-produce it. The fact that it is still relevant today is a testament to how effective this engine really is. It isn’t just marketing, it really does deliver a fantastically linear torque curve. Something other manufacturers still struggle to emulate with their big-bore inline-4s.

We belabor the point of the engine because the chassis is aging, and it simply doesn’t compare to the current crop of hyper-nakeds which are all marginally better in this regard. The standard MT-10 is a fair bit cheaper, but with the SP model you really do get what you pay for. The Öhlins suspension costs a lot more over the shelf than the price difference between the two models, and it gives the bike a level of adjustability usually only seen on dedicated track bikes.

MT-10 SP Performance Specifications



Engine Type

Crossplane inline-4

Bore x Stroke

79 x 50.9mm

Max Power

164 hp

Max Torque

83 lb-ft

Fuel System

Fuel injection with YCC-T

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Design And Styling

Well, let’s just say if you like the styling of the latest MT-10, you are very much in the minority. Yamaha decided on a more bold Transformer design when they updated it in 2022, and it is – to say the least – polarizing.

What it does have is road presence, it is a pretty big motorcycle and its design theme makes it stand out. The ergonomics are also really good, it will handle the daily commute just fine, and will be pretty comfortable on the highway until the wind blast gets the better of you. Or you run out of gas. The previous generation MT-10 was worse, but this iteration is not much better, and will require a soft touch with the throttle to get anything better than 150 miles out of a tank. That is less range than some of the latest electric motorcycles.

MT-10 SP Specifications And Dimensions


82.7 in


31.5 in


45.9 in

Seat Height

32.9 in


55.3 in

Fuel Capacity

4.5 gal


472 lbs (wet)

Chassis And Handling

An action front shot of a 2023 YAMAHA MT-10

The Deltabox frame is by no stretch of the imagination new or innovative, but it gets the job done. At the end of the day, it is a really heavy bike and won’t transition like a supersport, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun out on track.

The premium suspension will allow you to dial in the bike perfectly, with three semi-active modes and three manual modes. If you want the system to assist you, then the semi-active modes will have you covered, but if you really want to get the bike working out on track then you can set it up using the manual option. Everything is electronic too, so you won’t need any tools or suspension set up experience, just a willingness to try different settings and figure out what works best for you after putting in the laps.

MT-10 SP Chassis And Suspension Specifications


Aluminum Deltabox

Front Suspension Travel

4.7 in

Rear Suspension Travel

4.7 in


24 degrees


4 in

Front Tire


Rear Tire


Front Brake

Dual 320mm discs

Rear Brake

220mm disc

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Price And Availability

2024 MT-10 SP

This is not a motorcycle you will be buying if you are after a bargain. The base model MT-10 is there for that, and the similarly priced MT-09 SP could also fall into that category.

This is a motorcycle for those who really know what they want, and it is priced accordingly. If you were to spec a standard MT-10 with this suspension, it would cost more, simple as that. It has long since been accepted that the base model is compromised in that regard and this is simply there to address that issue for that particular buyer. It is a niche model in so many ways. But, it is still a Yamaha and the CP4 is a proven platform that won’t let you down. Maintenance will never be an issue with all the dealerships Yamaha has and what you don’t find at a Yamaha dealership you will find on the aftermarket.

MT-10 SP Pricing And Features


Electronic Öhlins suspension, six-axis IMU


1-year limited warranty


Liquid Metal/Raven



MT-10 SP Versus The Competition

One thing the MT-10 SP is not short of is competition. Most of which are priced significantly higher, which does give the SP a bit of an edge. The KTM 1390 Super Duke R Evo is arguably the most comparable bike, but with a price of over $20,000, it competes in the upper echelons of the hyper-naked segment. Suzuki and Honda don’t offer up-spec versions of their 1000cc naked bikes, and Kawasaki recently dropped the Z1000. That leaves only a couple of Euro streetfighters.

How The Yamaha MT-10 SP Compares To The BMW S 1000 R

  • 2023 Yamaha MT-10 SP 2024 BMW S 1000 R
    Model 2023 Yamaha MT-10 SP S 1000 R
    Engine 998cc, Inline, 4-cylinder 16 valve 999cc inline-4
    Transmission 6-speed 6-speed
    Horsepower 164 HP 165 hp
    Torque 82 lb-ft at 9,200 rpm 84 lb-ft
    MSRP $16,999 $14,295

BMW has the most deceptive pricing system. On paper the S 1000 R looks like such a bargain, but as soon as you dare tick any options box, things escalate rather quickly. You can technically buy one of these for less than the Yamaha, but just like the bike pictured, no dealership stocks the base model. So, if that is what you want, you will have to wait quite some time to get it. Other than that, we have to admit the BMW is better than the Yamaha in most respects. It has a newer engine, a newer, sharper chassis, it’s lighter, and even the stock suspension is pretty good. The difference is simple though. With the Yamaha you get everything standard. With the BMW, well, it’s complicated.

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How The Yamaha MT-10 SP Compares To The Ducati Streetfighter V2

  • 2023 Yamaha MT-10 SP 2024 Ducati Streetfighter V2
    Model 2023 Yamaha MT-10 SP Streetfighter V2
    Engine 998cc, Inline, 4-cylinder 16 valve 955cc Superquadro V2
    Transmission 6-speed 6-speed
    Horsepower 164 HP 153 hp
    Torque 82 lb-ft at 9,200 rpm 75 lb-ft
    MSRP $16,999 $17,995

You might think the MT-10 SP would be more comparable to the V4, but look a little closer, and you will realize it competes with the V2. The V2 has a little less power, but not enough for anyone to notice in the real world, because the V2 is that much lighter. It also looks amazing, sounds amazing, and has that Italian flair that is impossible to ignore. Therein lies the problem. It is still Italian, and still handmade, which is great, but humans make mistakes and the reliability will never be the same as the mass-produced Yamaha.

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Is It Worth Buying A Yamaha MT-10 SP In 2024?

Photograph of a 2023 YAMAHA MT-10 being driven at night with a city skline backdrop.

Absolutely! The Yamaha has undeniable character, something that is hard to explain unless you go and sit on the bike and just listen to its magical exhaust note. The upmarket suspension is also worth every penny, and elevates an already fun platform to a higher level. Although the competition looks better on paper, the MT-10 SP still has a lot to offer, and if you are willing to live with looks that only a mother – or in this case the designer, we suppose – can love, then it is well worth the price of admission.

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