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Range Rover Sport Electric (2025 Release): Everything we know


Update: ‘Specifications’ and ‘Price & Release Date’ section updated.

Land Rover has confirmed that it will introduce the Range Rover Sport Electric as its second EV, following the all-electric Range Rover this year. From its launch, the third-generation Range Rover Sport features partial electrification, and it is set to gain 100% electrification in 2025. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming electric SUV.


The third-gen Range Rover Sport’s reductive design is a good base for a pure-electric SUV, both aesthetically and technically. Land Rover has designed the vehicle to be as efficient as possible, which means minimal changes may be required to transition the Range Rover Sport to its electric version. Most customers worldwide would prefer the traditional design and styling of the Range Rover Sport, rather than an offbeat approach seen in models like the Tesla Model X or BMW iX.

Range Rover Sport Electric rendering
The third-gen Range Rover Sport’s 0.29 Cd and active aero would benefit the range and efficiency of the electric version (rendered).

The all-new Range Rover Sport (gas model) features flush glazing and door handles, a hidden waist rail finisher, the longest and largest spoiler ever fitted to a Range Rover, and a contoured underfloor design. These enhancements make it 15% more aerodynamically efficient than its predecessor, with a drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.29. Active Brake Cooling, which opens the ducts only when additional cooling is required for the brakes, also contributes to this figure.

The Range Rover Sport electric variant (rendered above) is expected to include additional aerodynamic enhancements, such as a closed upper grille, aerodynamically optimized bumpers, and specially designed 23-inch wheels.


2023 Range Rover Sport Hybrid interior
The Range Rover Sport Electric should feature visual changes on the inside. Image Source: Jaguar Land Rover

The interior of the Range Rover Sport Electric could have several modifications, including more sustainable materials, exclusive trim and colors, and reworked electronics. Building on the donor model’s options, the electric variant will offer an extensive selection of sustainable materials, including lightweight Ultrafabrics. Both the 13.7-inch Interactive Driver Display and the Pivi Pro touchscreen infotainment system are expected to feature model-specific powertrain information and a special welcome screen tailored for the electric variant.


Thanks to its smooth and silent powertrain, the Range Rover Sport Electric should offer a more comfortable ride than the gas-powered model. Ideally, this vehicle should be more stable on the highway due to the battery pack mounted low on its floor. Likewise, the torquey nature of the electric powertrain should make driving in cities effortless, and the availability of one-pedal driving may make urban commutes easier.

Land Rover engineers would want to leverage the increased ground clearance, quicker and more precise power delivery, and higher levels of torque vectoring to make the electric variant more capable in off-roading.

The Range Rover Sport Electric could launch with a 90-100 kWh battery pack that offers an EPA-estimated range of around 300 miles. Land Rover could offer two motors, one at the front and one at the rear, as standard. However, the power and torque outputs may vary depending on the variant. The company may offer at least two output levels to cater to both economy-focused and performance-focused customers while ensuring its product is competitive enough compared to rivals from Mercedes, Audi, Tesla, and luxury brands.

Range Rover Sport Electric rear rendering
TopElectricSUV.com’s rendering of the Range Rover Sport Electric is pictured for reference.

Land Rover would position the electric variant above the gas-engined model. Besides the environmental benefits of all-electric driving, it should seem more capable (and thus worth the premium price). Therefore, expect at least one variant to produce close to 630 hp and dethrone the current 626 hp P635 model. Similarly, the torque could be higher than the P635’s 553 lb.-ft., approaching 600 lb.-ft. Land Rover may aim for a 0-60 mph sprint time of 3.5 seconds. For reference, the P635 does the same in 3.6 seconds.

Jaguar Land Rover has tied up with New York-based semiconductor producer Wolfspeed to secure the supply of its Silicon Carbide semiconductors for future electric cars, which will include the Range Rover Sport Electric. The British automaker will incorporate these SiC semiconductors into the inverters of its next-gen EVs.


The Range Rover Sport Electric would compete with the likes of the Tesla Model X, Nio ES8 (not available in the U.S.), Porsche Cayenne Electric, Lotus Eletre, and Polestar 3.

Price & Release Date

The base Range Rover Sport Electric could cost $90,000-100,000 in the U.S. market. According to an Autocar report released on March 8, 2024, Land Rover will reveal the RR Sport EV in 2024, as announced in 2022, but the company has pushed the sales launch to 2025. The British luxury SUV brand has announced some delays in its EV rollout.

In 2021, as part of its Reimagine strategy, Land Rover announced plans to release six all-electric models by 2026. However, the company has now decided to delay the introduction of two of these models, meaning only four EVs will be unveiled by 2026. This adjustment comes amid a slowdown in demand for electric cars, with an increasing number of customers turning to hybrids and plug-in hybrids. These hybrids are sought after for the greater practicality and peace of mind they offer along with a taste of EV driving experience.

TopElectricSUV says

The Range Rover Sport Electric will be a luxurious five-seat SUV that offers opulence, solid performance, formidable off-road capabilities, and zero tailpipe emissions in one package. While it is expected to surpass the Tesla Model X in several areas, such as interior quality, luxury features and off-road prowess, it may not outperform in energy efficiency or offer the same seating flexibility.

Range Rover Sport Electric FAQs

What is the Range Rover Sport Electric release date?

Land Rover will launch the Range Rover Sport Electric in 2025.

What will be the Range Rover Sport Electric price?

The Range Rover Sport Electric will likely cost around USD 100,000.

Which models will be Range Rover Sport EV rivals?

Featured Image: TopElectricSUV.com’s rendering of the Range Rover Sport Electric


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