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2024 Chevrolet Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide On Features, Specs, And Pricing


The Colorado stands as Chevy’s foothold in the mid-size pickup arena, and its latest iteration, the 2024 model, has an immediate impact thanks to upgraded components and a host of modern standard equipment. Not only does the rugged Colorado sport a muscular appearance and off-road-oriented dimensions, it also allows for comfortable city driving and economical highway travel. Chevrolet’s pickups are known for capturing that hardworking spirit, as well as the tough attitude that gets the job done.

The 2024 Colorado addresses some of its enthusiast’s requests with the introduction of the Bison package for the ZR2 model. The Bison package takes what the off-rod ZR2 does and enhances it by 100 with the addition of collaborative design and next-level standard equipment. Aside from the ZR2 Bison being the most noteworthy addition to the 2024 Colorado line-up, there are plenty of other features inside and out that make the latest mid-size Chevy pickup a highly compelling model.

2024 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison
2024 Chevrolet Colorado

The 2.7-liter turbocharged inline-four powers all variants of the 2024 Colorado offerings, and is a versatile enthusiastic engine. However, there are varying levels of output that define each grade. In base form, the turbo I-4 produces 237 horsepower, though when tuned up for the off-road Colorado ZR2, the turbo I-4 pumps out 310 ponies. With a max available towing capacity of 7,700 pounds, the Colorado comes ready to work instantly. The trail-worthy ZR2 features Multimatic shocks and premium tech that allows it to venture far beyond the pavement. 

2024 Chevrolet Colorado

2.7-L turbo inline-four

Eight-speed automatic

310 HP @ 5,600 RPM

430 pound-feet @ 3,000 RPM

RWD and 4WD

$31,095 – $60,540

Towing Capacity
7,700 Lbs

0-60 MPH
7.1 Seconds

Fuel Economy
Up To 22 MPG Combined

Payload Capacity
1,310 – 1,610 Lbs
  • The Bison package for the ZR2 adds intense off-road upgrades.
  • Quality standard equipment across the board
  • Best-in-class available max towing makes the Colorado stand out.
  • Only one cab configuration available
  • Slightly less headroom than previous model

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from various manufacturer websites and other authoritative sources, including NHTSA, IIHS, FuelEconomy.gov, JD Power, Chevrolet, and Chevrolet Media. Each model score is determined by Top Speed’s rating team, which factors in five different metrics. You can
read our Methodology page
for more information about our rating system.

What’s New For 2024?

The 2024 Colorado coes with only a few changes compared to the outgoing 2023 model. Chief among them would be the addition of the ZR2 Bison package and the upgraded standard tech. Optional packages and standalone options can put any Colorado model on par with today’s top players in the mid-size pickup arena, including the Toyota Tacoma TRD and Ford Ranger. These packages range from convenience packages that increase interior comfort and functions, to off-road packages that include aftermarket suspension upgrades and enhanced drive modes.

2024 Highlights

  • The ZR2 Bison package could set the precedent for future mid-size off-road pickups.
  • Upgraded standard interior tech and features modernize the Colorado offering.
  • Off-road prowess has been enhanced to compete at a higher level than before.
  • Incredible max towing capacity
  • Upgrade packages offer today’s popular features, including leather upholstery and a wireless charging pad.

Exterior Dimensions




213 Inches

212.7 Inches


84.4 Inches

84.4 Inches


78.8 Inches

76.41 Inches


131.4 Inches

131.4 Inches

Front Track

62.8 Inches

66.3 Inches

Rear Track

62.8 Inches

66.3 Inches

Curb Weight



Engine Specifications And Performance

2024 Chevrolet Colorado Bison ZR2 undercarriage Showing suspension and skid pan

All 2024 Colorado are powered by a 2.7-liter turbo inline four-cylinder engine in one of two states of tune. The lower trim models, the WT and LT, feature the low-output version of the turbo-four, which produces 237 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Moving up to the higher trims, the Trail Boss, Z71, and ZR2, unlocks the high-output 2.7-liter Turbomax I-4.

The TurboMax cranks out a respectable 310 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque, which is more than some of the V-6-powered competition.

Standard on all 2024 Colroado is an eight-speed automatic transmission, though there are two variants depending on trim level. The WT and LT receive a standard eight-speed auto gearbox, while the higher trims boast an enhanced eight-speed electronically controlled auto transmission with overdrive, tow/haul mode, powertrain grade braking, and cruise grade braking. The enhanced transmission is optional on the two low trims, as is the powerful TurboMax I-4.

The all-new Colorado features standard 4WD, though buyers can opt for 2WD on the WT and LT. Also, exclusive to the WT and LT is a standard single-speed transfer case with three modes, those being 2WD HI, 4WD auto, and 4WD HI. Higher trims feature a two-speed Autotrac transfer case with push-button controls. The two-speed transfer case features four modes: 2WD, Auto, 4WD, and 4WD LO.

Performance Specifications

2.7L Turbo Inline 4-Cylinder

2.7-L TubroMax INline 4-Cylinder


237 HP @ 5,600 RPM

310 HP @ 5,600 RPM


260 LB-FT @ 1,200 – 1,400 RPM

430 LB-FT @ 3,000 RPM


Eight-speed automatic

Enhanced eight-speed automatic


2WD or 4WD


Fuel Economy (CMB)

21 MPG

19 MPG

(Source: Chevrolet)

Towing Capabilities And Payload Capacity

2023 Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss bed

The Towing department is a particular area in which the Colorado shines bright. When properly equipped, i.e. with th top-rated engine and enhanced transmission, the Colorado can pull up to 7,700 pounds. These class-leading stats are buffed by the available towing and trailering package, which adds a suite of tow assist functions, extra cameras, and enhanced tow/haul driving modes. The ZR2 includes an enhanced trailering package and assist features as standard equipment.

The base 2.7-liter engine can only manage to pull a max of 3,500 pounds, while the sport-focused ZR2 maxes out at 6,000 pounds. The Colorado’s payload capacity leaves more to be desired, capping out around 1,684 on the Colorado. While the towing capacity is greater than others, including Jeep Gladiator and Tacoma, the payload is at the lower end of the standings.




Payload Capacity

1,684 Pounds

1,587 Pounds

1,151 Pounds

Towing Capacity

3,500 Pounds

7,700 Pounds

6,000 Pounds

Off-Road Capability

Brown Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison

Off-road is another area of expertise in the Colorado’s arsenal, thanks to numerous off-road-oriented components, a rugged composition, and the highly-rated ZR2 Bison model. The lower trims receive little off-road love, as they are primarily aimed at buyers looking for a reliable working model. The higher trims, however, include more articulate and forgiving suspension and chassis components that allow the Colorado to confidently trek beyond the pavement.

The Trail Boss is the entry-level off-road Colorado, as it features the standard enhancements focused on off-road superiority. These enhancements include a two-inch factory suspension lift, large off-road tires, selectable drive modes, and an automatic-locking rear differential. This is also the first model of the progressing trim models to receive the two-speed transfer case with four modes.

Moving up in trims sees the Colorado Z71 receive the same upgrades found on the Trail Boss, minus the two-inch suspension lift. The top trim ZR2 expands on the off-road sentiment by including the ZR2 Off-Road package standard, which adds DSSV Multimatic suspension dampers, driver-selectable full-locking front and rear differentials, a three-inch factory lift with high-performance suspension, and even more capable off-road tires. The exterior of the ZR2 also receives off-road make-over, which adds rugged flares, bumpers, off-road rocker protectors, and a taller and wider stance.

While these models may be capable on the trails, there’s only one model off-road enthusiasts have come to hear about, the ZR2 Bison. The Bison package builds upon the ZR2 off-road model, equipping it with segment-exclusive Multimatic front and rear Jounce control dampers, Baron steel skidplates, and a heavy-duty body kit by American Expedition vehicles (AEV).

The ZR2 Bison proves to be the most capable mid-size off-road pickup, boasting best-in-class approach angle, departure angle, breakover angle, and ground clearance.

Trail Boss


ZR2 (Bison)

Approach Angle

30.5 Degrees

29.1 Degrees

38.2 Degrees

Departure Angle

22.4 Degrees

22.3 Degrees

26 Degrees

Breakover Angle

21 Degrees

19.5 Degrees

26.9 Degrees

Ground Clearance (Min.)

9.5 Inches

7.9 Inches

12.2 Inches

Front Suspension Travel



9.9 Inches

Rear Suspension Travel



11.6 Inches

(Source: Chevrolet)

Interior Technology And Comfort

Best Interior Features Of The 2024 Chevrolet Colorado

  • Standard large screens give the cabin a modern feel.
  • Unique, aggressive color pallets for high trims give the cabin more character.
  • Available heated and power-adjustable front seats increase comfort
  • Standard entertainment connectivity and Google-integrated infotainment

Standard in the WT, LT, and Trail Boss are cloth-trimmed seats with minimal flair as far as design, though yellow stitching and gray patterns accent the cabin tastefully. The control layout focuses on a user-friendly interface with simple functions. Taking a step-up, the Z71 adds black cloth and Evotex-trimmed upholstery with the option to color the seats with an eye-catching Jet Black and Adrenaline red color scheme. This interior upgrade is available on the lower trims via upgrade packages. While on the subject of interior upgrade packages, buyers can option the Z71 with cloth and leather-appointed front seats that sport the same red and black color scheme for a little extra cash.

The ZR2 features the same interior appointments as the Z71, except the optional color pallet changes from Jet black and Adrenaline Red in the Z71, to Jet Black and Artemis in the ZR2. The same two-tone layout can be found in both the Z71 and ZR2 interior color upgrades, each sporting their respective identifying color.

The ZR2 truly distinguishes itself by including a power-adjustable driver’s seat and heated front seats as standard. A leather-wrapped steering wheel is standard on both the ZR2 and Z71. 60/40 split-bench seats allow for many cargo combinations and endless ways to utilize your Colorado’s tough spirit.


2024 Chevrolet Colorado

Technology takes center stage in the cabin, as, while the layout and appointments may seem a bit blue-collar, the functions and features are on par with most modern options. Behind the steering wheel in all 2024 Colorado sits an 11-inch digital gauge cluster. To the right of that rests an 11.3-inch LCD infotainment screen housing the latest Chevy MyLink operating system. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Google are also standard across the board, as is the Chevy Safety suite.

The ZR2 and Z71 receive two 120-volt three-prong power outlets and one 12-volt outlet standard, while all 2024 Colorados come equipped with multiple USB ports. A wireless charging pad is optional on most trims, as is an available Bose or Kicker sound system upgrade.

Interior Dimensions


Second Row


40.29 Inches

38.29 Inches


45.17 Inches

34.70 Inches

Shoulder Room

57.40 Inches

56.13 Inches

Cargo Capacity



Safety And Reliability

Sand 2023 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

The Colorado features multiple features and functions, both passive and active, that ensure occupant safety in any event. These precautions include the Chevy Safety suite, four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, and Stabilitrac electronic stability control system with traction control. These systems work in concert to deliver a consistent and safe experience.

Driver Assistance Features

As mentioned, Chevy Safety is standard across the board. This suite includes both common and advanced functions, including lane keep assist with lane departure warning and auto emergency braking, as well as front pedestrian and bicycle braking. Cruise control is standard on the top trim ZR2 and optional across the rest of the board. An optional safety package adds rear cross-traffic alert, blind spot monitor, and rear parking assist.

  • Forward collision alert
  • Follow distance indicator
  • Lane keep assist w/ lane departure warning
  • Intellibeam auto high beam assist

IIHS Crash Testing


While Chevrolet’s warranty isn’t the best in the biz, they do offer one complimentary scheduled maintenance visit. 5 years and 60,000 miles of powertrain and roadside assistance coverage is a nice addition, though the rest of the warranty agreement is fairly on par with the competition.



Full Warranty

36 Months/36,000 Miles

Powertrain Warranty

60 Months/60,000 Miles

Maintenance Warranty

First scheduled visit free

Roadside Warranty

60 Months/60,000 Miles

Corrosion Warranty

36 Months/36,000 Miles

Federal Emissions Performance

24 Months/24,000 Miles

Federal Emissions Defect

36 Months/36,000 Miles

Seat Belt And Airbags

72 Months/72,000

2024 Chevrolet Colorado Versus Its Competitors

The Colorado is a very capable mid-size pickup in terms of both work ethic and off-road ability. This lands it in a special position where it stands as a competitor to multiple styles of pickup. Among them standing against the Colorado is the Toyota Tacoma, as its many trims and purposes offer a capable and well-documented model to compare with. Another model that falls under the category of pure fun is the Jeep Gladiator, with its storied history dating back to WWII.

How The Chevy Colorado Compares To The Toyota Tacoma

  • 2024 Chevrolet Colorado 2024 Toyota Tacoma
    Model 2024 Chevrolet Colorado Tacoma
    Engine 2.7-L turbo inline-four 2.7-L Turbo I-4
    Transmission Eight-speed automatic 8-Speed Automatic or 6-Speed Manual
    Horsepower 310 HP @ 5,600 RPM 278 HP @ 6000 RPM or 228 HP @ 6000 RPM
    Torque 430 pound-feet @ 3,000 RPM 317 LB-FT @ 1600 RPM or 243 LB-FT @ 1600 RPM
    Driveline RWD and 4WD 4×2, 4×4
    MSRP $31,095 – $60,540 $31,500 – $52,100
    Towing Capacity 7,700 Lbs 6,500 Pounds (max)

The Colorado is no doubt a strong contender, but all biases aside, the Toyota Tacoma is one of the industry’s top all-time models. When it comes to off-roading, the Toyota TRD name is synonymous with rock climbing and trail conquering. This is thanks to decades of refining the recipe, taking in customer feedback, and allowing the future of automotive advancements to influence design. The 2024 Tacoma represents those years of honing off-road design with its industry-first advancements and competition-level components.

The Tacoma is powered by a 278 horsepower 2.7-liter turbo inline four-cylinder that connects to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Though the Colorado’s top-rated engine produces more horses, Toyota is set to offer a TURBO MAX hybrid engine option in the spring of 2024 that will serve as the most powerful ever in a Tacoma. The suspension and off-road additions vary along Tacoma trims, though the TRD, TRD Off-Road, the returning TRD PreRunner, and newly added Trailhunter trims include a slew of aftermarket components that could make the Colorado quiver in its boots.

2024 Toyota Tacoma: A Comprehensive Guide On Features, Specs, And Pricing

Find out what the latest 4th-gen Tacoma range brings to the table, in order to retain its position as the best-selling mid-size pickup truck

How The Chevrolet Colorado Compares To The Jeep Gladiator

  • 2024 Chevrolet Colorado 2024 Jeep Gladiator
    Model 2024 Chevrolet Colorado 2024 Jeep Gladiator
    Engine 2.7-L turbo inline-four 3.6-L V-6
    Transmission Eight-speed automatic Six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic
    Horsepower 310 HP @ 5,600 RPM 285 HP @ 6,400
    Torque 430 pound-feet @ 3,000 RPM 260 pound-feet @4,400 RPM
    Driveline RWD and 4WD RWD and 4WD
    MSRP $31,095 – $60,540 $41,085 – $64,890
    Towing Capacity 7,700 Lbs 7,700 pounds
    0-60 MPH 7.1 Seconds 7.3 seconds

The Jeep makes no compromises when it comes to off-roading and rugged attitude. Most who own a Jeep live by that very same principle. If you can’t go around it, go over it. And in a Jeep, you can do just that.

In terms of raw off-road ability, Jeep’s offering is hard to beat as they offer a slew of suspension set-ups to suit almost any terrain. However, when it comes to economy and just about any activity not concerning off-roading, the Colorado puts up a hard fight. The Jeep Gladiator’s 3.6-liter V-6 only produces 285 horses and drinks fuel like a parched sailor. The modern turbo I-4 in the Colorado is more efficient and versatile in the city and on the dirt trails. That said, it would be unwise to doubt a Jeep’s potential, as there ar high-grade models that boast incredible power and control, there are even hybrid Jeeps that do it all on a diet.

2024 Jeep Gladiator Towing Payload Capacity

Built upon the tough underpinnings of the Wrangler, here’s what makes Jeep’s only truck, one of the most competent mid-size pickups in the class

How Much Does A 2024 Chevrolet Colorado Cost?

The Chevy Colorado does an amazing job at splitting the difference in terms of lower price point and bang-for-your-buck. The base model comes in at just over $30,000, while the top ZR2 Bison model starts at $60,540. While slightly more expensive than the Tacoma’s top-rated model, the ZR2 Bison features enough upgrades to survive the apocalypse. Also, the lower trim of the Colorado features ample standard equipment and various optional additions.

Trim Level




$31, 095





Trail Boss









ZR2 Bison



Fuel Economy

The 2024 Colorado’s EPA fuel estimates are fairly on par with the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier, though it does get a bit more than the Jeep. With an EPA estimated 19 city, 24 highway, and 21 combined MPG for the 2WD models, and 21 combined MPG for 4WD models, the Colorado promises to offer superb fuel economy without compromising on performance. The top-rated TurboMax engine clocks a slightly more thirsty 17 combined MPG.





Annual Fuel Cost (est)


19 MPG

24 MPG

21 MPG



18 MPG

23 MPG

20 MPG





17 MPG


ZR2 Bison



16 MPG


Is It Worth Buying The 2024 Chevy Colorado?

2023 blue Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Considering the economical price point, many optional packages, and highly capable attitude, all arrows point to yes! The Colorado is an exemplary mid-size pickup with sought-after standard features and a wealth of safety functions. The various trim levels allow buyers to seek out the optimal level of sport-to-work ratio that can be no more enjoyed than in the Colorado.

Competitors, including the Tacoma, Ranger, and Jeep Gladiator, all boast unique personalities and mission statements. However, the Colorado doesn’t seem to settle on any one mission, as it can tow, travel, rock climb, and handle tough terrain without changing shoes. Firms like Motor Trend and Edmunds have granted the 2024 Colorado the title of “Truck Of The Year” for the 2024 model year, meaning Chevy did something right.


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