2026 Rivian R2: Everything Confirmed So Far - SUV VEHICLE

2026 Rivian R2: Everything Confirmed So Far


Rivian has been one of the main players in the EV SUV space since it debuted the R1S in 2022. The luxury SUV with its massive range comes out on top as one of the best SUVs on the market, electric or no. Its R1T is a revolutionary electric truck that makes the Cybertruck look like a G-Wiz.

However, the company has been in financial trouble since a poor set of financial reports at the end of 2023. Rivian laid off 10-percent of its staff in February, after laying off six-percent in May 2023. Rivian is in trouble and needs a shot in the arm. Enter the R2.

The R2 is a new SUV from the electric automaker. The R2 is aimed at a larger audience than its pricey SUVs. Rivian is looking to expand its audience with a budget-friendly electric option. It sees a broader audience as a path back towards financial success.

With families and younger consumers in mind, Rivian is hoping that its new SUV can bring in new clients and increase its revenue. With Rivian on the back foot, here’s what we know about the next step in the company’s development.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Rivian’s press release regarding the R2 and Rivian’s website.

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Rivian R3 And R3X

The Rivian R3 stole the show during the launch of the R2, and for plenty of good reasons.

The R2 Will Start At $45,000

The R2 is priced for the American family. At $45,000 it is priced to compete against the TeslaModel Y and HyundaiIoniq. With its classic oval and striped lights, the R2 has a great look for a small SUV.

The R2 is a perfect downsize from the larger R1S, with prime styling and off-road capabilities, all in a smaller package. Priced to move, the R2 should help get Rivian in the eyes and minds of the public looking to get in on the electric revolution.

This Could Be Even Cheaper If It Qualifies For the $7,500 EV Tax Credit

The Inflation Reduction Act gives a $7,500 credit for qualified electric vehicles. With this reduction, the price would drop below $40,000. This would put the price around the range of a well-equipped Mazda CX-5 or a Jeep Grand Cherokee. A small luxury electric SUV for the price of a Mazda is quite a thing. The plug-in hybrid version of the Grand Cherokee, is priced over $20,000 more than the standard as well.

With the EV tax credit, Rivian is even better position to push its new low-cost SUV. Priced in the same range as popular ICE/PHEV SUVs like the Grand Cherokee and the CX-5, as well as EVs like the Model Y and Ioniq 5, RIvian is finally competing in the SUV space with major players.

Production Will Begin In 2026

Rivian will begin to build the SUVs in 2026. You can currently place an order for an R2 with only a $100 deposit. However, the R1T experienced huge delays in its production, so it’s hard to say if the early 2026 date will be concrete. Hopefully, Rivian can maintain its production schedule despite its reduced workforce.

Could The R2, R3 And R3X Signal Rivian’s Do-Or-Die Moment?

Rivian surprisingly unveiled two new members to its lineup, the R3 and R3X compact electric crossovers. Are they a desperate move to save the company?

Rivian’s New SUV Is Smaller For The Masses

Rivian R2 Home

The R2 is not just priced for the masses, it’s built for them as well. Rivian has reduced the size of its new EV down to that of a crossover. Crossovers are among the most popular vehicles on the road, and Rivian needs to tap into the popularity of these vehicles to restore their revenue and bring their image into the mainstream. Here’s some info on the size.

The R2 Is Shorter And Has A Smaller Wheelbase Than The R1S

The R2 is smaller than the R1S by a fair number of measures. We can see that Rivian is focused on making an SUV for the masses, with a smaller size. We can see the crossover is now part of Rivian’s kit.

Rivian R2 vs. R1S Dimensions

Rivian R2

Rivian R1S


185.6 inches (4,715 mm)

200.8 inches (5,100 mm)


66.9 inches (1,700 mm)

72.3 inches (1,837 mm)


115.6 inches (2,935 mm)

121 inches (3,075 mm)

(Specs sourced from Rivian)

It Is Comparable In Size To A Tesla Model Y

Much like in its price, the R2 is very similar in size to the Tesla Model Y. Clearly, Rivian has seen the success Tesla has been able to achieve with its small SUV and is looking to replicate that success for its own company.

Rivian R2 vs. Tesla Model Y Dimensions

Rivian R2

Tesla Model Y


185.6 inches (4,715 mm)

187 inches (4,751 mm)


66.9 inches (1,700 mm)

63.9 inches (1,624 mm)


115.6 inches (2,935 mm)

113.8 inches (2,890 mm)

(Specs sourced from Rivian and Tesla)

Here’s How Much It Costs To Charge A Rivian EV

The Rivian twins come with big battery packs, and this is how much you can expect to pay when you plug in your Rivian for a full recharge.

The R2 Will Have Over 300 Miles Of Range

Rivian R2 Biking

The range is a huge part of what makes an EV marketable. The R2 has not missed that bit in its development. The R2 will have over 300 miles of range per Rivian. While the base spec may have less, the fully equipped model will have a full 300+ miles of range. This is not an official figure until the EPA certifies it, but Rivian has a good history of long-range battery vehicles.

The R1S is among the longest-range EVs to ever exist. This makes it competitive within its range, and should play against the Ioniq 5 and Model Y. The Model Y has about 310 miles of range, which should be equal to the Rivian. The Ioniq 5 maxes out at 303 miles, which again will be around the R2’s range. So far so good for the R2.

It Will Be Compatible With the NACS Charging System

Tesla has gotten its charging system to become the standard for the entirety of North America. While this is great for consumers, it does put some onus on automakers to conform to Tesla’s standards. Rivian has fallen in line with the movement, and will have the NACS port on the R2.

This means the R2 will be able to charge at almost any port in the entire country. This is good news for Rivian, as it means the consumers will have less hesitation in purchasing their new crossover. It also means you’ll be able to take your Rivian on a road trip anywhere you’d like and not worry about running out of power.

Why The Rivian R1T Is A Gamechanger

The R1T redefines electric pickup trucks with innovative design, powerful performance, and cutting-edge tech, setting new EV benchmarks.

The New R2 Does 0-60 In Three Seconds

Rivian R2 Speed

One of the main benefits of electrically powered vehicles is instant torque. Electric motors can release their entire power output instantaneously, and therefore are even quicker off the line than the most powerful internal combustion vehicles. This means that even trucks and SUVs can be seriously quick with electric motors.

The R2 is no exception to this rule. Rivian claims the R2 can do 0-60 in about three seconds. This means it is as fast as the Porsche 911 GTS off the line. EVs are absolute comedy when it comes to drag races. A small electric crossover being able to race top-of-the-line internal combustion sports cars, and even supercars, is pretty much a joke.

The R2 Can Have Up To Three Motors

The R2 will have three different motor trims. The first is the single-motor model will be the base model. It will feature rear-wheel drive. Then there will be a two-motor spec that will power all-wheel drive. One motor at the front and one at the back. Then, the top-spec will have three motors, for increased power and off-roading capability. It has two motors driving the rear and then one for the front.

All-Wheel Drive Will Be Available For Off-Roading

Rivian R2 Family

Rivian has a commitment to off-roading and outdoor activities. It claims the R1S can climb a 100-percent grade with the top spec. It also claims that the R1S can ford nearly four feet of water. The R2 will not be any different.

The tri-motor spec should be able to do all the things that the R1S can in terms of going off-road and working in the wilderness. Rivian is selling the car this way too, with most of its marketing featuring outdoor activities like camping and biking. Rivian has not lost its adventurous roots in pushing for a mass-market vehicle.

We wish Rivian the best of luck in developing the R2 for release, and are looking forward to another Rivian vehicle on the road.


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