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2024 Toyota bZ3: Everything Reported So Far



  • The 2024 Toyota bZ3 is a unique all-electric sedan resulting from a collaboration between Toyota, BTET, and FAW Toyota.
  • Toyota partnered with Chinese companies BYD and FAW to develop the bZ3, showcasing advanced battery technology.
  • With a sleek aerodynamic design, the bZ3 offers impressive performance and range at a remarkably low starting price.

The 2024 Toyota bZ3 is a brand-new all-electric car that joins the Japanese automaker’s growing list of electric and hybrid vehicles and will be exclusively sold in China.

While not everything has been disclosed, we do know a little bit of information thanks to Toyota’s teasers and from the models that are already on the market in China. Offered in two different options with an impressive range, the bZ3 joins the bZ4X, Toyota’s five-seat all-electric SUV that starts at just over $43,000, and other models that have recently completed the Beyond Zero Toyota EV family. Anticipated to start at a strikingly low price point, the bZ3 shares a similar build to other Beyond Zero models — all sharp angles and glaring bright lights. Here is everything known so far about the 2024 Toyota bZ3.

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In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Toyota and other authoritative sources, including Car and Driver.

The bZ3 Is A China-spec Model

What makes the Toyota bZ3 special is far from just its performance or range. Rather, the bZ3 is the product of a unique relationship between Toyota, BTET, and FAW Toyota. The three companies and over 100 engineers collaborated to bring to life an all-electric sedan aimed at defying expectations.

The Tri-Company Vision

It’s no wonder that China leads the world in the electric vehicle sector. Toyota paired up with the leading battery and technology companies in the Asian nation to develop the bZ3.

“BYD has specialized in batteries and other core technologies for electrified vehicles, including its e-Platform 3.0, since its establishment in 1995,” Toyota said. “The ever-growing company offers comprehensive solutions in the new energy field and has earned the trust of customers worldwide with its highly efficient development system and advanced electrification technologies. For the Toyota bZ3, BYD and its partners provide advanced, safe, and reliable battery technology.”

A New Architecture

The major crux of the three company collaborations lies in the bZ3’s structure and design. According to Toyota, the 100 percent electric vehicle is designed for a vision of “new freedom, new experiences.” Further explaining this freedom of movement and performance, the automaker said that the range and powertrain were inspired by three words: “electrified, dynamic, and enjoyable.”

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Everything You Need To Know About The bZ3’s Powertrain

The Base Model

Both the Base and Fully Loaded models offer a decent amount of horsepower and astounding range at a low starting price. According to New Energy EV and test data from Car and Driver, the Base Model offers 184 ponies with 223 pound-feet of torque. While the amount of power isn’t groundbreaking, especially for an all-electric sedan, the horsepower and torque package is likely to be adequate for an everyday driver who doesn’t need 1,000 pound-feet of torque to throw around.

The Fully Loaded Model

The Fully Loaded Model, in comparison, ramps up the power slightly with 245 ponies and the same amount of torque as the base model, according to New Energy EV data. Both the Base Model and Fully Loaded Model share the same top speed of 160 MPH.

“Toyota bZ3 uses the e-TNGA vehicle platform to achieve more pleasant driving, including more responsive performance, with a low center of gravity and excellent handling stability,” Toyota said. “Moving, turning, and stopping have been finely tuned utilizing Toyota’s expertise honed over its decades of experience in car-making and motorsports. The result is a more comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers.”

382 Miles Of Range

It is unfortunate the bZ3 won’t be released anytime soon in the U.S., or ever. The small all-electric sedan offers a solution to a growing need in the global electric vehicle market: affordable electric vehicles with long ranges. Both the Base Model and the Fully Loaded Model have ranges other sedans should be envious of. Stretching as high as 382 miles of driving range, the Fully Loaded Model’s few thousand extra dollars in starting price stuns in the electric driving range category.

2023 Toyota bZ3 Base Model

2023 Toyota bZ3 Fully Loaded


184 horsepower

245 horsepower


223 pound-feet

223 pound-feet

Top Speed

160 MPH

160 MPH


321 miles

382 miles

(Data sourced from Toyota and Car and Driver)

Sleek And Compact, Sharing Similarities With The bZ4X

Toyota bZ3 interior

Based on photos Toyota shared, the bZ3 is a sleek and chic compact vehicle that doesn’t scream techy, space-craft like some electric vehicles on the market. But the vehicle’s shape isn’t just for looks. Toyota said the low-key-looking car actually has a striking aerodynamic profile.

“The exterior exudes stability and power and features a highly modulated and elegant profile that hints at a linear sense of speed,” Toyota said. “The corners of the bumper emphasize air guides and air curtains that consider airflow, while the flat door handles, aluminum wheels, and rear bumper shaped to reduce air resistance result in class-leading aerodynamics with a Cd value of 0.218.”

Toyota bZ3 Dimensions


186 inches


72.2 inches


58 inches


113.4 inches

Battery Type

Lithium-ion Battery

(Data sourced from Toyota)

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A Low Starting Price

Toyota bZ3

The Toyota bZ3 first went on the market at a strikingly low price of 169,800 Yuan, which is approximately $23,600 as per the exchange rates at the time of writing this. For the Fully Loaded Model — offering up to 382 miles of range — the starting price is still under $30,000.

How The EV Fits Into Toyota’s Beyond Zero Plans

Toyota does eco-conscious cars well. The Toyota Prius is practically the posterchild of hybrid cars and rode the environmental wave long before it was deemed cool — much less the norm. Therefore, Toyota’s Beyond Zero line of carbon-neutral and electric vehicles comes as no surprise.

A Standard Setter

Toyota expects the bZ3 to be a trendsetter. “Toyota, the world’s first mass producer of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), has sold over 20 million electrified vehicles globally to date,” the automaker said in a press release. “Customers worldwide appreciate Toyota cars for the company’s wide array of advanced electrification technologies ― with everything from HEVs to fuel cell electric vehicles ― and fun-to-drive designs built on its long-honed QDR performance. The Toyota bZ3 carries on such DNA, following the Toyota bZ4X.”

Toyota’s Beyond Zero Lineup – The bZ4X

While the bZ3 shares the same makeup as the bZ3X and the 2024 Toyota bZ4X, the model strikes out the rest in starting price. Here is what the bZ3 is up against. As for speed, the bZ4X accelerates at a rate of 6.3 seconds and hits a top speed of 104 MPH with government-limited regulations, according to Car and Driver’s test data.

The bZ3X has nearly 100 miles more range up its sleeve compared to the bZ4X. The bZ4X comes in two editions, single and dual-motor, with ranges between 236 miles and 252 miles. Range paired with a lower expected starting price set the 100 percent BZ3X electric crossover up for success.


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