What The Original Cast Of American Chopper Is Up To Now



  • American Chopper was a groundbreaking reality TV show that followed the drama-filled lives of the Teutul family and their custom bike shop.
  • The show’s popularity soared due to the explosive arguments between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr., leading to a legal struggle and eventual cancelation.
  • Despite the show’s end, the original cast members have pursued various endeavors, from running businesses to hosting podcasts and launching new ventures.

American Chopper was a pioneering reality TV show that first hit television screens in September 2002. It was one of the first-of-its-kind reality TV shows that followed a documentary-style production centered on a business and its key personnel, following their interactions with their clients, each other, and the company’s custom builds and projects. Originally on-air from 2002 to 2009, it also had spinoffs such as American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior (2010-2012) and Orange County Choppers (2013-2014). The series focused on Paul Teutul Sr. and his son Paul Teutul Jr. and their motorcycle shop called ‘Orange County Choppers’ based in the town of Newburgh, New York.

Famous for the heated arguments between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr., it made the show extremely popular and gave rise to several memes on the internet. Paul Senior and Paul Junior were always at odds behind the cameras, and sometime in 2008, Paul Sr. fired Jr. from the business as a result. This incident led to a legal struggle and the temporary cancelation of the show. TLC finally canceled the show in 2010 as a result of these problems. Here are some facts about the original cast of American Chopper and what they’ve been up to since.

UPDATE: 2024/03/10 10:01 EST BY UTKARSH SOOD

When it comes to keeping track of our favorite motorcycle, or car, builders, it may seem like one thing always stays true, even after they leave the shows that got you hooked in the first place. They all stick with what they know and what they love. If you dig deep enough, you can find that even if they have had to resort to other ways to make a living, in their hearts, they all still long to be back in the shop working on a bike to beat all bikes. This article on the cast of American Choppers has been updated to give you the latest round of updates for each cast member.

Research data for this article was pulled from the cast’s personal social media sites, Discovery.com, IMDB.com, LinkedIn and other reputable sources.

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Paul Teutul Sr.

Founder, CEO

Sgt. Mary Flynn

Paul Teutul Sr. founded Orange County Choppers and was an integral member of the show’s cast. Besides the cool choppers, his heated arguments with his son Paul Jr. led to the show’s great popularity among audiences. After the Orange County Choppers’ cancelation, Paul continued to run the company. In 2017, a business partner, Thomas Derbyshire, sued Paul Sr., alleging that he used the money Thomas invested in the shop for personal use. Paul Sr. filed for bankruptcy in 2018 with the release of the American Choppers reboot. He moved to Florida and announced that Orange County Choppers, based in New York state since its inception, would be based out of Florida. For those looking for some juicy behind-the-scenes stories, a short-lived podcast called Behind The Scenes at O.C.C. can be found via various podcast providers.

He founded OCC Roadhouse and Museum in Florida in 2021, a restaurant and a concert venue alongside a museum. Paul Sr. continues to run all things Orange County Chopper, and has also made an appearance for the first-ever OCC invitational bike show and biker build-off competition last year. As a panelist, he displayed plenty of his earlier projects throughout the weekend event. Apart from modifying motorcycles and planning events, OCC is currently involved in merchandise and highlighting its renowned customized motorbikes. The Paul-led group also provides marketing strategies and endorsement deals for commercial appearances and some of their prominent clientele consist of Bic, CAT, and Hard Rock Cafe.

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Paul Teutul Jr.

Chief Designer, Fabricator

With his fiery departure from OCC and American Chopper, Paul Jr. founded his own design firm in 2009 called ‘Paul Jr. Designs’ in Montgomery, New York. After waiting out a year of his non-compete agreement, PJD started building and working on motorcycles, serving as a direct competitor for OCC. He has since partnered up with Blizzard Entertainment for Aezeroth Choppers, a web series in 2014 where he created motorcycles for their popular game World Of WarCraft. PJD also built two motorcycles for Paramount Pictures’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of Shadows in 2016. He continues to have an active motorcycle career and has recently started PJD ELECTRIC, which produces electric bicycles.

Paul Teutul Jr. went on to write a book called “The Build: Designing My Life of Choppers, Family, and Faith.” He discusses his life’s journey, his relationship with the man who raised him, his time spent working at the Orange County Choppers, and how he came to know God. In addition to PJD, he has launched several additional enterprises and grown significantly. Teutul Jr. also hosts podcasts where he discusses a range of significant subjects, including averting veteran suicides. Paul Teutul Jr.’s $2 million net worth is attributed to his glitzy TV show past and his current endeavor, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Michael Teutul

Assistant General Manager

Michael Teutul
Michael Teutul via Facebook

Michael ‘Mikey’ Teutul is the youngest son of Paul Sr. and lives with his wife, Paula Teutul. Mikey joined OCC as an assistant general manager and helped around the shop. In the show, Mikey often served as comedic relief and strived to maintain peace amidst the tense relationship between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. He was responsible for taking out the garbage and answering calls. Teutul occasionally assisted in the building of choppers; he even built his own bike at one point.

He left OCC to focus on himself and mending his relationship with his father. He struggled with alcoholism and checked himself into rehab. Mikey opened an art gallery and started a company called ‘FarQueue LLC’, dealing in pasta sauces. He returned to work, pitching in and helping around OCC and PJD. His current project is a weekly podcast with Al Franco, where the two talk about their lives, experiences and the good (and bad) old days at OCC. He continues to be good friends with Vinnie DiMartino, who can be seen on one of the latest episodes of his podcast.

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Vincent ‘Vinnie’ DiMartino

Mechanic, Assembler

Vincent 'Vinnie' DiMartino
Vincent ‘Vinnie’ DiMartino via Facebook

Vinnie left OCC in 2007 to start his own motorcycle shop called VForce Customs in Rock Tavern, New York. In Vinnie’s own words:

“I had gone as far as I could there. I really didn’t have any chance for advancement, and I had always wanted to have my own shop, so the natural progression was to leave and start my own place. Nothing against them, but it was time to move on.”

The reasons he gave for leaving the show were that he had no room for advancement, and since he wanted his own shop someday, the only chance he had to fulfill his dreams was to break out on his own. Since he had been childhood friends with Paul Jr., he continued to work as an outside consultant on various projects for him, along with special issues on PJD. He joined PJD in 2010 while still running V-Force customs and appeared in American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. Vincent then got out of the motorbike business and closed V-Force customs. He started another company called DiMartino Motorsports in 2013, working on cars and trucks in Walden, New York.

Rick Petko

Designer, Senior Fabricator

Rick Petko

Despite the subsequent split of the core OCC duo, Rick Petko maintained good relations with Paul Sr. and Jr. However, when Paul Jr. left OCC, Rick stayed back and continued to work with Paul Sr. Both Teutuls were invited to his wedding in 2012. Luckily for Rick, working on bikes was not his first passion.

As early as high school, he had been a metalworker at heart, which he returned to after leaving American Choppers. He now works as the chief fabricator for Pocono Mountain Harley-Davidson while running a small forge out of his home called RPD & Co. With that forge, he creates unique knives and wedding bands, as well as works closely with the one-and-only Damasteel company. His love for motorcycles continues to shine, which is clear to anyone if you ever visit his Facebook page. He can be seen racing vintage motorcycles on everything from sand to dirt.

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Cody Connelly

Mechanic, Assembler

Cody, who started at OCC as a 14-year-old intern, instantly became a fan favorite. Despite lacking experience, fans and co-stars were more than impressed with his superior skills. After finishing high school, he studied at the American Motorcycle Institute, which was paid for by Teutul and the company. In 2007, Cody left OCC to join Vinnie DiMartino at V-Force customs.

He filed a lawsuit against Orange County Choppers and Paul Teutul Sr., claiming he was not fairly compensated for using his work and profile even after leaving the company. The case was settled, and all charges were dropped, but it strained their working relationship. However, Cody returned to work with Paul Jr. at PJD for a short time. He currently works away from motorcycles at a utility company and avoids all social media connections with fans and the public in general.

Jason Pohl

Senior Designer

Jason Pohl
Jason Pohl

Jason Pohl was a designer who started his career plans in high school with the thought of joining the Marine Corps. However, since he received a scholarship, he decided to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts instead. From there, he began designing video games, with one of his projects including a pinball game that had chopper designs licensed by OCC.

Paul Teutul Sr. was so impressed that Paul brought him onto the set to design real-life motorcycles. Today, Jason is a freelance industrial designer and a brand ambassador for SOLIDWORKS. He currently has his own business where he ‘creates and develops concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value, and aesthetics of products, environments, systems and services…’

Mike Rowe


Mike Rowe
Mike Rowe

Mike Row is well-known for his involvement in the CNN original series Somebody’s Gotta Do It and the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs. Working on the set of American Choppers may not have been the first gig that Mike Rowe had, and by looking at the rest of his career, it is evident that it was not the last. After he left the show as the narrator in 2010, he went on to work on the set of numerous other shows such as Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, Ghost Hunters, and Returning The Favor.

He is a renowned activist for trade professions, has his own whiskey, and his most recent TV production was The Story Behind The Story, based on his own podcast. He currently resides in San Francisco and has received multiple accolades throughout his life, including the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award from the Boy Scouts of America. Currently, he is working as a host and narrator of ‘How America Works’ for Fox Business.

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Jim Pratt


Jim Pratt was the narrator that followed after Jason Pohl left the show from 2007 to 2012. During that time, he was also a narrator for a couple of other shows being aired; Out Of The Wild: The Alaska Experiment (season one and two) and Airplane Repo. For most people in the public eye, they continue to stay in touch even after they leave the scene, but for Jim Pratt, that does not seem to be the case.

Once he left the American Choppers show, he became virtually invisible to those conducting basic searches. His most recent TV work was as a radio announcer in 2019, according to IMDB.com for Bob Hearts Abishola, a network TV series starring Billy Gardell and Folake Olowofoyeku.

What Does The Future Hold For The Show?

The Teutul father and son duo returned after almost a decade since the cancelation of the original series for a final two-hour episode named ‘The Last Ride’ on Discovery in 2020. The special saw the duo reunite for one last build before the old Orange County Choppers building was completely demolished. Though attempting to turn over a new leaf, the family soon devolved back to their old ways, and the result was more of the same conflicts that had brought the motorcycle family down the last time around. There are no current plans publicly available for a continuation of the infamous series.

Notable Accolades Of The American Chopper

  • IMDb rating of 6.1
  • Subtitled in 35 languages
  • 2005 Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) Film & Television Awards: Winner of BMI Cable Award
  • 2006 Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) Film & Television Awards: Winner of BMI Cable Award
  • 2007 Astra Awards: Winner of the favorite international program
  • 2007 Astra Awards: Paul Teutul Sr winning the favorite international personality or actor
  • 2008 Astra Awards: Nomination for favorite program
  • 2008 Astra Awards: Nomination for most outstanding light entertainment program
  • 2011 Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) Film & Television Awards: Winner for Top Television Series Underscore


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