Here’s Why The Internet Is Raving About Porsche’s New Suspension System


  • The Porsche Active Suspension Management System and Active Ride System combine to create comfort without sacrificing performance.
  • Cutting-edge technology adjusts suspension in real-time for stability, handling, and overall performance.
  • Real-time adaptation and control ensure a stable, controlled ride by actively managing damping forces based on driving conditions.

Porsche has set the automotive world abuzz with its radical suspension system. Equipped on the third-gen Porsche Panamera, the system, or rather a combination of systems, is attracting much online attention due to the advanced performance it delivers. It is designed to enhance the driving experience by increasing comfort and handling precision.

Lets find out how the Porsche Active Suspension Management System (PASM) and the Porsche Active Ride System work together to produce comfort without compromising performance and dynamics, as expected from a manufacturer like Porsche.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from various manufacturer websites and other authoritative sources, including Porsche, and Top Gear.

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The Secret Behind Porsche’s New Suspension System

Porsche is renowned in the automotive industry for continually bringing advanced tech and enhancements to their already impressive vehicle engineering achievements. True to form, their latest suspension system pushes the boundaries of traditional systems.

The Porsche Active Suspension Management System and the suspension technological advancements in the Porsche Active Ride system are central to the new suspension system. The PASM system was first featured in the 2005 911 Carrera S, which means significant development has gone into the system to improve it to new levels of efficiency over the past two decades.

The secret sauce is the addition of the Active Ride System, which uses advanced sensors, actuators, and pumps to enhance the vehicle’s capabilities further. The advancements of the suspension system go way beyond road safety but also promote better overall performance and convenience.

Porsche Active Suspension Management System

The Porsche Active Suspension Management System with air suspension and levelling system is a cutting-edge technology that offers numerous benefits for both vehicle comfort and performance. It adjusts the suspension in real-time based on driving conditions, providing a smooth and comfortable ride for passengers.

This system enhances vehicle stability, handling, and overall performance by adapting to changes in road surface and driving dynamics. By automatically adjusting damping forces in each shock absorber, the PASM system ensures optimal contact between tires and the road, resulting in improved traction and cornering capabilities.

The system allows selection between different driving modes, such as Comfort, Sport, and Sport Plus, to customize the driving experience according to the driver’s preferences but will overrride the selection when necessary. This versatility enhances comfort and creates a more engaging, customizable, and dynamic driving experience.

How Does PASM Work?

The PASM technology is a sophisticated system that enhances driving dynamics and comfort. By adjusting the damping force of each wheel, the system can eliminate body roll during cornering, improve stability at high speeds, and provide a smoother ride over rough surfaces.

It uses sensors to monitor various driving parameters such as steering input, acceleration, braking, and road conditions. Based on this data, the system automatically adjusts the suspension settings to optimize handling and ride quality in real time. The adaptive damper system consists of electronically controlled dampers that can vary the stiffness of the suspension in milliseconds.

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The Second System In The Dynamic Duo

Porsche’s innovative Active Ride system is a new chassis technology that is designed to dramatically enhance the driving dynamics and comfort, most notably seen in the new 2024 Panamera. You can see the system in action in a Panamera prototype, seen in the video above.

The inclusion of this technology in the Panamera sedan shows promising results in leveling out the road surface impact on ride comfort and vehicle road-holding and stability.

Porsche Active Ride System

While the demonstration of the Porsche Active Ride System makes it look as if the vehicle will behave like a lowrider and bounce around the ‘hood, this is not the case. The Active Ride System is an advanced chassis-suspension technology that significantly enhances vehicle performance and comfort.

The Porsche Active Ride System represents a significant advancement in suspension technology, integrating advanced engineering and innovative design to redefine suspension dynamics. At the heart of the system lies a sophisticated network of sensors and hydraulic actuators, finely calibrated to monitor and adapt to the car’s environment in real time.

The system utilizes hydraulic actuators placed within the suspension system to provide instantaneous adjustments to the vehicle’s stance and damping. These actuators are capable of raising or lowering the car, thereby enhancing aerodynamics, reducing drag, and improving fuel efficiency at high speeds.

The system employs an electric motor and a hydraulic pump at all four corners of the car, and they work relative to each other to pump hydraulic fluid into the damper, helping manage compression and rebound.

Real-Time Adaptation And Control

The real genius of the Porsche Active Ride System lies in its ability to adapt in real time. Using data from the car’s sensors, it dynamically adjusts the suspension settings to maintain optimal balance and performance.

The system ensures the vehicle remains poised and comfortable. This adaptive capability is especially beneficial in maintaining traction, enhancing safety, and ensuring a smooth driving experience regardless of external conditions.

By actively managing the damping forces and split-second response to sensor data, the Active Ride System eliminates body roll, pitch, and squat during acceleration, braking, and cornering, resulting in a stable and controlled ride.

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Integration And Synergy

Porsche Suspension showing force balancing

Porsche’s integration of electronic and suspension systems is designed to create a driving and passenger experience that is nothing short of exceptional. The electronic systems, such as traction control and stability management, work hand in hand with the suspension system to deliver optimal performance and handling.

By continuously monitoring road conditions and driver inputs, these systems can instantly adjust parameters like damping force and ride height to ensure a smooth and controlled ride.

The system is designed to work with multiple electronic systems in the car to balance comfort and performance, delivering a smooth and stable ride even on rough roads or during spirited driving. Passengers also benefit from this advanced technology, enjoying a comfortable and refined cabin experience free from harsh vibrations or jolts.

PASM And PARS: A Winning Combination

While the 2024 Porsche Panamera showcases the advantage of integrating the these two advanced suspension technologies to enhance performance, safety, and overall driving experience, we hope to see further models incorporating this winning combination.

This dynamic duo improves the Panamera’s overall performance capabilities and enhances safety by keeping the vehicle planted on the road, reducing body movements, and increasing overall stability. The result is precision, comfort, and driver confidence.

Other Contributing Systems

The new look 2024 Porsche Panamera combines a variety of advanced technologies to deliver an unparalleled driving experience. The Porsche Active Suspension Management system and the Active Ride system, combined with the Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus) system, allow the Panamera to achieve exceptional cornering performance. The PTV Plus system intelligently distributes power between the rear wheels for enhanced agility and traction.

The Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCC Sport) further enhances the Panamera’s stability, analyzing data from multiple systems and sensors throughout the vehicle and distributing real-time data to each system, enabling fast adjustments and increased effectiveness.

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Market Reception

2024 Porsche Panamera driving on a mountain road front angle view

The introduction of Porsche’s new suspension technologies has garnered attention from both automotive experts and consumers. The innovative approach to enhancing driving dynamics and comfort has positioned Porsche at the forefront of advancements in the suspension sector.

New Suspension Showcased In The New Panamera

The incorporation of PASM as standard across the 2024 Panamera models, alongside the optional Porsche Active Ride, showcases a significant leap in balancing comfort and sportiness. Active Ride’s ability to maintain a flat body through various driving conditions, simulating the sensation of surfing the street, has been especially lauded for isolating passengers from the physics of driving while offering a luxurious ride​.

Comparative Advantage

Porsche has also emphasized the luxury car element of the driving experience without compromising on performance. This innovation promises a more dynamic and engaging drive and showcases Porsche’s ability to innovate within the luxury car market.

The introduction of a new suspension system has been met with acclaim for their contribution to driving dynamics and comfort. Through this positive feedback, Porsche continues to solidify its reputation as a leader in automotive innovation, offering superior technology that enhances the driving experience in their vehicles.

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