Triumph Tiger Sport And Trident 660 Recalled Again In Just Six Months


  • Tiger Sport and Trident 660 have been recalled due to faulty fork caps, which may increase crash risk.
  • Only 107 units potentially affected.
  • Triumph will replace defective fork caps for free. VIN range and production dates specified for affected models are given below.

We’ve had a few recalls already in only a couple of months of 2024. And the tally rises once again, this time, thanks to Triumph Motorcycles. The Hinckley brand has recalled its popular middleweight offerings, the Tiger Sport and Trident 660, over a potential handling hazard. To jog your memory, this is the second recall for these bikes in just six months. The previous one took place at the end of September 2023.

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The Triumph Trident And Tiger Sport 660 Could Have Faulty Fork Caps

Trident 660

As always, the news comes straight from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). According to the notice, some examples of the Tiger Sport and Trident 660 could have faulty fork caps (top part of the fork). The threads of these caps may strip and compromise the proper functioning of the fork. This could then result in a crash. Triumph’s official statement reads:

The threads on certain Front Fork caps may strip, leading to a detachment of the cap from the fork outer tube. A detached defective Front Fork cap from the outer leg will compromise the operation of the front suspension which potentially increases the risk of a crash. A defective Fork cap that has not detached from the outer leg, will not compromise the operation of the front suspension which will continue to operate correctly.

Chronology Of The Defect

The issue first came to light in July 2022 when an owner issued a warranty claim for the defect. This was followed by a few other identical claims in November 2022 and between April and August 2023. The bikemaker issued an investigation in November 2023. A manufacturing error was discovered in January 2024, finally resulting in the recall you see now. Interestingly, Triumph insists all known cases have only occurred in China, neither in other parts of Asia nor the West.

Only 107 Units Of The Triumph Tiger Sport And Trident Are Potentially Affected

Red Tiger Sport 660 cruising down a rural road
Triumph Motorcycles

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Since no known cases arose here, the British marquee suggests only 107 units potentially suffer from the defect. The affected Tiger Sport models have VINs ranging from SMTL20UL7PTBC6585 to SMTL20UL9PTBD2372, with production dates from May 5 to May 24, 2022. Whereas, the affected Trident 660 units fall between VINs SMTL10UL5PTBC4997 and SMTL10UL7PTBC9814, with production dates between April 28 and May 18, 2022.

If your motorcycle falls under either range, we suggest you get in touch with your nearest dealership as soon as possible. Triumph officials will then replace your fork caps free of cost. Owner notification procedure is already underway as we speak, and there are no reimbursement plans aside from this.

Summary Of The Triumph Tiger Sport And Trident 660 Recall

  • Defect: Faulty fork caps
  • Remedy: Installation of new fork caps
  • VIN range: SMTL20UL7PTBC6585 to SMTL20UL9PTBD2372 (for Tiger Sport); SMTL10UL5PTBC4997 and SMTL10UL7PTBC9814 (Trident)
  • Potentially affected units: 107
  • Owner notification date: February 28, 2024

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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