Next-gen Infiniti QX80 likely to adopt Hybrid during its lifecycle

The gas-only second-gen Infiniti QX80, the sixth-gen Nissan Patrol’s luxury cousin introduced in 2010, has long been in the tooth. The next-gen Inifiniti QX80 is coming later in 2024 to replace it, and reports suggest it will see electrification at some point in its lifecycle.


Ivan Espinosa, the head of global product strategy and product planning at Nissan, has indicated that a Nissan Patrol Hybrid could arrive in the future, as per a report Australia’s Drive published on October 26, 2023. Just for reference, a next-gen Nissan Patrol is also coming later in 2024, and any electrification technology introduced on it should surely make it to the next-gen Infiniti QX80.

The potential Nissan Patrol Hybrid and Infiniti QX80 Hybrid would have a series-hybrid powertrain. That powertrain technology, called ‘e-Power’ at Nissan, is currently limited to 1.2-, 1.4-, and 1.5-liter engines. Such engines would be too weak for a full-size SUV like a Patrol Hybrid or QX80 Hybrid. Referring to the 1.5-liter engine specifically, Espinosa said that it “is not capable of moving an animal the size of a Patrol,” so a larger unit is required.

Espinosa briefly also indicated the possibility of borrowing a plug-in hybrid powertrain from Renault or Mitsubishi. Concluding the discussion, he said that the immediate priority is to release the next-gen Patrol, and then electrification can be done over its life.

Considering the target markets of the next-gen Nissan Patrol and the next-gen Infiniti QX80 and their positioning, we wouldn’t be surprised if the latter gets electrified first. For now, it’s certain that the Japanese automaker’s flagship luxury SUV will be a gas-only model at launch.

Design & features

The next-gen Nissan Infiniti QX80 will closely resemble the Infiniti QX Monograph concept. It would have a familiar shape but with more striking details like split headlamps and a full-width tail lamp. These lights should play animated welcome and farewell sequences. We expect the exterior features to include animated turn signals, a panoramic roof, and a kick-activated tailgate as well.

Inside, the next-gen QX80 should have changes such as a sleeker dashboard, a more elegant steering wheel, a fully digital instrument cluster, and a more advanced touchscreen infotainment system. It will be available with a 24-speaker Klipsch Reference Premiere Audio System that includes titanium tweeters, an 8-inch TriPower subwoofer, and a 24-channel amplifier.


The next-gen Nissan Infiniti QX80 will likely begin reaching at U.S. dealerships in the second half of 2024, with prices starting at around USD 77,000.

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