CFMoto’s Flagship Sport Bike Recalled, Here’s Why

The telemetry box of the CFMoto 450SS could hamper the handling


  • CFMoto’s sport bike 450SS has been recalled due to improperly held telematics box.
  • The remedy includes an improved T-Box bracket and rugged rubber inserts.
  • Company determined the issue following factory notification.

2024 has been a treat for CFMoto fans so far. The Chinese giant recently launched the new Ibex 450 here, alongside the equally impressive 450CL-C cruiser. But now, there’s a slight hiccup, as the company has issued its second recall in less than four months. This time, the victim is the popular 450SS sport bike. Here’s what you need to know.

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CFMoto 450SS Has Been Recalled Over An Improperly Held Telemetry Box

CFMoto 450SR Front

According to CFMoto’s filing with NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the 450SS has an improperly held telematics box (T-Box). This box can dislodge and fall between the front forks, prohibiting proper handlebar movement. If so, the limited handlebar movement could result in loss of steering or a serious accident. The official statement reads:

The telematics box (T-box) on some model year 2023 450SS motorcycles may dislodge and drop or fall into the front steering forks, thereby affecting vehicle steering. CFMOTO determined that excessive local shear stress and vehicle vibration could break the rubber rings holding the T-box in place, and the unsecured T-box then could drop into a position that hampers steering.

CFMoto determined the defect after notification from its factory in China on January 23, 2024. This was followed by close inspection and research to come up with a solution for future 450SS examples. Oh, and the company claims there’s no way to identify the defect. So it can be a not-so-good surprise if it happens.

1,700 Units Of The CFMoto 450SS Fall Under The Recall

2023 CFMoto 450SR Action Left

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As mentioned above, the recall applies to all MY23 CFMoto 450SS bikes. The company claims 1,700 units are affected, each built between February 6 to March 7, 2023. VIN range begins from LCEPESLA0P6000314 and goes till LCEPESLAXP6006525, meanwhile.

No need to fret if your sport bike falls in the range. CFMoto will reach out to you (owner notifications are already underway) and fix the defect free of cost. The remedy includes a new T-Box bracket, plus new rubber inserts that are more rugged than before. You should also know all 2024 models already come with the new bracket. The official statement reads:

The safety issue was identified by the manufacturer in relation to a supplier for the telematics box (T-Box GPS Navigation) holder component used on a specific production run of 2023 450SS motorcycles. To address this issue, CFMOTO improved the rubber rings, added a support bracket, and released a kit with these improved parts to remedy the issue. All affected MY2023 450SS motorcycles need this T-box holder kit installed as soon as possible. The number of 2023 450SS motorcycles affected is approximately 1700.

Summary Of 2023 CFMoto 450SS Recall

  • Defect: Improperly held T-box
  • Remedy: New T-box bracket and rubber rings
  • Units affected: 1,700 (produced between February 6 and March 7, 2023)
  • Notification dates: From February 15 to April 12, 2024

Source: NHTSA

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