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Here’s How Much A 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Is Worth Today



  • A 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS in good condition is now worth between $41,800 and $210,000.
  • The 396 V-8 engine in the 1967 Chevelle SS made 325-375 horsepower and had limited availability.
  • Attention to authenticity and general car health is crucial when buying a ’67 Chevelle SS due to rarity and potential issues.

Introduced in 1964, the first-generation Chevrolet Chevelle opened up a new segment for the brand. By 1966, the first ever standalone SS trim of this under-estimated model was launched and combined the very best parts of the new Chevelle at that point. The SS model allowed the Chevelle to stand toe-toe with some of the best muscle cars at the time from companies like Ford, Dodge, Pontiac, and Plymouth. After seeing the reception the SS got in ’66, they decided to make it available for the ’67 model year.

1967 was the last model year of the first gen Chevelle and in the automotive world, late model years tend to be very desirable for cars. This is because in most cases, every part has been refined to perform at its very best. Being the last model year makes this car very desirable and has made it unobtainable for normal people. Here’s how much a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS is worth today.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from various manufacturer websites and other authoritative sources, including Hagerty, Motortrend,, Chevrolet, Carsurvey, and many more.

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Here’s How Much A 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Is Worth Today

By 1967, Chevy knew people were willing to pay good money to buy an SS model. The SS model now costs between $2,800-$3,000 compared to the starting price of $2,300 from the previous year. But this didn’t seem to faze owners too much since it was a hot car and everyone wanted it even though they couldn’t afford it. Adjusted for inflation, it would cost around $25,855-$27,702, in comparison to muscle cars available today, this was a steal. But good luck finding a good-condition 1967 Chevelle SS for that price.

In today’s market, a 1967 Chevelle SS in good condition would start around $41,800 and can go for as much as $210,000 for pristine examples with higher output engines. A little over 63,000 cars were made for 1967 which was less than the previous year but still a healthy number. More than 59,000 of these cars were coupe which makes the convertibes very rare and as such, they command a premium. Below is a table that details the current expected market values of the 67 Chevelle SS.

1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Valuation




#1 Concours Condition



#2 Excellent Condition



#3 Good Condition



#4 Fair Condition



Original Base MSRP



MSRP Adjusted For Inflation



(Source: Hagerty)

The values above are the expected prices for SS models with the standard L35 engine, the optional version with more power cost a lot more. The premium prices of the convertibles are also reflected here since just over 3,300 cars were made which justifies the price. Combine the last model year with a car that is rare and hard to find, you end up with a very expensive and very desirable car.

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The Last Model Year For The First Generation

1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS
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As mentioned earlier, 1967 was the last model year of the first generation Chevelle, this makes them very desirable and it is reflected in their prices. There is an almost $8,000 difference in starting price from the ’66 model year and at the top of the market, that difference spreads to more than $23,000. However, there was almost no change from the previous models but there were a few mechanical and visual changes that were added to improve the car.

It had similar upgrades that came from the previous year like the special paint, 14-inch full disc wheels, and a few other upgrades. But for ’67 the Chevelle SS got a larger power brake booster for better-stopping power and a redesigned three-spoke steering wheel. It continued the SS lineage that had started the previous year and made little improvements that made the car just a little bit better.

Getting an SS in 1967 was still as straightforward as it was with the ’66 model. Tick the Z-16 option and specify if you want it to be a coupe or convertible. The last part of the process was deciding what engine power you wanted with the 396 cubic-inch big block V-8.

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Features Of The 1967 Chevelle SS

Blue 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle
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With every new model year, Chevy was always making some visual or mechanical changes to the Chevelles to make them better. For 1967, the entire lineup received a slight facelift and these changes were also reflected in the SS model. The front end had a more broad design with the grill and headlight recessed a little bit. At the rear, it got new wraparound tail lights that integrated into the rear quarter panel. These little updates made the Chevelle SS look much better than the previous years.

It retained the unique design features from the previous year to distinguish it from the other models, These changes included:

  • The wider front grille with a new design
  • Redesigned bumper
  • SS badging
  • Hood scoops (SS only)
  • Flying buttress design on the C-pillar
  • Larger rear fenders
  • Rear end re-design

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The Most Powerful Variant made 375 Horsepower

1967 Chevrolet Chevelle engine
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The 396 cubic-inch V-8 was still the only engine available for the 1967 Chevelle SS. It made 325 horsepower as standard but everyone wanted the big power and that option was available but limited. While the most powerful engine made 375 horsepower, it wasn’t originally available for customers. But there was enough demand that Chevy brought it back later in the year but only 612 cars had the L78 engine in 1967.

Engine Specifications


396 V-8


6.5 liters


325-375 Horsepower


410-420 pound-feet


Three and four-speed manual/Two and three-speed auto


Rear-wheel drive

(Source: Chevrolet)

A total of seven transmissions were available for the Chevelle in either auto or manual, They all sent power to the rear wheels only and these included:

  • Two three-speed manuals
  • Two four-speed manuals
  • An overdrive three-speed
  • Two Powerglide automatics

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What To Look For Before Buying A 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS
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Being the last year of the first-gen Chevelle SS, This car is quite a desirable classic. Every minor change, from the facelifted front and rear to interior changes with the new steering wheel and little tweaks to make this car better. All of these make this car quite desirable and it looks much better than every other Chevelle from this generation.

Buying a 1967 Chevelle SS should be treated in the same manner as buying any other car, there are some things you have to look out for before pulling the trigger. First off is making sure you buy the right car;


As mentioned before, the ’67 model is quite desirable since it’s the final year with the best updates, so they command a higher price. For these prices you need to make sure the car is equipped exactly as the seller is representing it. You may hear about matching numbers and that tells you how rare your car might be even if it’s an SS with a standard engine. A car with matching numbers is worth significantly more and in this case, you need an expert who knows about these cars to help verify the car before a deal is made.

L78 Equipped Cars Are The Holy Grail

With only 612 examples made, the most powerful 67 Chevelle SS is the holy grail car of the first gen. If you happen to stumble on a car like this, you may never have another chance to buy one if you let it slip. However, as mentioned earlier, you need to make sure it’s an authentic vehicle.

General Car Health

Do not expect mechanical parts to stay clean and perform like a modern car. Make sure to check on the brakes, engine health, wiring, seats and almost every interior and exterior component. You need to determine how good and safe the car is generally before making a purchase. These big block engines are quite reliable but maintenance costs can be high at first just to get it right. If you come across a convertible, check on the roof and determine if it can still be used or replaced and factor that into your price.

Shady Bodywork

You might want to buy an already restored car, but it is important to have an expert take a look at the work that has been done to it. Some of these restored cars were just done to hide the extensive damage done to a car via accident or excessive rust. Floorpans, wheelwells and body structures should be checked thoroughly to make sure you’re not buying a car that looks aesthetically pleasing but a complete waste of money. People know these cars are in demand and many shady people will restore a car poorly and try to sell it for a high price.


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