This Ferrari Electric Superbike Render Will Turn You Into An EV Fan Boy - SUV VEHICLE

This Ferrari Electric Superbike Render Will Turn You Into An EV Fan Boy



  • We imagine a Ferrari superbike with 200 hp, futuristic design, and top-notch technological features.
  • This electric super bike concept features dual-pod lights, aerodynamic fairings, Ohlins suspension, and lightweight magnesium wheels.
  • While Ferrari hasn’t shown interest in motorcycles, the idea of a powerful electric bike from the Italian giant is a dream worth holding onto.

Think world-renowned automotive companies and Ferrari will certainly spring to mind. No matter who you are, what you make (salary-wise), or whether you like motorcycles more, everyone knows Ferrari. That’s how popular the Italian giant is, much of which is down to its bafflingly gorgeous supercars.

But what if Ferrari was to brand out? Branch out into the immersive world of motorcycles and unveil a two-wheeler that would make its customers go weak in the knees? Of course, that’s a distant dream (the company has never forayed into the world of motorcycles) but it’s surely an exciting thought we’d want to come true.

So, building on the idea, we asked our in-house designer to imagine a Ferrari motorcycle of the future. The brief was simple: it should look real, match the company’s vibe, and, of course, be electric. The latter in particular is quite important since EVs are all the riot nowadays. Ferrari is keen on electrics too, evident from its crazy-fast hybrid offerings. Let’s dive in.

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An Aerodynamic Design With Italian Suave, Straight From The Future

Picture a Ferrari electric motorcycle in your mind. What do you see? A futuristic design that’s still Italian? If that’s true, then this render will feel right at home for you. Our render has a futuristic fascia that boasts distinct dual-pod headlights. It’s somewhat inspired by old-school, curvy Ferraris like the F430 but flanked by modernized LED DRLs.

The lights are housed in flowing, aerodynamic fairings. A close look reveals hollow openings to channel air and generate downforce. It’s a no-brainer inclusion, considering how important aerodynamics are for modern-day Team Red supercars.

The latter half, meanwhile, might seem reminiscent to you. That’s because it’s inspired by the soon-to-be-discontinued Yamaha YZF-R1. Right from the muscular tank to the spoiler-equipped tail, all of it is like the popular superbike. Now, we’re pretty sure the real Ferrari electric motorcycle (if it’s ever made) would never go down this path, but we can safely say the latter half looks pretty cool.

Ferrari Electric Motorcycle Render (3)

The same treatment also trickles into the cockpit. You can see a TFT instrument cluster, partnered with low clip-on handlebars. The latter, along with the rear set pegs (color-matched by the way) and sporty seat, should mean an uber-aggressive riding triangle. It’s something we’d surely see on a motorcycle with a Prancing Horse logo on it. After all, sportiness has always been synonymous with Ferraris. Finally, we have imagined the motorcycle in two colors. The first is red–a no-brainer for the carmaker–and the other is blue–a signature color for

Design Highlights Of The Ferrari Electric Superbike

  • Dual-pod lights
  • Aerodynamic fairings
  • Yamaha YZF-R1-inspired tail section
  • Two colors: TopSpeed Blue and Ferrari Red

Top-Shelf Powerhouse, And Even Impressive Underpinnings

Ferrari Electric Motorcycle Render (4)

What’s under the skin? An uber-powerful electric powertrain, what else! Letting our imagination run wild, we believe the Ferrari electric motorcycle would have a mid-mounted motor with at least 200 horsepower and 200 pound-feet of torque. All this would reach the wheel via a single-speed transmission to reach illegal speeds in a ballistic manner. Just twist the wrist, and let the electronics help you accelerate hard.

Speaking of which, we expect no less than the latest technological tidbits on this sports bike. These would include:

  • Traction control
  • Wheelie control
  • Slide control
  • Regenerative brakes
  • Cornering ABS
  • Rear wheel lift mitigation

And since we are going all in, radars would be a handy inclusion as well. The front radar will help with collision warnings and adaptive cruise control, while the rear setup will ensure blind sport detection and rear collision warnings.

Ferrari Electric Motorcycle Render (1)

We’ve imagined the same, high-performance treatment in the underpinnings department. Our Ferrari electric bike boasts an aluminum perimeter chassis, suspended onto upside-down forks and a monoshock. The suspension is straight from Ohlins, while the front fork tubes are carbon fiber to keep the exotica flavor intact.

Meanwhile, the 17-inch are carved from magnesium and come from Marchesini. We’ve not put any brands on the brakes because we know Ferrari likes to fine-tune them in-house. Ceramic disc brakes also seem like a good idea, although we’ve not included that here. Finally, all these expensive components should result in a sub-400-pound weight.

Ferrari Electric Motorcycle Expected Specifications


>200 horsepower


200 pound-feet




Aluminum perimeter

Front suspension

Ohlins USD forks

Rear suspension

Ohlins monoshock


17-inch lightweight magnesium wheels


Carbon ceramic discs


<400 pounds

A Distant Dream But Fingers Crossed

Ferrari Electric Motorcycle Render (5)


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As exciting as imagining all this is, there’s no denying all of it is simply imagination. Ferrari has shown little interest in motorcycles since its inception, and we don’t think it will do that anytime soon. In fact, it’s so uninterested, the company has never even tied up with a bikemaker for a limited edition. But we’ve seen weirder things happen in the automotive world. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping Ferrari whips up a motorcycle that leaves us in awe.


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