2023 Toyota bZ3 Price: Base Model Vs Fully Loaded


It is no surprise that the largest electric vehicle market in the world would receive an affordable and high-performing Toyota. It is just a shame that the whole world cannot fully enjoy the bZ3. In 2023, the first Toyota bZ3 debuted, exclusively for the Chinese electric vehicle market. The vehicle touted a lithium-ion LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphorus) battery packaged within a sleek, chic, and surprisingly minimalist 100-percent electric car.

However, the standout factor that sets the new bZ3 apart from other electric vehicles isn’t its range or domestic market exclusivity, but rather the partnership that started it all and the price tag attached. Toyota teamed up with BYD, a Chinese multinational conglomerate manufacturing company with an emphasis on automotive and electric vehicle technology.

Along with BYD, Toyota worked internally with over 100 design, production, quality, and engineering employees to conjure up the bZ3 model seen today, according to Toyota. As demand for electric vehicles grows yet incentives stateside shrink with the Biden administration’s new electric vehicle tax break qualifications, trimming down electric vehicle prices has never been more important.

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In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from various manufacturer websites and other authoritative sources, including Toyota, Car and Driver, and New Energy EV.

Base Model vs. Fully Loaded: Both Under $30,000

Affordable electric vehicle options currently on the market are far and few between. Paired with a carved-out tax break for interested customers as the U.S. drastically reduces the amount of foreign-made electric vehicles eligible, electric vehicle affordability is a hot topic at the moment. While U.S. buyers may not have access to Toyota’s China-exclusive bZ3 model, its very existence (along with others) may just help widen the supply of cheaper EV options.

2023 Toyota bZ3 Base Model Price

Toyota bZ3

The 2023 Toyota bZ3 Base Model option starts at 169,800 Yuan (Approx. $23,850 as per the exchange rates at the time of penning this). You get 321 miles of electric driving range.

2023 Toyota bZ3 Fully Loaded Price

In comparison, the bZ3’s Fully Loaded trim style offers around 60 more miles. The official driving range stretches to 382 miles. Not many electric vehicles can claim to achieve similar driving lengths, especially at the bZ3’s price. The more extensive trim style starts at 199,800 Yuan (approx. 27,900).

Other electric vehicles soar well over a $50,000 starting price for a 350-plus mile electric driving range. The Tesla Model S, for example, starts at $71,090 for 403 miles in range. However, it must be noted the bZ3’s range is as per the CLTC cycle, whereas the U.S. follows the EPA cycle.

Toyota bZ3 Prices

Starting Price

bZ3 Base Model

169,800 Yuan (approx. $23,850)

bZ3 Fully loaded Model

199,800 Yuan (approx. $27,900)

(Prices sourced from Toyota)

The Toyota bZ3 Sedan Is A Tesla Model 3 Rival The U.S. Won’t Get

Toyota’s second “beyond Zero” model claims to be a mileage king

The Interior Looks Modern

Toyota bZ3 Interior

A quick glance at the interior of the bZ3 leaves a lasting effect. If Toyota was going to calm and clean, the automaker hit the nail on the head. Not only is the electric vehicle put-together in an enviable way, but the bZ3’s lack of pesky buttons and knobs actually make the vehicle standout as an EV that looks worth twice as much.

Designed For Speed

Toyota bZ3 silhouette

It is not uncommon for an electric vehicle to be über modern and extra sleek. While the 2023 Toyota bZ3 is no Tesla Cybertruck sent from outerspace or via time-travel from 70 years in the future, it is distinctly devoid of, well, any decor. While the 2023 Toyota bZ3 looks cool, that is not the only reason for its hard angular lines and occasional smooth edges. When the Japanese automaker announced the bZ3, it stressed how practical and thoughtful the design process was.

“The vehicle features the Toyota bZ series’ hammerhead shark-like design format,” Toyota said in a press release. “It has a relaxed silhouette, combining the long wheelbase of a BEV-specific package with the long cabin of a fastback. Moreover, the exterior exudes stability and power and features a highly modulated and elegant profile that hints at a linear sense of speed.” The corners of the bumper emphasize air guides and air curtains that consider airflow, while the flat door handles, aluminum wheels, and rear bumper shaped to reduce air resistance result in class-leading aerodynamics with a Cd value of 0.218.”

The vehicle has a geometrical body and can only be described as a hazard; it is that sharp and pointy. However, the 100 percent electric vehicle’s shape must be doing something right to hit aerodynamic scores out of the park and remain in a tight, crouched position low to the ground. The peculiar-shaped vehicle is also a head-scratcher in terms of aerodynamic abilities, as it resembles a hatchback-like vehicle. The charging port also finds itself near the rear of the car, unlike most electric vehicles’ front or side recharging outlets.

Toyota also considers the electric vehicle’s advanced interior technology as a practical asset. Features include the standard, air conditioning, and automated trunk release, the more sophisticated, hands-free voice control and a centerpiece of a sizable infotainment center.

2024 Toyota bZ4X Price: Base Model vs. Fully Loaded

The bZ4X may not be available in many trims, but its base and fully loaded configurations have plenty of differences. Here are the details.

A Newly Designed Motoring System: Power and Performance

Toyota bZ3

When Toyota announced the Beyond Zero (bZ) collection, it brought with it a new way to design and power electric vehicles. The e-TNGA platform fuels the ability of a sedan like the 2023 Toyota bZ3 Fully Loaded model to reach upwards of 380-plus miles in driving range.

What Is The e-TNGA Platform?


he e-TNGA platform was created in order to “make ever-better cars,” according to Toyota. The Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) was just as it sounds: a brand-new architecture to develop and make road cars. With the addition of “e” in front of the acronym, the manufacturer promised to reinvent the powertrain for electric vehicles to maximize performance, range, and innovation. Other models such as the 2024 Toyota bZ3X and Toyota bZ4X also have the same novel technological and structural overhaul.

“Toyota bZ3 uses the e-TNGA vehicle platform to achieve more pleasant driving, including more responsive performance, with a low center of gravity and excellent handling stability,” Toyota said in the press release. “The driving position is configured to minimize muscle strain, reduce fatigue over long distances, and create an enjoyable driving experience. Moving, turning, and stopping have been finely tuned utilizing Toyota’s expertise honed over its decades of experience in car-making and motorsports. The result is a more comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers.”

2023 Toyota bZ3 Technical Specifications

Toyota bZ3 interior

The bZ3 may have range, but it also doesn’t entirely disappoint in pure power. The sedan, in both trim styles, offers average torque amounts for the price of the electric vehicle. According to New Energy EV‘s technical specification breakdown, the 2023 bZ3 model offers 223 pound-feet of torque across its trim styles.

The base model puts out a maximum of 135 kilowatts of power while the extended and fully loaded model increases that to 180 kilowatts. The technical spec breakdown also reported that both trim styles could fast charge in under 30 minutes while the more powerful of the two, the Fully Loaded trim style, took longer than the Base Model’s standard charger seven hours of charging time. The extended model, in contrast, took nine-and-a-half hours to charge. The performance jump comes straight from the new system in place and all the advantages it brings.

Toyota bZ3 Specs

2023 Toyota bZ3 Base Model

2023 Toyota bZ3 Fully Loaded


184 horsepower

245 horsepower


223 pound-feet

223 pound-feet

Top Speed

160 MPH

160 MPH


321 miles

382 miles

(Data sourced from Toyota)

“The electrification system combines BYD’s lithium-ion LFP battery using lithium iron phosphate and Toyota’s extensive electrification technologies honed through long-standing HEV development, achieving a maximum cruising range of over 600 km (372 miles),” Toyota said. “The battery structure, cooling, control, and safety monitoring systems were all newly designed for this car, making its high-quality electrification system efficient, advanced, safe, and reliable. Furthermore, Toyota has leveraged its electrification expertise to reduce battery degradation, with the development goal of ensuring 90-percent capacity even after ten years, for customer peace of mind.”


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