The Chrysler Halcyon Concept Is A Hard Reset Of Its Future EV


  • Chrysler unveils the Halcyon, a gorgeous electric concept car that previews an upcoming production model.
  • The Halcyon concept features sleek, aerodynamic design and a minimalist interior, but some elements may be toned down for production.
  • The concept pays homage to Chrysler’s past with Stow ‘n Go seats, but other gimmicks like a glass canopy and personalized greetings may not make it to production.

Remember Chrysler? Yeah, we’re here to remind you of the company’s continued existence because. With only the Pacifica left in its lineup, you probably thought its future would be bleak by now. Well, as its parent company, Stellantis, continues to examine how the brand should still exist, it just unveiled a gorgeous electric concept car called the Halcyon. This is the company’s second electric concept, after the Airflow, and here’s what you need to know about it.

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Yet Another Electric Concept From Chrysler

Halcy-what now? Yes, it’s yet another electric concept that the brand says previews an upcoming electric production car—just like what every other automaker does these days… except most of them end up in production. Kidding aside, the new Chrysler Halcyon concept has some of the right ingredients to become a successful model. It is, however, not a crossover SUV, so it might not be as appealing to the masses as a result. It will be appealing, however, to those who have a taste for design, since the Halcyon concept looks every inch more gorgeous than the Airflow concept it replaces.

The sleek and slippery shape is mostly dictated by aerodynamics, but the way it achieves this look is through the minimal use of design clutter. Instead, the smooth shape, low and wide sexy proportions, as well as the black roof that contains a canopy-style windshield result in a vehicle that resembles what a four-door exotic hypercar would look like. The trouble is, we already know that the first electric Chrysler coming out about a year from now is a crossover SUV, not a sedan, so our expectations on the production model are modest.

Likewise, the interior of the Chrysler Halcyon concept will most likely be toned down when it eventually debuts as a production electric crossover SUV. That’s because, in typical concept car fashion, the interior is too radical and complex to be manufactured on a mass scale. The rear doors have a rear hinge—Rolls-Royce-style, while the dash design is thin, very minimalist, and contains a large portrait touchscreen and full-width glass for the head-up display. The touch screen, by the way, is motorized, and the viewing angle can be adjusted. It can even be lowered fully if you don’t want the presence of the screen altogether.

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The Halcyon Concept Harks Back To Chrysler’s Past

The Chrysler Halcyon Concept with its doors opened

Despite being a forward-thinking electric concept whose interior is made out of sustainable materials, the Halcyon concept also harks back to Chrysler’s ingenious past. This is most evident with its Stow ‘n Go seats, which enabled those rear seats to fold into the trunk.

While the seats will have a chance of reaching production, most of its gimmicks probably won’t, such as the glass canopy that can project a starscape because what better way to see the night sky than through a cheap knockoff of one, while AI tech enables the Halcyon concept to greet each driver as well as project images and emit personalized sounds as if a car greeting you wasn’t creepy enough. Oh, and the Halcyon can even prepare the interior settings for you—just like every other luxury car these days with your identity tied into the smart key, right?

Gimmicks aside, the Chrysler Halcyon concept rides on the STLA Large EV architecture. Designed to accommodate full-size electric sedans and crossover SUVs with electric systems ranging from 400 to 800 volts and battery sizes ranging from 85 to 118 kWh, the platform enables an EV range of as much as 500 miles. Interestingly, the platform can accommodate front, rear, and all-wheel drive applications, while the aforementioned batteries can supposedly be charged wirelessly.

Let’s seriously hope that this will be the final concept that previews an upcoming production model that Chrysler previews because the once iconic American automaker is facing an existential crisis at the moment with the Pacifica being the only model it sells.

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