2025 Aston Martin Vantage Raises The Bar With Sharper Looks And 656 HP


  • The 2025 Aston Martin Vantage receives significant updates, making it the most driver-focused and fastest Vantage in the brand’s history.
  • The car is powered by a reworked 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine that produces 656 horsepower and enables a 0-62 mph acceleration in just 3.4 seconds.
  • The new Vantage features improved handling, a reworked exterior design with functional enhancements, and a premium interior with a new digital gauge cluster and infotainment system.

The next chapter of the Aston Martin Vantage has been unveiled today. Though not an entirely new car as this is mostly a mid-cycle refresh, the 2025 Aston Martin Vantage’s updates are quite significant. It’s enough, in fact, to transform it into a completely different animal as the brand claims that this is the “most driver-focused and fastest Vantage in the famous nameplate’s 74-year history”.

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The New Vantage Is More Athletic Than Ever

Yellow 2025 Aston Martin Vantage
Aston Martin

Let’s begin with what’s changed underneath the 2025 Aston Martin Vantage. Under its hood is a heavily reworked AMG-sourced 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8that now produces 656 horsepower and 595 pound-feet of torque, a massive increase of 153 horses and 83 pound-feet over the pre-facelift Vantage.

This works in tandem with a reworked ZF eight-speed automatic with a shortened Final Drive Ratio (3.083:1) and transmission shift calibration that, as a result, enables the new Vantage to sprint from 0-62 mph in just 3.4 seconds, quicker than the previous model’s 3.6 seconds. The top speed is now a staggering 202 mph. Helping it achieve this improved acceleration is its new Launch Control system, which is fully integrated with the powertrain and electronic stability control.

The 2025 Aston Martin Vantage also comes with numerous improvements with its aluminum platform and chassis, which has resulted in a perfect 50:50 weight distribution, and a 29 percent increase in stiffness in the rear section, among other improvements.

The adaptive suspension has also been given a 500 percent increase in bandwidth of force distribution over previous generation systems, which enables a greater breadth of capabilities to further improve the variability of the suspension. Moreover, an optional carbon ceramic brake package that replaces the conventional cast-iron discs, which aren’t only better at handling back-to-back track driving, but also reduces unsprung mass by nearly 60 pounds.

Rear end shot of the 2025 Aston Martin Vantage
Aston Martin

Technical Highlights

  • Bilstein DTX adaptive dampers
  • Electronic Rear Differential (E-Diff)
  • Integrated Traction Control (ITC)
  • Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Estimation (IVE)
  • AML-specific 21-inch Michelin Pilot S 5 tires

There’s also a new electric power steering system wherein Aston Martin has given it a “non-isolated steering column” that results in direct and extremely precise steering inputs from the driver, while the “flow of information from the road is granular in detail and pleasingly tactile”. A new Adjustable Traction Control (ATC) lets you adjust the amount of wheelspin you can induce to the wheels, whether you prioritize outright grip or hooning and drifting around the track.

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The All-New Vantage Packs Sinister Looks And All-New Interior


On top of the improved handling characteristics and power, the 2025 Aston Martin Vantage also gains a significantly reworked exterior design. The new Vantage comes with a wider front grille that is functional in providing more cooling to the more ferocious engine and drivetrain tuning.

It also gets new adaptive matrix LED headlights with a design that’s similar to the Aston Martin DB12’s, as well as a slight redesign to its front fenders that sees the side vents get a cleaner look. There’s also a wider rear bumper, larger exhausts, and standard-fit 21-inch forged alloy wheels.

Aston Martin

Perhaps the most significant aesthetic change is its interior, which finally gives the Vantage a truly premium cabin it deserves. The dash is completely new, likewise following the DB12’s aesthetics. This is complemented by a new 10.25-inch fully digital gauge cluster.

A new steering wheel, and a new 10.25-inch infotainment system with the brand’s latest software–finally ditching the previous Mercedes COMAND-based infotainment. An 11-speaker, 390-watt sound system is standard, but a 15-speaker 1,170-watt Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system is optional.

The 2025 Aston Martin Vantage will be produced starting this quarter, while deliveries of the Vantage will begin in the second quarter of 2024. So far, pricing has not yet been announced, but do expect a price increase over its current MSRP of over $145,000 due to the sheer amount of improvements made.

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