Spy Shots: Here’s Our First Look At The Toyota bZ3X - SUV VEHICLE

Spy Shots: Here’s Our First Look At The Toyota bZ3X



  • The Toyota bZ3X, a compact electric crossover SUV, represents Toyota’s latest venture into the electric vehicle market, filling a demand for smaller, stylish, and affordable electric crossovers.
  • The bZ3X shares design cues with the bZ4X, with sleek headlights and taillights resembling its counterpart, suggesting close ties between the two models.
  • Toyota’s bZ3X signifies the company’s commitment to diversifying its electric offerings and catering to a wider range of consumers, aiming to accelerate electric vehicle adoption and solidify its position as a leader in sustainable transportation.

The automotive landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, with electric vehicles (EVs) rapidly transitioning from niche curiosities to mainstream contenders. In this dynamic environment, established automakers like Toyota are facing a crucial juncture: adapt or risk falling behind. The bZ3X, a new subcompact electric crossover SUV slated for release in 2024, represents Toyota’s latest foray into this burgeoning market.

Toyota’s journey with electrification began decades ago, with early experiments like the Prius hybrid in the late 1990s. While the Prius achieved remarkable success, propelling Toyota to the forefront of hybrid technology, the company remained cautious about fully embracing pure EVs. This cautious approach stemmed from concerns about battery range, charging infrastructure, and consumer acceptance.

However, as rival automakers like Tesla and Chevrolet gained traction with compelling EV offerings, Toyota faced mounting pressure to accelerate its own electrification efforts. Toyota finally announced its “Beyond Zero” (bZ) strategy, a multi-pronged approach to achieve carbon neutrality. This strategy included the development of a dedicated EV platform, the e-TNGA, and the launch of a series of bZ-branded EVs.

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In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Toyota and our spy shot photographer, Brian Williams.

The Toyota bZ3X Was Spotted Testing Under Heavy Camouflage

The Toyota bZ3X has been spotted testing in Metro Detroit, offering early insights into its design and potential. While details remain under wraps, the crossover’s compact dimensions suggest Corolla Cross-like stature, making it ideal for urban environments. Initial reports also hint at a modern design that could incorporate sporty cues from the “bZ Compact SUV” concept.

The BZ3X Hints At Close Ties To BZ4X

Although heavily camouflaged, the bZ3X’s angular body reveals a few noticeable details. The sleek headlights and taillights protruding to the side are reminiscent of the bZ4X, and there’s a split roof spoiler at the top of the heavily raked rear windshield. A close look also reveals the charging port on the front left fender, and the twin-spoke wheels appear to be the same as those seen on the bZ4X. However, powertrain options and details regarding the battery, range, and charging remain unconfirmed.

Here’s Proof That Toyota Still Believes EVs Won’t Dominate The Future

According to Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda, ICE-powered cars are here to stay, and EVs will only contribute a small share of global sales.

The bZ3X To Electrify Toyota’s Lineup

Toyota BZ3X EV Spy Shot
Brian Williams | TopSpeed

The bZ3X’s arrival will represent a significant step forward for Toyota’s electrification journey. It fills a gap in its EV lineup, targeting a segment with booming demand for smaller, stylish, and affordable electric crossovers. By offering a competitive combination of range, performance, and technology, the bZ3X has the potential to become a major player in the compact EV market.

A Signpost On The Road

Furthermore, the bZ3X signifies Toyota’s commitment to diversifying its electric offerings. This approach caters to a wider range of consumers, making EVs more accessible and appealing to a broader audience. Ultimately, the success of the bZ3X could play a role in accelerating electric vehicle adoption and solidifying Toyota’s position as a leader in sustainable transportation.

As the official debut of the bZ3X approaches, the automotive world awaits with eager anticipation. Whether it lives up to the hype remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the bZ3X marks another exciting chapter in Toyota’s electric story and the broader shift toward sustainable transportation.


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Toyota Expands Diverse Electric Vehicle Concepts

Toyota future EV concept models stationary

The Toyota bZ3X joins the automaker’s bZ (“beyond Zero”) series, expanding its commitment to electric vehicles (EVs). The recent announcement of a $1.3 billion investment at its Kentucky factory to build EVs further solidifies it. Following the bZ4X, its first BEV collaboration with Subaru, the bZ3X signals a broader push beyond a single model.

  • Introducing New EV concepts: This included a “Small SUV,” a coupe-like “bZ Compact SUV,” and the “Crossover EV” revealed as the “Crown Sport.”
  • Producing Distinct EV Models: Each concept targets a different market segment, providing variety and catering to diverse consumer preferences. The bZ3X falls under the compact crossover category.
  • Collaboration And Investment: Partnering with other manufacturers allows for shared resources and accelerated development, while significant investments in infrastructure and technology ensure scalability.


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