This Ford Mustang EV Rendering Is Our Vision Of The Pony Electrified

Few cars stir the American spirit quite like the Ford Mustang. Since its roaring debut in 1964, the Mustang has transcended mere transportation, becoming an icon of freedom, power, and individual expression. Born from the vision of Ford executive Lee Iacocca, the Mustang aimed to capture the spirit of youth and excitement. Its affordable starting price and diverse engine options made it attainable for aspiring young buyers, while its stylish lines and sporty handling turned heads everywhere. The car quickly became a cultural phenomenon, featured in movies and music videos.

Over the decades, the Mustang evolved through six distinct generations, each reflecting the changing automotive landscape and cultural trends. It embraced powerful V-8 engines in the muscle car era, adopted cleaner and more fuel-efficient options during the oil crisis, and even experimented with a smaller, Pinto-based platform in the 1970s. Through it all, the Mustang retained its core values: affordability, performance, and a unique blend of style and personality.

Today, the Mustang finds itself at another crossroads. The automotive industry is rapidly transitioning towards electrification, and many iconic models face an uncertain future. That’s where our rendering comes in.


TopSpeed’s Exclusive Rendering Reveals What The Ford Mustang EV Could Look Like

The iconic Ford Mustang is reimagined in a sleek and aerodynamic silhouette that captures its essence while embracing the future.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from the Ford, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and other reliable sources.

Where Heritage Meets Electrified Futurism

Ford Mustang EV Rendering
Rostislav Prokop / TopSpeed

The front fascia of the Mustang EV, rendered masterfully by TopSpeed’s digital artist, Rostislav Prokop, is a captivating blend of heritage and innovation. It’s a meticulously designed composition that demands attention, speaking volumes about the car’s character even before one sets foot behind the wheel.

Taking center stage is the bold, filled grille, an undeniable homage to the iconic air intake of its gasoline-powered predecessors. This instantly recognizable design element serves as a powerful reminder of the Mustang’s rich legacy, a lineage that continues to inspire and captivate. Its intricate pattern subtly whispers of the electric power that courses through the vehicle’s veins.

From Retro To Cutting-Edge

Ford Mustang EV Rendering
Rostislav Prokop / TopSpeed

Flanking the grille are a pair of sleek, narrow headlights. Their sharp lines and minimalist design exude a futuristic aesthetic, a stark contrast to the rounded, retro-inspired headlamps of the traditional Mustang. This deliberate departure signifies the car’s embrace of cutting-edge technology and its forward-thinking approach to design.

Moving upwards, the sculpted hood further emphasizes the car’s aggressive stance. Its muscular lines and subtle curves hint at the potent electric power plant nestled beneath, while simultaneously channeling the aerodynamic efficiency crucial for an EV.

Front Bumper Blends Style And Aerodynamics

Ford Mustang EV Rendering
Rostislav Prokop / TopSpeed

Completing the picture is the aggressive front bumper. Its design language seamlessly integrates with the rest of the fascia, maintaining the cohesive flow of power and futurism. The integrated air intakes, strategically positioned to optimize airflow and downforce, speak volumes about the car’s aerodynamic prowess.

This Mustang EV By Charge Cars Is Electrification Done Right

This Mustang EV is an example of how to electrify a classic without compromising its heritage, iconic style, or performance.

The Mustang EV Boasts A Sculpted Silhouette

Ford Mustang EV Rendering
Rostislav Prokop / TopSpeed

Our Mustang EV’s flanks offer a captivating study in contrasts, where bold sportiness seamlessly merges with sculpted functionality. From the low-slung roofline to the purposeful curves of the fenders, each element plays a strategic role in shaping not just aesthetics, but also aerodynamic efficiency.

  • Embracing the Legacy: The profile instantly evokes the spirit of its iconic ancestors, drawing inspiration from classic muscle cars with a sleek, fastback design. The low roofline creates a dynamic silhouette, promising a thrilling driving experience.
  • Aerodynamics With Attitude: While heritage plays a vital role, TopSpeed’s design hasn’t compromised on modern efficiency. The fastback design isn’t simply aesthetic; it’s meticulously crafted to channel airflow, reducing drag and maximizing range. The sculpted side mirrors are more than just stylish accents; they’re meticulously shaped to minimize turbulence and further enhance efficiency. This marriage of form and function showcases a design philosophy that prioritizes both performance and sustainability.
  • A Stance That Commands Attention: The wide stance isn’t merely for show. It contributes to our Mustang EV’s planted demeanor, hinting at its agility and handling prowess. The flared fenders, reminiscent of those found on classic muscle cars, house large, stylish wheels that further amplify the car’s confident presence. These wheels become miniature sculptures in motion, blurring the lines between essential components and artistic expression.
  • A Fusion of Beauty And Brawn: The Mustang EV’s sides strike a harmonious balance between captivating aesthetics and purposeful design. It’s a car that turns heads with its sleek silhouette and muscular stance, yet its sculpted forms hint at the aerodynamic efficiency and dynamic handling that lie beneath the surface. This fusion of beauty and brawn is a testament to the designers’ understanding that a true modern performance car must excel in both form and function.

Ford’s Latest Patent Fillings Reveal A GM Ultium-like Modular EV Platform

Ford’s modular EV platform patent hints at a future of adaptable and cost-effective electric vehicles, but challenges remain.

Sculpting A Vision Of Power And Efficiency

Following the assertive presence established by the front and side, the Mustang EV’s rear fascia refuses to fade into the background. Here, form seamlessly blends with function, crafting a statement that’s both boldly evocative and meticulously efficient.

  • Taillight Symphony: Drawing inspiration from the iconic Mustang lineage, the taillights seamlessly integrate into the rear fenders. This nod to heritage ensures instant recognition while maintaining a thoroughly modern aesthetic. The three-dimensional sculpting lends depth and dynamism.
  • Aerodynamic Embrace: The sculpted trunk lid subtly hints at the car’s focus on efficiency. A central spoiler, integrated with sleek lines, disrupts airflow to reduce drag and enhance stability at high speeds.

The F-150 Lightning Switchgear Is The Electric Raptor That Ford Didn’t Give Us

Ford’s F-150 Lightning Switchgear is a concept truck and off-road warrior to street king pushing the boundaries of electric truck versatility.

Ford Revs Up For The Future

Blue, gray and red Ford Mustang Mach 1s

The automotive landscape is experiencing a seismic shift, and Ford is attempting to stand at the forefront of the electric revolution. It is not just dipping its toes in the EV pool; it is diving headfirst with a wave of innovative technologies designed to propel it into the future.

Reimagining The Platform From Bespoke To Modular

Traditionally, car manufacturers built each model on a dedicated platform, a rigid foundation tailored to its specific needs. This approach, while effective, lacked flexibility and scalability. Ford’s modular EV platform patent shatters this mold, proposing a new concept: a Lego set for EVs.

Imagine interchangeable subframes, adjustable frame rails, and standardized components that can be mixed and matched to create a diverse fleet of vehicles, from nimble city cars to burly pickup trucks. This modularity promises not only cost-effectiveness through streamlined production but also unprecedented versatility, allowing Ford to adapt to ever-changing market demands and consumer preferences.

The Electrified Pony Charges Forward

2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Wheels Front Side
William Clavey / TopSpeed / Valnet

While the modular platform remains a blueprint for the future, Ford’s commitment to EVs is already evident in the Mustang Mach-E. This sleek SUV captures the essence of the iconic Mustang, translating its muscle and spirit into the electric realm.

The rear-wheel-drive architecture delivers engaging driving dynamics, while performance-oriented options like the GT model satisfy the need for adrenaline-pumping thrills. The Mach-E isn’t just a nod to Ford’s heritage; it’s a testament to their ability to adapt and thrive in the new era.

Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Specs


Dual eMotor


480 hp


600 lb-ft


Single-speed direct drive



0-60 mph

3.8 seconds

Top speed

124 mph (limited)

(Specs sourced from Ford)

A Patent For Precision Drifts

A gray 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse

Ford’s ambition doesn’t stop at versatility. Their “Drift Mode” patent pushes the boundaries of performance, even in the electric world. This innovative system utilizes a unique approach to induce controlled drifts: locking the rear wheels momentarily and applying independent torque to maintain the slide.

While this might seem like a purely adrenaline-fueled concept, it has the potential to enhance vehicle control and offer exhilarating experiences for skilled drivers in a controlled environment. However, questions linger about the safety implications, increased tire wear, and potential impact on battery range in EVs. The “Drift Mode” patent might be a glimpse into the future of performance EVs, but its practical implementation remains to be seen.

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