The Secret Hiding Within The 1500 HP Chevelle Based 2024 70/SS


  • The 2024 70/SS from Trans Am Worldwide combines the iconic design of a 1970 Chevelle SS 454 with modern technology and performance.
  • The 70/SS can be ordered as a coupe or convertible, offering the best of both worlds for muscle car enthusiasts.
  • The 70/SS comes in three trim levels with varying power options, ranging from 450 horsepower to an impressive 1,500 horsepower.

Two cars roll into a bar… okay, so it’s not a bar; it’s the Florida-based specialty car manufacturer Trans Am Worldwide, and it’s not just any two cars; it’s a sixth-gen Chevy Camaro and a 1970 Chevelle SS 454. So, two Chevys roll into Trans Am Worldwide, and what comes out is the awe-inspiring adaptation of an iconic example of American muscle plucked out of the ‘70s and dropped into 2024.

The result is the 2024 70/SS from Trans Am Worldwide. The merger of the idyllic 1970 Chevelle SS 454 with the platform, performance, and predictable reliability of the current day is nothing short of what can be expected when the “King of the Muscle Cars” is re-envisioned with today’s technology. A nod to the classic Chevelle aesthetic is obvious. However, here we take a look at what’s inside – the core of the power, and the “secret” of the unprecedented double top.

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In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from various manufacturer websites and other authoritative sources, including Trans Am Worldwide, Hagerty, and LS6Registry.

Convertible Chevelle Re-Imagined: 70/SS Removable Hard Top Hides A Functional Soft Top

Orange Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS 454 LS6X Limited Edition
Trans Am Worldwide

Like the original 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 LS6, the 2024 70/SS can be ordered as a coupe or convertible. There were only 4,475 units of the ’70s Chevelle SS 454 LS6 produced. Although it is unclear what the hardtop and convertible production breakdown was for the model year, it is estimated that around 20 of the 4,475 were droptops.

The decision to purchase a coupe or a convertible can be a daunting task for a muscle car driver; but Trans Am Worldwide made the choice a little easier, offering their clientele the best of both worlds. Their 70/SS can be ordered with the originally shown soft top or as a removable hardtop / soft top combo. That’s right, a double-top – a two-fer – an unprecedented soft top hidden under a hardtop.

Drivers who have rolled a convertible know the amazingness of the topless cruise. They also know that there are times when the drive starts as a droptop day, but weather or other circumstances can alter a ragtop routine. This was a factor that Trans Am Worldwide not only took into consideration but actually built into their 70/SS platform.

Removal of the hard top reveals a functional soft top that is concealed until put into use and a quick switch allows the convertible to deploy, providing an instant shield, shelter, or shade from the elements. The design is the ultimate – a covert convertible stashed beneath a Targa top.

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1970 Chevelle SS 454’s King Of Muscle Honor Is Carried On With 70/SS 1500 Horsepower

2024 Chevelle 70/SS V-8 engine bay
Trans Am Worldwide

Often referred to as the King of the Muscle Cars, the 1970 Chevelle SS 454 listed as RPO Z15 could be ordered with an LS5 or an LS6. The LS5 was rated at 360 horsepower and the LS6 version was factory-advertised with 450 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque at 3600 RPMs. At the time, it was the most power that had been factory-packed into a Chevelle during the nameplate’s production life. It clocked a 13.4-second quarter-mile and a 4.8 zero to 60. A respectable time for days-gone-by, considering a modern Chevy Camaro LT1 with a 6.2-liter V-8 only shaves .9 seconds from the zero to 60 stat.

Three Trim Levels Equal Three Power Options Available For The Chevelle-Based 2024 70/SS

Base: The Trans Am Worldwide 2024 70/SS is revived with the sixth-generation Camaro as its foundation for all three trim levels/engine options of the modern muscle remake. Power and performance ranges run the gamut from mild to wild with the most conservative starting at 450 horsepower and the most extreme at 1,500. The 70/SS Base Model serves as the line’s most conservative power rating. The present-day Camaro’s LT1 creates 450 horsepower or a Magnuson supercharged version bumps the horse to 675. Both are available on the Base model.

Heritage: The 70/SS Heritage Model or median performance level is crafted with a 396 cubic-inch option. The Magnuson supercharged version is responsible for 800 horsepower, or a twin-turbo upgrades the power to 900 horses, both to the rear wheel. With the King of the Muscle Cars moniker to live up to Trans Am Worldwide didn’t stop with three-digit horsepower, and for those that want the option to really put it down, a 454 cubic-inch LS6 can be tucked into the 70/SS engine bay.

454 LS6X: The LS6 can be ordered with a Magnuson supercharger for 900 rear-wheel horsepower, or one of the two twin-turbo versions. Both twin-turbo choices move the power into the four-digit range, with the smaller developing 1,000 rear-wheel horsepower, and the Big Dog recording 1500. The 454 LS6X is limited to a maximum of only 25 orders.





Rear-Wheel Horsepower


LT1 6.2 Liter V-8


450 HP


LT1 6.2 Liter V-8

2600 Magnuson Supercharger

675 HP


402 Cubic-Inch Aluminum Block

Custom Heads w/ 2600 Magnuson Supercharger

800 HP


402 Cubic-Inch Aluminum Block

68/75 Comp Twin-Turbos

900 HP

454 LS6X

454 Cubic-Inch Iron Block

Custom Heads w/2600 Magnuson Supercharger

900 HP

454 LS6X

454 Cubic-Inch Iron Block

Custom Heads w/ 68/75 Comp Twin-Turbos

1,000 HP

454 LS6X

454 Cubic-Inch Iron Block

Custom Heads w/ 68/70 Precision Twin-Turbos

1,500 HP

(Source: Trans Am Worldwide)

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Chevelle Based 70/SS Is A Blend Of Throwback Colors, Carbon Fiber, And More

The 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 came to life in the middle of the second generation for Chevelles (1968 to 1972). It was built on a General Motors A-body platform with heavy-duty suspension (coil springs, anti-roll bars, and control arms) and dual exhaust that, compared to today’s technology, left much to be desired. The 70/SS Chevelle is reworked on the sixth-gen Camaro, built on the Alpha platform. All three trim levels feature full carbon fiber bodies.

Carbon Fiber Components:

  • Fenders
  • Hood
  • Front and Rear Bumper
  • Splitter
  • Rocker Panels
  • Deck Lid
  • Valance
  • Quarter Panels
  • Doors
  • Cowl Door
  • Custom Mirrors

70/SS Wrapper Options

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

In 1970, the Chevelle could be ordered in a multitude of colors that covered various blues, greens golds, and other familiar Chevy paint codes. To keep the offered range retro, Trans Am Worldwide continues many of those choices known as Heritage Colors, listed as Standard Selections and the foundation for a Chevelle stripe color of choice. Established modern colors or custom-mixed exterior hues can also be chosen. In addition to custom-made paint colors, the customer can opt for exposed carbon fiber, painted graphics, and more.

70/SS Heritage Chevelle Colors

  • Forest Green
  • Cortez Silver
  • Tuxedo Black
  • Autumn Gold
  • Classic White
  • Hugger Orange
  • Phantom Blue
  • Cranberry Red

70/SS Modern Metallic and Pearl Color Options:

  • Ash Gray
  • Jet Black
  • Summit White
  • Riverside Blue Metallic
  • Rapid Blue
  • Wild Cherry Tintcoat
  • Vivid Orange
  • Red Hot
  • Satin Steel
  • Shadow Gray
  • Apple Candy Red

70/SS Trim Levels Offer Standard and Optional Upgrades

Across the board, a lowering spring package, an upgraded sway bar package, and custom-painted calipers are standard. Michelin Tires in 295/30/20 fronts and 335/30/20 rears wrap around either traditionally styled Rally Wheels or five-spoke Mach V Wheels in 20 x 11 fronts and 20 x 12 rears.

Separations between the Base, Heritage, and Limited Edition 454 LSX can be seen in the exhaust, with the Base model’s axle-back exhaust as standard, and an optional upgrade for the supercharged edition. The Heritage and 454 LS6X models are each upgraded with a full three-inch exhaust with headers.

The 454 LS6 Limited Edition also comes standard with a drilled and slotted Wilwood Brake package that includes six-piston fronts and four-piston rears. A Drag Pack is included on the 1,500-horse version. Except for the 70/SS Engine Specification Plaque only available on the Heritage and Limited Run 454 LS6X, the interior upgrades are optimized on all three trim levels.

2024 70/SS Chevelle Revived by Trans Am Worldwide
Trans Am Worldwide

Interior Specifics

  • Hurst Short Ratio Manual
  • Heritage Shifter Automatic
  • Retro Leather Seat Package
  • Retro Loop Carpet
  • Custom Floor Mats
  • Astro A/C Vents
  • Retro Gauge Cluster
  • Carbon Door Panel Inserts
  • Custom Steering Wheel

70/SS Badging

  • Emblazoned Head Rest
  • Aluminum Sill Plates

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New And Old Chevelle Pricing Reflects Modern Advancements

2024 Chevelle 70/SS Green Heritage Model From Trans Am Worldwide
Trans Am Worldwide

In 1970, the Chevy Chevelle MSRP stretched from just below $3,000 to over $4,000. The SS 454 code added $503.45 to the base price. Modern-day muscle will set an enthusiast back a bit more. The 2024 70/SS begins at a cost of $175,000. Mods and fab-work add to the total.

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