2022-2024 Toyota Tundra known problems

This third-generation truck has been on sale for a while, and here are the latest 2024 Toyota Tundra known problems with some of them affecting prior model years, going back to 2022. This comprehensive list is thanks to the work over at Tundras.com, and specifically member Ryan Gregg.

Sorted by major and minor issues, this is direct feedback from Tundra enthusiasts and owners, rather than research from websites like Consumer Reports and NHTSA.gov.

Major 2024 Toyota Tundra known problems

The major problems list is filled with items that have been an issue since 2022 and, while there have been some technical service bulletins (TSBs) on how to fix these issues at the dealership, many of these issues seem to keep cropping up.

Tire Wear: Excessive outside edge wear

  • TRD Pro specifically is having a more pronounced issue
  • Some non-TRD Pro have has fast wear on the outside of the tread as well as the whole tread
  • “SUPPOSEDLY” resolved with new alignment spec (Total Toe >0.20°)

On this one, I want to make sure I add a mention to Jason Sparks who emailed me pictures of his Tundra TRD Pro and this issue he has been fighting.


Toyota Tundra TRD Pro tire wear at 15k+ miles. (Photo provided by Jason Sparks)

He writes: “The pics were taken at 15,012 miles. Truck has been in service since 10/19/22 and the tires have been rotated twice.”

Falken, the TRD Pro tire manufacturer, posted a response on Tundras.com pointing to Toyota’s alignment specs are the problem.

“From what we have seen on the alignment specs spreading around the forum and Facebook groups,Toyota has set some positive camber to the front suspension, which causes the appearance that the tires are slanted in at the bottom, causing excessive shoulder wear on the tires,” Falken said.

Throttle lag/hesitation/surge concerns

  • Known Issue per TSB (T-SB-0111-22)
  • Known Issue since the introduction of the V35A in the 2018 Lexus LS 500
  • TCM memory reset resolves issue for a little while
  • Affects all drive modes (ECO, NORMAL, SPORT) – TOW/TOW+ seem unaffected
  • Cause for concern has many have almost had accidents because of the issue

Driver’s side seat trim

  • Updated seat trim (reinforced)
  • Some have even broken the updated trim
  • 4,000+ backordered at one point in time

Driver’s side seat thigh support (PLT/1794/Capstone)

  • Gets stuck and will not function
  • Many have to have it replaced

Rear window seals/trim

  • Known issue per T-TT-0704-22, which has since expired
  • Trim is only attached via double-sided tape (no clips)
  • Affecting both rear driver and passenger sides

Toyota infotainment issues

  • Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • CarPlay/Android Auto lag issues
  • CarPlay audio delay when on a phone call (only over Bluetooth, wired is fine)
  • Toyota, as of 2023 Q4 and 2024 Q1 have since moved onto 2024 model year, moving to a yearly update

Squealing brakes, front & rear

  • Especially bad when cold outside (less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • “Bedding” the brakes will resolve for a short time
  • No known full resolution (some have had front rotors & pads replaced and report no issues)

HVAC: The whole system

  • Low airflow on A/C or heat
  • AUTO doesn’t work very well at all

Major issues affecting some Toyota Tundras

This next list is major issues affecting some Toyota Tundra trucks unlike the above list which is for all Toyota Tundra trucks.

Engine failures

  • Suspected RoF (Rate of Failure) is 0.5% per a Toyota source
  • Suspected to be a bad batch of bearings upon first failures
  • Currently suggested it has been due to poor cleaning of cylinder blocks
  • Last known failure build month: February 2023
  • There does seem to have been one 2024 model year with an engine failure, awaiting confirmation (Jan 30, 2024)

This is a pretty big issue for those owners with repair bills north of $30,000. So far, Toyota has replaced the engines under warranty, yet there remains some concern this could be a bigger issue.

Officially, Toyota has no comment — and we asked several sources from engineers to PR spokespeople. The response has been crickets.

Wind noise

  • Original suspected to be related to power folding mirror
  • Now assumed to be door seals and/or mirrors
  • TRD JON had success with replacement door seals and one window seal

Inaccurate fuel gauge

  • Known issue per TSB (T-SB-0022-23)
  • Update has a large recurrence issue
  • Effects both digital and analog clusters
  • Source said Toyota was thinking about adding another sensor in the fuel tank for the 2024 model year, yet those owners have reported the same issue

Excessive rear brake wear

  • Needing rear brakes at less than 20K miles, in some cases less than 10K
  • A few stuck brake calipers

Tailgate paint wear around rear spoiler

  • Not present on all trucks
  • Several “new” trucks on dealer lots do have this issue

Forum member Mattedfred shared these pictures.

2024 Toyota Tundra known problems2024 Toyota Tundra known problems

These are the paint wearing spots on the spoiler. (Photo courtesy of Mattedfred)

2024 Toyota Tundra known problems2024 Toyota Tundra known problems

A close up of the paint wearing issue. (Photo courtesy of Mattedfred)

Interior rattling/clicking/plastic noises

  • Build quality of certain interior components could be better (TRD JON center console)
  • Headliner rattle (Known issue on previous models has to do with a certain clip)

Front window run causing window shutter

  • Window run gets dirty and needs to be cleaned
  • Window will shutter going up or down (video evidence available)
  • Will be resolved and come back

Minor issues affecting some owners

Finally, here is a list of minor issues that can be small or affecting a small number of owners.

JBL sound system

  • Mediocre sound for the price increase
  • Uneven sound levels dependent upon source
  • Any low end (bass) is heavily balanced toward front door speakers; subwoofer seems to be doing nothing
  • Construction is laughable; small magnets on all speakers

Transmission failure/replacement

  • Low number of failures on 2022-2023 trucks (2-3 reported, might be as high as 6-7)
  • Multiple posts from 2024 owners needing a replacement within the first 500 miles

Platinum/1794/Capstone door moulding breaking/coming off

  • Original thought to be due to poor alignment from factory
  • 3M double-sided tape appears to be “failing” or applied when it was too cold

Passenger side mirror panoramic view monitor panel coming off

  • PVM camera mount panel can come off at speed
  • Some lost the camera and others didn’t
  • Some if not all covered under warranty (I had this happen)

Premature 12V battery replacement

  • Have seen this, infrequently

Volume knobs breaking on 14-inch infotainment system

  • Unsure of the cause other than poor quality part

Rear differential whine

  • Known issue in other vehicles, but not uncommon to Toyota

Start/Stop sytem quirks

  • Will stop and immediately restart when going into park
  • Doesn’t always activate based on climate control settings

The bottom line

This list should be really helpful for Toyota Tundra truck shoppers looking for information on any problems they might encounter. Keep in mind, there are plenty of happy Toyota Tundra owners who may or may not have experienced these same issues. This list, along with other research, is aimed to make you an informed consumer.

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