10 Things You Need To Know About Lucy Block

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  • Lucy and her daughter Lia continue to honor Ken’s legacy in the world of rally racing, racing in the American Rally Association Championship series.
  • Lucy competes with Ken’s former co-driver, Alex Gelsomino, and Lia races alongside Alex’s wife Rhianon.
  • Lucy participated in the Pike’s Peak International Hillclimb event to honor Ken and raise awareness for a non-profit organization.

Lucy Block married Ken Block, of Hoonigan and YouTube fame, in 2004. They have three daughters, but the one in the spotlight is Lia Block, who is now a teenager. It’s been over a year, since January 2, 2023, when Ken unfortunately passed away in a snowmobile accident in Utah at the age of 55.

Ken was recognized for a number of things, including founding the Monster World Rally Team in 2010, which later became Hoonigan Racing Division in 2012; co-founded DC Shoes before that; and his Gymkhana videos have amassed over 500 million views. This video series showcased some crazy builds, like the Hoonicorn, Hoonitruck, Honifox, Hoonipigasus, and Hoonitron Electrickhana in partnership with Audi, just to name a handful.

Apart from these accomplishments and milestones within the world of action sports, Lucy and Lia have made strides to honor and carry forward Ken’s legacy, aside from being their own individual selves. An example of this is that even though Lucy has her own need for speed if she and Lia aren’t busy as rally drivers, she has a catering business called Luna’s Kitchen to manage. She was also always focused on being a mother and a supportive wife. Amongst this terrible tragedy of losing Ken, Lucy and the rest of the Block family have found the will within to press on in more than one way.

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In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from various manufacturer websites and other authoritative sources, including Hoonigan Racing, Top Gear, Road & Track, MotorTrend, and Car And Driver.

10 The First Race Between Ken, Lucy, And Lia

At The 2022 American Rally Association (ARA) Championship

The year was 2022, and Ken found himself competing against his wife Lucy, and then 15-year-old daughter Lia in the American Rally Association Championship series. The trio were all racing within the Hoonigan Racing Division, naturally. Here, Lucy made the jump up to the all-wheel drive (AWD) rally for the first time, while Lia was in the open two-wheel drive (2WD) class.

The Rally Cars Of The 2022 ARA Championship For The Block Family

  • Ken:
  • Lucy:
    • M-Sport built Ford Fiesta Rally3
  • Lia:

Although Lia had only competed in one rally prior to the 2022 season, she was quite experienced already. She had already competed in wheel-to-wheel UTV racing, and kart racing, and took the podium in a Nitro Rallycross Championship race. Not only that, but she had already driven Ken’s 1,400 base horsepower Mustang, the one called the Hoonicorn, and a car that was AWD at that.

The Block family’s first racing weekend of the season was in Salem, called “Rally in the 100 Acre Wood.” Here Ken finished second overall, while Lia was 21st overall, but placed fifth in her class.

9 Lucy Races With Ken’s Co-Driver

Alex Gelsomino Joins Lucy Block

Given Ken’s unfortunate passing, there was no number 43 car for the 2023 American Rally Association (ARA) series, but the Block and Gelsomino team lived on. Lucy raced the 2023 season with Gelsomino as her co-driver, who was the veteran partner to Ken in prior stage rally career success. Lucy had admitted she considered selling everything and moving on, but with a plan in place already for 2023, she instead chose to rally on in Ken’s memory for the family’s sake.

Lucy Block’s Statement Via Instagram:

Interestingly enough, this was not the only Block and Gelsomino combo, as Lia raced with Alex’s wife Rhianon. After making her ARA debut the year before, she again entered the 2WD category, running in a Subaru BRZ. Rhianon is a rally scene vet herself, who even raced alongside Travis Pastrana as his co-driver.

Lucy and Lia began the 2023 season again at the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood in Missouri, just as they had the year prior, the season when they first raced with Ken. This is also the location of Ken’s first rally win, back in 2006, so it holds quite the significance for the Block family.

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8 Pike’s Peak Hill Climb

A Ken Tribute

Back in May of 2023, Lucy announced she entered the Pike’s Peak International Hillclimb event, scheduled for June of last year. Lucy’s goal in the competition was to honor Ken. This was also an opportunity to raise awareness for a non-profit organization raised after Ken’s passing.

Here’s What Lucy Had To Say In A Statement:

My biggest accomplishments have always been being a mother to my kids and a strong, supportive wife. Being given the opportunity to drive to the summit for Ken at Pikes Peak is an honor. He gave so much to the action sports community. Driving Pikes Peak International Hill Climb gives us a way to carry Ken’s spirit forward and do something he was excited to do himself. We are eager to be able to use this opportunity to create awareness around 43 Institute and celebrate my husband’s love for motorsports and innovation.

Lucy competed in the Unlimited class, driving the Sierra Echo EV. In 2022, Ken himself made a record attempt up Pike’s Peak, but it was impeded due to engine failure. The vehicle was the pink Porsche 911 called “Hoonipigasus,” which happened to be the same vehicle that now 16-year-old Lia took up the hill in an un-timed run, the same time that Lucy made her attempt in the Sierra Echo. The pink 911 is another 1,400 horsepower beast. The above video features a documentary of the event around the Block family’s involvement.

7 A Return To Rally Racing

Ken’s Legacy To All

The world of motorsports consists of many different types of events, like Formula 1 and NASCAR, for example. Rally racing is another one of those types of motorsports, often described as real cars, on real roads, going really fast. It differs from completing circuit laps on controlled environments, by racing in a point-to-point format. A real road is closed off for the duration of the event, and participants must brave unknown terrain. The challenges of rallying involve stock spec cars that are modified depending on the event, and amateur teams can match up against pros in a variety of classes.

Rally Racing Categories

  • Road Rally
    • Original form of the sport
    • Still held on roads open to regular traffic
    • Accurate timekeeping and average speed over the fastest time
    • Time-Speed-Distance & Monte-Carlo style are modern versions
  • Stage Rally
    • Official format since 1960
    • World Rally Championship (WRC) choice configuration
    • Stages could be a couple of miles, to over 30 miles
    • Take place over dirt, snow, or tarmac
    • 15-30 special stages
    • The lowest overall time is the declared winner
  • Super Special Stages
    • Two cars compete on parallel tracks
    • Simulates a traditional circuit

Though the WRC hasn’t included events in the United States for decades, with a possible return slotted for 2025, the ARA helps fill that void. Anyone can look to get into rallying by joining a club, attending a rally school, and having a vehicle to start with. Of course, Ken’s legacy paved the way for Lucy and Lia to pick up where he left off while continuing to do so helps keep his memory alive.

6 Lucy And Lia In The Baja 1000

Mexico’s Baja Peninsula Off-Road Desert Race

Like the ARA, the Baja 1000 features many different types of classes and vehicle types. This was a grueling 1,311-mile off-road race, in which Lucy and Lia ran under the banner of Block House Racing. This is the event that we have to thank for the groundbreaking F-150 Raptor, a factory truck designed from the Baja 1000, one without an equal for years until relatively recently.

Block House Racing Statement On The Baja 1000

Lucy raced 526 miles, while Lia took care of 388, and their respective partners handled the rest. Racing in a Cam-Am Maverick R, Baja 1000 Champions Rodrigo Ampudia and Terry Madden filled in the mileage gaps. All in all, the team crossed the finish line in a time of 35 hours, 50 minutes, and 38.9 seconds, finishing first in the Pro Stock UTV class. This is quite an impressive accomplishment for two newcomers to a race such as the Baja 1000.

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5 Racing In The Sierra Echo EV

Lucy Also Personally Drives An Audi E-Tron

A collaboration between Sierra Cars and Hypercraft resulted in the Echo, an electric vehicle (EV). This is a single-seat, rally-inspired, all-electric racer. As such, it is designed for ice, asphalt, and sandy terrain, while also perfect for an obstacle such as Pike’s Peak. An EV is great for Pike’s Peak because it won’t experience power loss at altitude like a gas-powered vehicle would.

Sierra Echo EV Specs & Features




368 pound-feet @ 12,000 RPM max

Top Speed

120 MPH


1,350 pounds

Battery Pack

Three 18.6 kWh batteries

(Source: MotorTrend)

  • Steel tube-frame chassis
  • Two-way adjustable shocks with 12 inches of wheel travel
  • Wilwood four-piston calipers
  • Rally-inspired steering

In partnership with Lucy, Sierra Cars offered seven “Block Edition” Echo EVs for sale, that mirrored what she drove up the hill. A portion of the sales went to the 43 Institute, a non-profit founded with the goal of funding careers for individuals who otherwise wouldn’t have the means.

4 Hoonigan Racing Division Repurposed

How The Team Deals With The Loss Of Ken

It’s difficult to overcome any tragedy, but the loss of Ken Block has affected many people worldwide. Still, forget about the millions of YouTube viewers and countless auto enthusiasts whom Ken has influenced, and the team he left behind at Hoonigan, but most of all think of his immediate family. Even so, the Hoonigan Racing Division must go on, in order for everyone involved to begin to heal.

Lucy’s Post Upon The Passing Of Ken

Rally helps the Block family stay the course. As a resource, the Hoonigan Racing Division allows Lia to continue to make a foothold in motorsports. It enables Lucy to also step back into the rally world, something that motherhood had previously put on hold. Therefore, the Block family can continue to embrace their shared passion, while still scratching their competitive itch. This way, Ken’s spirit is also kept alive, and that’s soothing to those of whom he was a hero and an influence.

3 Block House Racing

A New Hub For All Things Block Entertainment

In continuing with the Hoonigan and Gymkhana YouTube spirit, Lucy and Lia Block have now also created the Block House Racing Channel. The above video from their recent Baja 1000 success, was actually their first for the channel.

Other Ways To Follow Block House Racing

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • X (formerly known as Twitter)

Of course, social media is the leading way to get a message out there to everyone who happens to be connected, and through these various channels, the Blocks will be able to reach as big of an audience as possible. Given that Ken’s fame ballooned with his Gymkhana videos, although he built his platform initially from DC Shoes resources, this only makes sense for Lucy and Lia to continue to grow on their own in a similar fashion.

2023 Ken Block’s 1,400-HP Vintage Porsche 911 Pikes Peak Racer is Ridiculously Awesome

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2 The 43 Institute

Block’s Non-Profit Organization

Ken Block's Hoonitruck

The 43 Institute is a non-profit organization raised in Ken Block’s memory. It exists to carry on his greatest legacy, and that is to create paths of opportunity for those who are exceptionally driven, but who lack the necessary support. This would provide individuals with the ability to build a brand, take off in action sports, or otherwise pursue a driving career.

Follow The 43 Institute On Instagram:

Given that Lucy is Ken’s widow, and Lia is their daughter, they already have the resources in place to do what they do. They also have the ability and the common drive to do so. Through the 43 Institute, however, hopefully so will many others. Not only is Lucy continuing to rally to keep Ken’s memory and legacy alive, but the non-profit allows for Ken’s influence to continue to reach those who need it most. Check out 43i.org, the 43 Institute’s website, to learn more.

1 Breaking Gender Norms Through Racing Competition

Balancing Normal Life With Extreme Action Sports

Hoonigan GYM3 Ford Fiesta ST

The term “Hoonigan” may be defined as a person who operates a motor vehicle in an aggressive and unorthodox manner. This may comprise drifting, burnouts, and doughnuts. Not limited by this, it could also consist of automotive aeronautics. Therefore, an individual who “hoons,” would be one that drives in a reckless style.

The Hoonigan Racing Division Garage:

  • 2017 Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS (two identical units)
  • 2017 Can-Am Maverick X3 Max X RS
  • 2018 Ski-Doo Freeride 154
  • Archived Garage:
    • 1994 Ford Escort RS Cosworth WRC Cossie V2
    • 1977 Ford F-150 Hoonitruck
    • 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR (1,400 BHP)
    • 1978 Ford Escort MK2 RS
    • 1986 Ford RS 200
    • 2017 SVCOFFROAD Ford F-150 Raptor
    • 2015 Ford Fiesta ST RX43
    • 2016 Ford Focus RS
    • 1974 Ford Bronco
    • 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor
    • 1991 Ford Escort RS Cosworth AKA “Cossie” (#RIPCOSSIE)
    • 2016 Ford Focus RS RX
    • 2014 Ford Fiesta ST HFHV
    • 2011 Ford Fiesta GYM3
    • 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR (version 1)
    • 2013 Ford F-150 Raptortrax
    • 2014 Ford Fiesta R2

Headquartered in Park City, Utah, this list comprises Ken’s Ford racers and special project vehicles. The vehicles are used globally for rallies, rallycross, Gymkhana demos, appearances, media events, and special video projects. The final vehicle on the list, the 2014 Ford Fiesta R2, actually always belonged to Lucy, and Ken picked it up as a wedding anniversary present in 2017.

Today, Lucy is of course busy with being a competitive racer as well as a mother. She balances motorsports, her catering business, and her children’s lives all at once. Keeping Lia on the honor roll and in touch with close friends, while traveling the world for racing events is no small task. As awesome as this life must be, doing so without her partner in Ken, must be overwhelmingly difficult at times.

Lucy, being raised in a family without gender norms, knows she can do whatever she puts her mind to. This is what allows the Block family to carry on and succeed despite Ken’s loss. It’s this drive, determination, and talent, coupled with the overall underpinnings from Lucy, that may make Lia the best young female rally driver around. In time, Lia could become the best driver period, making her late father proud. Though Ken established the foundation for the family’s success, we have Lucy to thank for it too, as Lia’s continued pillar of support.

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