The Suspension System That Offers Luxury-Car Like Ride On The RAM 1500 - SUV VEHICLE

The Suspension System That Offers Luxury-Car Like Ride On The RAM 1500



  • The RAM 1500’s advanced suspension system provides a smooth, controlled ride comparable to luxury cars, setting a new standard in the pickup truck segment.
  • The suspension system enhances the RAM 1500’s handling, stability, towing capabilities, and payload capacity, making it highly versatile and capable in various driving conditions.
  • The RAM 1500’s suspension system offers both on-road luxury and off-road performance, allowing drivers to confidently tackle rugged terrains while maintaining comfort and stability.

The RAM 1500 stands out in the pickup truck market for its robust performance and towing capabilities and also for offering a ride experience that rivals luxury cars. This exceptional feature of the 1500 is attributable to its advanced suspension system. The RAM 1500’s suspension system is designed to deliver a smooth, controlled ride that is often unexpected in a pickup truck. This system enhances the vehicle’s handling and stability and plays a critical role in its towing and payload capabilities.

The RAM 1500 provides a driving experience that other vehicles in the sector find difficult to match. Exploring the details of the suspension system’s components in this truck and how it performs in everyday situations and when off-roading explains how the 1500 offers a luxury car-like ride, setting a new standard in the pickup truck segment.

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In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from various manufacturer websites and other authoritative sources, including Car And Driver, Top Gear, and Stellantis.

Technical Overview of the RAM 1500 Suspension System

2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger's STLA Frame platform

The RAM 1500’s suspension system is a marvel of engineering, setting it apart from its competitors. The heart of this system lies in its five-link coil spring rear suspension, a design choice that significantly enhances ride quality. This suspension type, usually found in luxury vehicles, offers superior comfort by better-absorbing road irregularities and reducing the harshness typically associated with traditional truck leaf-spring setups. The RAM 1500’s suspension balances the need for durability and performance with the desire for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The RAM 1500 also features a class-exclusive, four-corner Active Level air suspension with adaptive damping. This system is not just about comfort; it’s about adaptability. It automatically adjusts to varying load conditions to maintain a level and stable ride. This feature is particularly beneficial for towing and hauling, ensuring that the truck remains balanced and controlled, regardless of weight. The air suspension system enhances fuel efficiency, off-road capability, and convenience by allowing the driver to raise or lower the vehicle to suit different driving conditions.

Critical Components Of The 1500’s Suspension System

The five-link coil spring rear suspension is Central to the RAM 1500’s smooth ride. This system is a standout feature, offering significant improvements over the traditional leaf-spring configurations commonly found in pickup trucks. The coil springs help in providing a more compliant and comfortable ride, absorbing road irregularities with greater efficiency than leaf springs.

The RAM 1500 also features a class-exclusive Active-Level four-corner air suspension. This system improves ride quality and enhances the truck’s fuel efficiency, off-road capability, and ease of loading. The adaptive air suspension automatically adjusts to varying load conditions and can raise or lower the vehicle for optimal performance and convenience. This system provides an optimal balance between off-road prowess and on-road comfort.

Model-Specific Enhancements

The RAM 1500 Rebel and TRX models stand out for their off-road prowess, largely due to their specialized suspension features. The Rebel model, for example, offers an electronic rear-locking differential, skid plates, and Bilstein front and rear performance-tuned shock absorbers. These features, combined with the inherent capabilities of the RAM 1500’s suspension system, provide a seamless transition from highway cruising to off-road adventuring.

The TRX model takes this a step further, with a substantially overhauled suspension system designed to handle the most punishing off-road conditions. It includes beadlock-capable wheels and unique suspension tuning to maximize off-road performance and durability. These model-specific enhancements underscore the RAM 1500’s commitment to providing a luxury-like ride quality across a variety of driving conditions and terrains.

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The RAM 1500’s Suspension Performance On And Off-Road

2024 RAM 1500 TRX

The adaptability of the sophisticated suspension system in the RAM 1500 is a defining feature that sets this pickup truck apart as highly capable both on and off the road. This adaptability is not limited to a single model but extends across the entire RAM 1500 lineup, ensuring that regardless of the chosen trim, drivers can confidently tackle a variety of terrains and driving conditions. One remarkable aspect of the RAM 1500’s suspension system is its ability to perform exceptionally well on regular roads while maintaining its prowess on rugged trails. This dual capability is due to the engineering excellence that went into its design.

On the road, the system can automatically adjust the height of the vehicle to optimize comfort and fuel efficiency. This not only enhances the ride quality but also contributes to better gas mileage, a boon for those long highway drives. RAM 1500’s suspension system boasts a range of adaptive and durable components that enable the truck to conquer even the most intense and challenging terrains with remarkable ease. Whether navigating rocky trails, muddy paths, or steep inclines, the suspension system ensures stability and control, allowing drivers to explore uncharted territories confidently.

On-Road Performance Of The 1500’s Suspension

Red 2025 Ram 1500 Tungsten

The RAM 1500’s suspension system stands out for its refinement in everyday driving conditions. It offers a buttery smooth ride that rivals luxury cars, making it feel more like driving a large crossover than a traditional pickup truck. The suspension design contributes to superior ride quality and enhances handling and trailer control while maintaining comfort, providing a feeling of stability for the driver and passengers.

The RAM 1500 doesn’t compromise on its utility aspects. The sophisticated suspension plays a crucial role in the RAM’s towing ability, and it helps the vehicle maintain stability and control even when the truck is fully loaded or towing heavy loads. The suspension system allows the RAM to have a maximum towing capacity of up to 12,750 pounds (HEMI V-8) and a payload capacity of 2,300 pounds. These aspects of the suspension system make the 1500 highly comfortable, easy, and safe to drive, but also maintain the versatility and utility of the vehicle.

Off-Road Performance Of The 1500’s Suspension

2024 Ram 1500 catching air on a gravel road

The RAM 1500’s specialized suspension system not only enhances its on-road luxury but also establishes it as a formidable off-road vehicle, adept at handling even the most challenging terrains without compromising the quality of the ride. This excellence in off-road performance is primarily attributed to several key features.

The off-road focussed trims of the RAM 1500 come equipped with an electronic locking rear differential for improved traction, a well-tuned rear axle ratio, aluminum front upper and lower control arms, independent front suspension with active damping, adaptive performance shocks, a Dana 60 solid rear axle with an electronic locking differential, and a new frame made predominantly of high-strength steel, providing increased rigidity for better handling and durability.

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Luxury and Convenience Aspects of the RAM 1500’s Suspension System

​​​​​The suspension system of the RAM 1500 not only excels in delivering a smooth and controlled ride but also significantly contributes to the truck’s luxurious and user-friendly features. One of the standout elements of the RAM 1500’s suspension system is its automatic adaptive suspension. This feature goes beyond just enhancing the ride quality; it also caters to the everyday needs of drivers.

For instance, the system can automatically lower the truck’s ride height when parked, offering a notable convenience. This not only improves accessibility for entering and exiting the vehicle but also simplifies tasks like loading and unloading cargo. It’s these thoughtful and practical touches that set the RAM 1500 apart from many of its peers in the same class.

These quality-of-life features come as standard in the RAM 1500, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize ease of use and comfort in their daily lives. Whether it’s the effortless transition from pavement to parking or the added convenience of managing cargo, the RAM 1500’s suspension system goes the extra mile to make the driver’s experience as seamless as possible.

Cabin And Ride Comfort

The 2024 Ram 1500 Limited Interior

The RAM 1500’s unique suspension system is critical in providing an exceptionally comfortable and luxurious driving experience. The heart of this comfort lies in its optional Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension system, paired with a unique coil-spring and multi-link rear suspension. This advanced suspension setup increases control, maneuverability, and a remarkably smooth ride.

The air suspension system is adjustable, providing five settings that can lower the truck’s height on highways or adjust for rougher terrain, balancing control with comfort. This enhances the ride quality and improves fuel efficiency.

Ram’s focus on suspension design is driven by consumer demand for a quality ride in trucks, traditionally viewed as utilitarian vehicles. By prioritizing luxury and comfort through advanced suspension technology, the RAM 1500 transforms the driving experience, making it akin to a luxury car. This approach to design and engineering has played a crucial role in making the RAM 1500 safe, user-friendly, and luxurious, setting it apart in its class.

Ease Of Use And Safety Features

The RAM 1500’s suspension system contributes to its ease of use in various ways. For example, the adjustable air suspension system makes it easier to load and unload cargo by raising or lowering the vehicle. In addition, the RAM 1500 offers cargo bed utility options and extensive in-cabin storage solutions, making it a practical choice for those who value both luxury and functionality.

The link-coil rear suspension system with the segment-exclusive air suspension ensures class-leading ride and handling, contributing to the vehicle’s overall safety. These advanced systems give drivers peace of mind, especially when navigating challenging driving conditions or managing heavy loads.​


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2024 RAM 1500 Suspension Updates

Red 2024 RAm 1500 Limited

The 2024 RAM 1500 continues to build on its reputation for having a high-quality suspension system, delivering both comfort on the road and capability in the dirt. For 2024, while the core suspension system remains largely unchanged, there are notable updates and additions to the model lineup that enhance its performance and versatility.

Key Suspension Features In The 2024 Model

  • Five-Link Coil Rear Suspension: The 2024 RAM 1500 Classic retains the acclaimed five-link coil rear suspension, praised for providing a smooth and comfortable ride. This suspension type remains a key feature across the RAM 1500 lineup.
  • Payload and Towing Capacities: The robust suspension system continues to support impressive payload and towing capacities, underlining the balance between performance and comfort that the RAM 1500 offers.

New Additions To The RAM 1500 Lineup

Red Ram 1500

The 2024 model year introduces several new trims and special editions to the RAM 1500 lineup, each bringing unique suspension-related features. The RAM 1500 Tradesman Warlock has been reintroduced in 2024, with a focus on off-road capability. The suspension features that the Tradesman Warlock is equipped with include:

  • Rear-locking differential for enhanced traction.
  • Skid plates for underbody protection.
  • Raised ride height and performance-tuned shocks for better off-road performance.

2024 marks the end of the powerful TRX line with the TRX Final Edition RAM 1500 model, released as a special edition of the TRX. This special edition is equipped with unique suspension features, including:

  • Beadlock-capable wheels, catering to serious off-roading enthusiasts.
  • Unique suspension tuning, emphasizes the model’s off-road capabilities and high-performance nature.

The 2024 RAM 1500 lineup maintains its celebrated suspension system while introducing new trims and editions that enhance its off-road capabilities and overall appeal. The core attributes of the suspension system that contribute to the RAM 1500’s reputation for providing a smooth, controlled ride remain a significant part of the vehicle’s design​.

The suspension system in the RAM 1500 remains a significant step forward in the pickup truck segment and sets the standard for durability, versatility, comfort, useability, safety, and driveability for the full–size pickup truck market.


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