How The Toyota Land Cruiser Stacks Up Against The Ford Bronco: Off-Road Hardware Compared



  • The Toyota Land Cruiser and Ford Bronco are both well-equipped from the factory for off-road driving without needing immediate upgrades.
  • The Land Cruiser emphasizes reliability and traditional off-road hardware, while the Bronco offers versatility and modern technology.
  • Both vehicles have impressive off-road specifications, but approach off-road challenges differently based on their unique design philosophies.

The Toyota Land Cruiser and the Ford Bronco have garnered a dedicated following, primarily due to their robust capabilities and legendary status as off-roading vehicles. Both models are well-equipped for off-road challenges, with the Bronco offering a more diverse range of suspension tuning and advanced differential lock systems, while the Land Cruiser focuses on blending power with efficiency and providing essential off-road protection and control features.​

To fairly compare the Bronco and Land Cruiser, this comparison is structured around four key areas: the stock setup of each model, the available hardware for enhancing performance, an exploration of their off-road specifications, and the range of available off-road accessories.


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In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from various manufacturer websites and other authoritative sources.

The Bronco And Land Cruiser Come With Factory-Ready Off-Road Capabilities

The initial setup of a vehicle straight from the factory lays the foundation for its performance on rugged terrains. From their robust 4WD systems to their meticulously engineered suspension and traction control, these vehicles are ready to tackle the trails without needing immediate upgrades.

The Bronco offers versatility and a modern approach to off-road driving, and the Land Cruiser provides innovation on tried and true off-roading hardware and features. In their stock setup, both 4x4s present a strong foundation for off-road enthusiasts to build upon but are also capable of heading off-road without any modifications.

Toyota Land Cruiser’s Base Off-Road Features

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid in blue color

The Toyota Land Cruiser is synonymous with reliability in harsh terrains, even with a stock setup. It comes with an impressive array of off-road features straight from the factory. The Land Cruiser boasts a full-time four-wheel drive system at its core, providing consistent power and traction across various surfaces.

The Land Cruiser’s robust suspension system is designed to absorb the shocks and bumps of rugged trails, ensuring a stable and comfortable ride. High ground clearance and skid plates protect the undercarriage on rocky or uneven terrain. The Land Cruiser’s advanced traction control systems, including hill-start assist and crawl control, offer drivers greater control and confidence in challenging off-road conditions. This combination of features makes the Land Cruiser a formidable contender right out of the dealership.

Some of the most notable standard off-road features of the Land Cruiser include:

  • Four-Wheel Drive System: Includes a center locking differential and adaptable two-speed transfer case.
  • Multi-Terrain Select and Crawl Control: Aids in controlling wheel spin across various terrains.
  • Electronic Locking Rear Differential: Enhances power distribution to rear wheels.
  • Rock Rails and Steel Skid Plates: Standard on the Land Cruiser First Edition for enhanced off-road protection.
  • Off-Road Technology: Features like Multi-Terrain Monitor and Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 enhance trail safety and awareness.

Ford Bronco’s Base Off-Road Features

2024 Ford Bronco Everglades

The Ford Bronco re-entered the off-roader market with a bang and is a purpose-built off-road warrior without additional modifications. Even the base model Bronco is well-equipped regarding off-road readiness, boasting clever features such as a part-time four-wheel drive system that allows drivers to switch between 2WD and 4WD, adapting to different terrains as needed.

The Bronco’s impressive ground clearance and approach/departure angles testify to its off-road design philosophy. It also comes equipped with off-road-tuned suspension, enhancing its ability to navigate rugged terrains. The Bronco includes terrain management systems like G.O.A.T. Modes (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain) that help drivers tackle a variety of off-road scenarios. The Bronco’s stock setup demonstrates Ford’s commitment to providing a capable off-road vehicle that can handle various outdoor adventures.

Some of the most notable standard off-road features of the Ford Bronco include:

  • Terrain Management System: Offers a variety of modes for different terrains.
  • Water Fording: High-mounted air intake allows for navigating through water.
  • Undercarriage Protection: Equipped with bash plates to protect critical components.
  • Suspension Packages: HOSS 1.0 to 4.0, offering varying levels of suspension tuning and capabilities, including Live Valve technology in higher packages.
  • Differential Lock: Dana 44 AdvanTEK M220 solid rear and Dan AdvanTEK M210 independent front suspension with electronic lockers.
  • Off-Road Switches: Easy control of off-road features like differential lock and Trail Turn Assist.

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Off-Road Specifications: Analyzing the Technical Details

Blue Ford Bronco

Comparing critical specifications, including ground clearance, approach and departure angles, suspension articulation, and torque distribution, reveals the true off-roading ability of these vehicles, as these technical parameters determine how the Bronco and the Land Cruiser perform under challenging off-road conditions.

Understanding these specifications offers a deeper insight into these SUVs’ engineering and design philosophy, highlighting how each is fine-tuned to navigate through rugged and demanding terrains. The Land Cruiser’s commitment to traditional, robust off-road performance, while the Bronco combines modern technology and adaptability. Both vehicles boast impressive technical specifications but approach off-road challenges differently, reflecting their unique design philosophies.

The Land Cruiser’s Off-Road Specs

The Toyota Land Cruiser’s reputable name is backed by a suite of technical specifications that make it a powerhouse in off-road scenarios. One of the most critical aspects is its ground clearance, which is substantial, allowing it to tackle significant obstacles and uneven terrain easily. The suspension system of the Toyota, particularly when upgraded, offers remarkable articulation, ensuring all wheels maintain contact and traction even in the most uneven landscapes. These technical specifications underscore the Land Cruiser’s reputation as a vehicle built for severe off-road conditions.

Off-road capabilities are further bolstered by its full-time four-wheel drive system, which includes a center locking differential and an electronically controlled two-speed transfer case with high/low range. The Land Cruiser’s tech features complement the Land Cruiser’s off-road abilities. It includes the Multi-Terrain Select which provides pre-sets for driving on various terrains and helps control wheel spin, the CRAWL Control function acts as a low-speed, off-road cruise control, and downhill assist control.

Off-Road Specifications


Toyota Land Cruiser

Ford Bronco

Approach Angle

31 degrees

35.5 degrees

Breakover Angle

25 degrees

20 degrees

Departure Angle

22 degrees

29.8 degrees

Ground Clearance

8.7 inches

8.4 inches

(Source: Toyota, Ford)

The Bronco’s Off-Road Specs

The Ford Bronco is equipped with several advanced off-roading features. It boasts a robust 4×4 powertrain and a Terrain Management System, designed for a variety of off-road terrain. It also features high ground clearance and bash plates that cover critical components. The Bronco’s torque and engine options are optimized for off-road use, providing responsive and robust power in various conditions. The Bronco’s suspension offers impressive wheel travel and articulation and compliments its aggressive approach and departure angles.

Its advanced 4WD system and terrain management features allow drivers to tailor the vehicle’s performance to specific off-road challenges. The Bronco includes off-road hero switches for engaging off-road essentials like front and rear locking differentials, Trail Turn Assist, and sway-bar disconnect, providing enhanced traction for challenging terrains.


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Available Hardware: Upgrades For Enhanced Performance

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser_04-1

While the stock capabilities of off-road vehicles like the Toyota Land Cruiser and Ford Bronco are impressive, the true potential of these machines often lies in their capacity for customization. These vehicles have an extensive range of hardware upgrades available directly from the manufacturers that can elevate their performance to new heights.

Upgrades, such as suspension enhancements and specialized off-road tires, can transform these vehicles into even more formidable off-road conquerors. Aftermarket upgrades can fine-tune and adapt these already capable vehicles to meet off-road enthusiasts’ specific needs and preferences, enhancing their versatility and performance in rugged environments.

Upgrading the Land Cruiser: Optional Enhancements

The Toyota Land Cruiser’s stock setup is already formidable, but enthusiasts looking to push this vehicle to its limits have many upgrade options. These enhancements are designed to bolster the Land Cruiser’s off-road capabilities further. Key upgrades include advanced suspension systems, such as lift kits, that increase ground clearance and improve the vehicle’s ability to navigate larger obstacles. Off-road enthusiasts often opt for more aggressive, all-terrain tires that provide better grip and stability on slippery or uneven surfaces.

The aftermarket offers heavy-duty skid plates and rock sliders that provide extra protection for the undercarriage and sides of the vehicle in rough terrain. For those seeking adventure in remote locations, there are also options for winches, enhanced lighting, and roof racks, adding to the Land Cruiser’s impressive utility and resilience.

Upgrading the Ford Bronco: Optional Enhancements

The Ford Bronco is designed with customization in mind. Ford offers various packages and accessories that elevate the Bronco’s off-road prowess. One of the most notable is the Sasquatch Package, which includes larger tires, higher ground clearance, and locking differentials for superior traction.

Beyond factory options, the aftermarket for the Bronco is vibrant, offering a wide array of upgrades. Enthusiasts can invest in upgraded suspension kits for better articulation and handling in challenging terrains. Protective gear like reinforced bumpers and skid plates is popular for those taking their Bronco on more extreme trails. There are also numerous options for customization of specific hardware, such as winches, auxiliary lights, and storage solutions, allowing owners to tailor the Bronco to their specific off-road needs and preferences.

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Available Off-Road Accessories: Customizing For The Trail

2024 Ford Bronco two-door

Beyond the core capabilities and hardware upgrades, personalizing an off-road vehicle with specific accessories can significantly enhance its functionality and efficiency on challenging terrains. There is a vast array of off-road accessories for the Toyota Land Cruiser and Ford Bronco to explore.

There are practical add-ons like the previously mentioned winches and skid plates and more comfort-enhancing features like specialized storage solutions for both SUVs, making them more versatile overall and transforming the Land Cruiser or the Bronco into even more capable and customized off-road machines than they are as standard.

These accessories enhance the vehicles’ capabilities and allow owners to personalize their off-road experiences. Whether through practical additions like extra lighting and recovery gear or more specialized upgrades like custom bumpers, the Land Cruiser and the Bronco can be transformed to meet the demands of off-road enthusiasts.

Accessorizing The Land Cruiser For Off-Road Adventures

Yellow 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser

A wide range of available accessories further enhances the Toyota Land Cruiser’s legacy in off-road exploration. These accessories go beyond basic aesthetics; they are functional additions that can significantly improve the vehicle’s off-road capability and resilience. For instance, you can add snorkels for improved engine breathing in dusty environments or deep water crossings.

Roof racks and cargo carriers are popular for those who venture on long expeditions, providing ample space for gear without compromising interior comfort. Additional lighting options, such as LED light bars, ensure visibility in low-light conditions. Recovery gear, including winches and recovery boards, can be essential for tackling particularly challenging terrains, ensuring safety and self-sufficiency in remote areas. These accessories allow Land Cruiser owners to tailor their vehicles to their specific off-road needs and adventures.

Accessorizing The Ford Bronco For The Trail

Red Black and blue 2021 Ford Broncos at Moab

The Ford Bronco’s design invites customization, and the market for off-road accessories caters to every imaginable need. Bronco owners can access accessories that enhance the vehicle’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. This includes everything from custom bumpers that provide additional protection and mounting points for off-road gear to lift kits that enhance ground clearance and off-road capability.

The Bronco offers the HOSS System with four unique packages catering to different levels of off-road intensity. The availability of specialized off-road tires designed to handle different terrains allows Bronco owners to customize their vehicles for specific off-road conditions. The array of accessories available for the Bronco ensures that every owner can create a car that fits their off-road style and requirements.


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