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This Mashup Of The Ford GT And Mustang Is What Dreams Are Made Of


The Mustang meets the GT in our stunning mashup rendering to challenge the Corvette’s reign.

The iconic rivalry between Ford and Chevrolet is as American as baseball and apple pie. At the heart of this rivalry lies the Mustang and the Corvette, two titans of the muscle car and supercar segments respectively. While the Corvette has made a bold move to a mid-engine layout, the Mustang has remained front-engined, staying true to its heritage. But what if Ford decided to challenge the C8 Corvette on its own turf? That’s the question TopSpeed’s artist, Yasid Designs, explores in this stunning mashup rendering of a mid-engined Ford Mustang inspired by the Ford GT.

At first glance, the rendering strikes a familiar yet futuristic chord. The aggressive front end features the signature Mustang tri-bar grille, flanked by sleek LED headlights that borrow design cues from the Ford GT. The hood is low and sculpted, hinting at the potent powerplant lurking beneath. Moving to the side, the iconic flying buttresses of the Ford GT seamlessly blend with the Mustang’s muscular rear quarter panels. The rear end is a masterpiece of integration, with the S650 Mustang’s tri-bar taillights flanking a high-mounted, dual-center exhaust inspired by the GT. The diffuser adds a touch of aggression, while the opaque engine cover leaves room for imagination about the beast within.

While the Mustang is unlikely to go mid-engine anytime soon, Ford’s trademarking of the Thunderbird name fueled speculation about a potential revival. Ford has the engineering expertise and heritage to create a world-class mid-engine supercar, and the Thunderbird name holds immense brand recognition and potential. Whether it’s a Mustang or a resurrected Thunderbird, a mid-engine Ford supercar could challenge the status quo and reignite the American supercar wars with a vengeance.


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