10 Things That Are New In The 2025 Lexus UXh - SUV VEHICLE

10 Things That Are New In The 2025 Lexus UXh


In recent times, Lexus has dominated luxury SUV sales. While the RX and NX top their respective charts, the UX line is no slouch either. Lexus is hoping to keep up this success with a brand new model version of the hybrid UXh.

As the country turns towards more eco-conscious electrified cars, Lexus believes its hybrid vehicles can bridge the gap between the past and future. The UXh is a small, nimble city SUV. The UX even stands for Urban Explorer. It’s perfect for the school run, the farmer’s market, and the drive to the in-laws. Here’s what the new model has in store.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Lexus and other authoritative sources, including Car and Driver.

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1 A Slightly Different Name This Time Around

The new model is called the UX300h

2025 Lexus UX300h AWD Badge

As manufacturers do with many new versions of existing car models, Lexus has decided to provide a new name for the UXh. After all, it would be a bit confusing if they kept the same name for an all-new car.

  • As is typical with Lexus, they’ve used a numerological naming system for the new model.
  • Following tradition, they’ve increased the number by fifty, up from 250, which was up from 200.
  • The UX line started in 2019 with the UX200, an internal combustion-only offering.
  • The UX300h is only available as a hybrid.

The UXh keeps its naming convention to launch into its new generation. It will wear the number 300 for the foreseeable future. Apologies to any big fans of the number 250.

2 The 2025 UXh Makes 196 Horsepower

This is 15 horses more than the current UXh

2025 Lexus UX300h Rear

With a new car comes new specs. Lexus has posted a new horsepower figure of 196 horses. Fortunately, at least for most car fans, that number is an increase from the previous generation.

  • The UX250h made 181 horsepower. While not an insignificant amount, a bump is certainly appreciated.
  • 196 horses puts the UX300h squarely in the middle of its competitors. It sits below the base BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA in terms of power, but above the base Audi Q3 and Mazda CX-30.
  • While official figures have not been posted, we suspect this increase in power will likely also come with an increase in torque. One typically follows the other, especially in a hybrid.

While an increase in power is fun for those who love to drive, it also has practical applications. More power means it’s easier to merge in traffic, especially on the highway. It also allows for more fuel-efficient driving, as one can use less of the engine to produce higher speeds at lower RPMs. A jump in horses should make both gearheads and casual drivers happy.

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3 The UX300h Debuts A New Hybrid Platform

2025 Lexus UX300h F SPORT

One of the main changes to the new UXh is the introduction of a new hybrid platform. The new platform is what gives the UX300h its additional oomph. Lexus sees its new platform as another step to becoming a carbon-neutral organization in the future.

The New UXh Is The First Car To Use Lexus’ Fifth Generation Hybrid Platform

  • The new platform works with a 2.0-liter internal combustion engine and dual motors, with a front-mounted 80kW motor and an additional 30kW motor in the rear.
  • A new 60-cell battery is mounted below the seats to provide additional comfort in the cabin.
  • The powertrain uses a transaxle to deliver the power from the engine and motors.
  • A new shift-by-wire gear change system has been adopted. This removes all mechanical parts in gear changes, creating a smoother and easier shift system, which should make for a more comfortable and clean acceleration.
  • Lexus’ E-Four system is available to provide all-wheel drive on the new UXh, making the rear motor provide dedicated power to the rear wheels.

The fifth-generation hybrid platform seeks to increase speed, power, and fuel efficiency and push Lexus ahead as the leader in hybrid SUVs. A new powertrain for a new era of (partially) electrified driving technology.

4 0-60 mph In Under Eight Seconds

2025 Lexus UXh F SPORT White

With the new platform comes the aforementioned additional power. With that additional power comes additional speed. The UX300h is faster than its predecessors.

The UX300h Runs A 7.9 Second 0-60 Time

  • This time is down from 8.6 seconds on the UX250h.
  • The F-Sport package should attain even faster speeds upon release.
  • The AWD 2025 UXh does the mentioned 0-60 mph in 7.9 seconds, but the FWD will be a little slower.

The new hybrid powertrain has done its job and shaved almost a full second of time off the new UXh’s 0-60 number. This additional giddyup will not just make speed-freaks happy; it should also make the car better to drive on the highway, and feel better coming off the line at red lights. For those who might be a bit more nervous about acceleration, don’t worry, 7.9 seconds isn’t too crazy, it’s just right for a small city-oriented SUV.

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5 The 2025 UXh Is More Fuel Efficient

43 MPG combined this time around

2025 Lexus UXh White F SPORT

Another benefit of a new hybrid platform is increased fuel efficiency. With its commitment to becoming a carbon-neutral organization in the future, Lexus is striving to do it wherever possible.

The UX300h Is Rated For 43 MPG By Lexus

  • The 43 MPG is a combined rating for the FWD version of the car.
  • The new rating is up from 41 MPG on the UX250h.
  • The AWD is only rated for 41 MPG, but this is also a jump from the 39 MPG in the AWD UX250h
  • The hybrid’s efficiency puts it above most of its competitors. The Audi Q3, BMW X1, Mercedes GLA, Mazda CX-30, and Volvo XC40 all get about 20 fewer miles per gallon.

While a slight MPG gain may seem insignificant, the miles will add up over the term of ownership. The new UXh will also give you significantly less stress at the pump than its competitors. The fantastic fuel efficiency is one of the main perks of a hybrid.

6 Safety Is A Priority In The New UXh

Lexus’ Safety System+ 3.0 Is Standard On All Models

2025 Lexus UXh Gear Lever

Lexus prides itself on having an elite set of safety features to protect its drivers. The new UXh will be no exception to this rule. Much like the hybrid platform, Lexus will have a new safety system for the UX300h.

  • Safety System+ 3.0 is among the most advanced packages on the market.
  • Pre-collision assist will not only stop for the car or pedestrian in front of you, it also can detect and avoid a left turn collision, and use a steer assist to avoid a crash if braking won’t be enough.
  • Safety System+ 3.0 will keep the car in its lane, both with gentle guidance to assist in highway cruising and also ensure the car does not dangerously veer out of the lines.
  • The system can even detect road signs to help prevent speeding and brake for you at stop signs.
  • The car even boasts limited self-driving capabilities (though Lexus seems hesitant to use that term), as Safety System+ 3.0 can maintain distance between cars, bikes, and pedestrians ahead, brake and turn for corners, and maintain highway cruising independent of the driver.

These impressive features put Lexus near the top of any list of best safety systems. Safety System+ 3.0 isn’t a premium option either, you buy a UX300h, and you get all of these features. For a car aimed at families with kids, this should put potential buyers at ease.

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7 The UX300h Is More Tech Savvy

2025 Lexus UXh Interior

As technology becomes more and more integral to our day-to-day life, cars must adapt to this increase as well. Lexus has made a point to ensure the UX300h will keep up with the growing demands of technology. They’ve implemented some impressive tech updates.

A 12.3-inch Touch Screen Is Available, Along With five USB Charging Ports

  • As huge consoles become more in vogue, Lexus will not be left in the dust. A screen over a foot in size will be available.
  • Two USB-C ports will be available up front. A USB-A port will be in the center console. The rear will have 2 more USB-C ports.
  • Both Apple Carplay and Android Auto will be standard
  • Subscription options for a cloud-based Google-Connected navigation system and a comprehensive voice command system will be available.
  • A digital key is available, so you can connect to the features of the car from your phone.

Much like with its safety features, Lexus ensures they will stay on the top of the heap when it comes to new tech features. There is a lot for geeks to salivate over here, and a lot that will make life better for the casual driver.

8 18-inch Runflat Tires Are Now Standard

2025 Lexus UXh F SPORT Street Shot

While the UX300h is a new version of the urban explorer SUV, there will not be a design update. Lexus figures that if it isn’t broken, they won’t fix it. What’s standard now, however, are the 18-inch run-flat tires across all trims.

Despite The New Platform And Interior, The 300 Will Share The 250’s Exterior Design

  • Lexus will maintain the now-iconic spindle grille for the new UXh
  • The 23.4-inch center of gravity should keep the quality handling and ride from the 250.
  • The Aero-Stabilizing Blade lights help create the high MPG of the UXh line by making the car more aerodynamic.
  • The rear spoiler helps provide a quiet ride, as well as further creating fuel efficiency.

The UX has always been among the more stylish crossovers. It sports a futuristic look shaped by science. As of now, Lexus will keep the old design, as they regroup its design efforts for its forthcoming electric line.

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9 Offered In Four Trims And Comes With A Price Hike

2025 Lexus UXh FSPORT Close Up

The 2025 UXh has a higher starting price. Fear not, the increase is not as stark as some other products in recent memory. There’s only been about a $1,000 jump from the UX250h.

2025 Lexus UX300h Pricing:










F Sport Design



F Sport Handling



(Prices sourced from Lexus)

* Starting prices include $1,150 Destination, Handling, and Processing Fee

The base price skews the UX300h firmly into the luxury territory. While it is cheaper than the BMW X1, Mercedes GLA, and Audi Q3, it is over $10,000 more than the base Mazda CX-30.

10 The UX300h Is Available In A New ‘Copper Crest’ Color

Copper Crest RX 350

If you can’t have a new design, why not a new paint job? Lexus is adding a new color to the UX300h, called Copper Crest. Above is the RX350 in the Copper Crest color, just to show an example.

The New Copper Crest Paint Will Be Available On All Trim Levels

  • Copper Crest is a striking orange hue, with a name right on the nose. A Lexus in Copper Crest looks like it was made with the 29th element.
  • Lexus has featured this color on its RX SUV and LC sports car.
  • Other colors available are Caviar, Obsidian, Redline, Nori Green Pearl, Grecian Water, Cloudburst Gray, Iridium, and Eminent White Pearl.
  • F Sport models also can have black carbon-fiber roofs and details to go along with their chosen paint colors.

Copper Crest should turn some heads, a nice plus for the more design-conscious UXh owners. Lexus clearly wants to position the UXh as a style icon for luxury crossovers, especially where BMW and Mercedes have been so conservative in its style.

The UX300h is a half-step in the ongoing effort of Lexus to become a carbon-neutral outfit. The hybrid-only crossover has a future-focused, tech-forward proposition that should appeal to young families and tech-savvy baby boomers. The UX300h should be a stand-out option in the luxury crossover space.


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