This Exclusive Render Shows How Porsche Could Transcend Into The Future With The 911 EV - SUV VEHICLE

This Exclusive Render Shows How Porsche Could Transcend Into The Future With The 911 EV


The Porsche 911 EV has been circulating the internet for quite some time now. With forums, threads, and blog posts questioning whether Porsche will bite the bullet and go green with an electric 911 model, there’s no telling what this means for the brand and its future. Porsche has taken on a bold initiative to transform its fleet, focusing on electric configurations and releases. The Taycan and Macan currently sit as your two fully electric options, although with our renderings of the *potential* 911 EV sports car, you can get a little excited about the future.

Moving away from what we all know as a classic 911, the 911 EV, reimagined by TopSpeed’s artist, Yasid Design, shows a sharper, sexier, and modernized version of the long-time nameplate. Because you’re swapping out the traditional engine for a battery (or two), it’s only fitting we see the 911 EV for everything it *could* be. The future is electric, whether Porsche loves it or not, and what better way to kick things into full force than by releasing an electric or even partial electric version of the 911?! For now, though, you’ll have to settle with our renderings, and we can all dream together.

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In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Porsche and its press room, Car and Driver, as well as through in-house renderings. These photos are strictly creative and are not confirmed by Porsche.

There’s Something Even Sexier About An Electric Porsche 911

  • Through TopSpeed renderings, you get a taste of a sleeker, sharper, and gas-free Porsche 911.
  • The 911 EV could see a reformated grille, backlighting, body, and increased storage.

Before you take in the beauty that is our rendering of the potential Porsche 911 EV, it’s important to remember it’s just that: A rendering. This vehicle has been one of Porsche’s last to escape electrification, and for now, it appears to continue being made as a gas model.

Through our renderings, however, you see a more refined, modern 911 nameplate boasting an aerodynamic body, redesigned front grille, low-profile driving experience, and sleek classic-inspired backside. This Porsche concept has been a long time in the making, often becoming a point of argument online. Some people want to see a new, electric 911 hit the streets, while others are desperately clinging to the last of “true” Porsche engineering. After all, we gave the 911 our top spot for sportscars in 2024, so the brand is doing all the right things.

The Porsche 911 E Doesn’t Need To Be Watered Down

Porsche 911 E Rendering

First and foremost, the idea of an electric Porsche 911 being any less impressive than the current gas fleet is ridiculous. We’ve seen how fast and smooth the Taycan performs during real-life testing, and that model has been battery-powered for the last couple of years.

The Taycan Cross Turismo and Taycan Sport Turismo models were launched in 2021 and have since become favorites among EV sports car shoppers. This would be no different with the 911 EV, and could be a way for Porsche to sink its teeth further into the segment. Looking at our renderings: No stone is left unturned.


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Porsche Following The Taycan Could Make The 911 E A Beast

Porsche 911 E Rendering

One of the first things to remember, outside of how sexy this electric sports car is, is that the 911 would likely follow in Taycan’s footsteps. The Taycan family uses a two-deck Performance Battery Plus (standard in the Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S) and contains 33 cell modules, equaling 12 individual cells each (396 in total). The total battery capacity goes up to 93.4 kWh and begins at 79.2 kWh.

You also want to remember that Taycan uses an 800-volt system and has 0-60 MPH test times of ~2.4 seconds. The current 911 Carrera uses a 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine with 0-60 test times of 3-4 seconds, so your electric model could easily outperform it. Even now, Porsche has taken inspiration from other brands for the 911, so why not lean on yourself?


A Modern-Day Digital Reincarnation Of The Iconic Porsche Carrera GT

Taking design elements from both the original and recent Porsche models, our render showcases a modernized version of the Halo supercar

With Porsche’s Current Strategy, An Electric (Or Partially Electric) 911 Isn’t Far-Fetched

Porsche 911 E Rendering

  • Porsche plans to make every model (except 911) electric heading into 2030.
  • The 911 model is the sole survivor of Porsche’s electrification strategy.

Although our renderings aren’t set in stone, Porsche has taken a much greener approach to its manufacturing in recent years. Announcing a bold near-net-zero production plan for its fleet by 2030, Porsche is making strides toward electrifying its models.

We’ve seen PHEV technology take over some of Porsche’s lineup, as well as announcements of new EVs like the 2024 Macan. The only nameplate listed as continuing a gas build is the 911, and even then; We’re not betting on Porsche keeping it this way forever. Change sometimes must happen gradually, and per Porsche’s current mission statement, that’s exactly what you can expect. More electric vehicles will begin trickling off the production lines and into showrooms.

It Could Start As A Plug-In Hybrid

Although we’re speculating here, the Porsche 911 EV could be a plug-in hybrid system first, eventually becoming fully electric into the mid-2030s. Per our renderings, there is still more than enough room for an engine-motor combo, which could follow the brand’s current PHEV fleet.

As of 2024, Porsche offers two plug-in hybrids: the Cayenne E-Hybrid and the Panamera E-Hybrid. The Cayenne boasts 60 miles of all-electric range, while the Panamera gets between 20 and 30 miles. Again, this technology is rapidly advancing, and it will be sooner than later we see plug-ins traveling 100+ miles per charge.

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Come On, Porsche, Follow Our Lead

Porsche 911 E Rendering

  • As of 2024, Porsche has no public plans to turn the 911 into the 911 EV.
  • Heading into 2030, we will see more eco-friendly models from the company.

If there’s one thing these TopSpeed-made renderings of the Porsche 911 EV show, it’s that this model could be a reality. Porsche has been bullheaded regarding the potential for an electric or even semi-electric 911 series, although following its own mission statement: It makes perfect sense to green. The key to getting a high-performance EV version of this car is to focus on its design plus supply it with enough battery power to outperform the competition.

If there’s something Porsche can and will do, it’d impress and surprise people. Heading into 2024, Porsche drivers have four EV/PHEV options, and this number will rise heading into the next decade. Change happens slowly much of the time, so for now, try and hold tight to these photos and hope that Porsche takes notice. The 2025 Porsche 911 GT2 RS is already in the works, so we’d like to see an EV counterpart.

Why Not Give People The Best Of Both Worlds?

Adding to our above point, Porsche could also release a 911 in conjunction with a revamped gas or hybrid powertrain. This model is popular enough to warrant a dual release; plus, if Porsche follows our renderings at all, people would at least be inclined to give the EV version a spin. There’s always a middle ground in the auto industry, and with a redesign and enough specs to make people’s mouths fall, Porsche has a real winner on its hands.


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