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A Stunning Ducati Panigale Render That Will Have You Drooling Uncontrollably



  • The Ducati Panigale V5 showcases a stunning design that maintains the aesthetic of the current model while adding new aerodynamic winglets.
  • The next-gen Panigale is expected to have a powerful engine upgrade, potentially reaching around 220 horsepower and 100 pound-feet of torque.

In order to bring you exciting content, we recently hit up our dedicated artist Rostilav Prokop to create a Ducati Panigale render. The brief? A Pani that could become the next big hit in the Italian giant’s successful sport bike lineup. The result is this stunning Panigale V5 render, which will have you drooling uncontrollably.

Now, you might argue the current V4 is an almost perfect liter-class sport bike. After all, it boasts an uber-powerful engine, a top-shelf chassis, and an edgy design, all of which works splendidly in tandem. Plus, the Italian giant has given it regular updates to iron out the so-called cons in recent years. But we firmly believe things can always improve, so let’s dive deep into the idea of the V5.

After The Hypermotard 698, Ducati NOT Planning A Single-Cylinder Panigale

The 659cc single-cylinder engine will not spawn a multiple-bike lineup

Unmistakable Ducati Panigale Pizazz Infused With Modern Wizardry

One look at the render, and you’d know it’s a Panigale. The fascia comprises bespoke LED headlights and DRLs, bejeweled into triangular air intakes. Muscular fairings top off the first half, alongside an aggressive belly pan. These join hands with the distinct tail to create an instantly recognizable aesthetic. Considering the V4 is already one of the most gorgeous superbikes out there, it only makes sense for Ducati to keep the next-gen Panigale in line with the current model. Why fix what isn’t broken, right?

There are a couple of notable changes, though. The big one is the new set of aerodynamic winglets. Just like cars, we’ve imagined them to be movable as the speed increases or decreases. So when you’re braking hard, these will help increase the front end contact patch, whereas they can help increase top speed when you’re chasing triple digits on the track’s back straight. With adaptive aero gaining popularity, it’s something we expect to see in the future Panigale. For reference, the V4 currently has double-profile wings that offer 81 pounds of downforce at 186mph.

The second (and more subtle) change is the blue livery. It’s a long shot since Ducati usually sticks to red, but the brand has churned out some interesting colorways in recent times. The latest example is the Diavel For Bentley (draped in a deep green finish), while the blue Superleggera Unica is another great example. So we’d love to see a blue shade on the edgy next-gen Panigale, just like our render.

A Staggering Engine With Even More Power

Ducati Panigale V5 Render 5

What’s under the hood? That’s open for discussion. No, we’re not imagining a V5 engine here (thanks to design complexities), but a mighty, powerful mill would certainly be part of the package. We think Ducati can easily spruce up its existing flagship 1,103cc, V4 engine to up the output by a few ponies. About 220 horsepower and 100 pound-feet seems like the logical progression here, considering the current model already has 215 ponies and 91 pound-feet (210 in America).

2023 Ducati Panigale V4 Performance Figures


1,103cc, V4


215.5 horsepower at 13,000 RPM


91.2 pound-feet at 9,500 RPM

Compression ratio




To achieve that, we think Ducati would upgrade the engine with:

  • Bigger bore
  • Bigger throttle bodies
  • New exhaust
  • Increase compression ratio
  • Lighter forged pistons
  • Re-calibrated electronics package

Ducati Panigale V5 Render 2

To complement this, it’s only fair the underpinnings go under the knife for the Panigale V5. One logical upgrade would be the Ohlins Smart EC3.0 system (current model has the 2.0 setup). The new Ohlins now use Spool Valve internals and offer race-quality suspension, with settings managed by Öhlins Object Based Tuning interface (OBTi). A digital spring preload guide via the instrument panel is also a new feature. What could also change is the set of wheels and the brakes. The former could shed a few pounds and boast a new design, while the latter should comprise the latest-spec Brembo calipers. Bonus points if Ducati plonks the just-revealed GP4-MotoGP caliper, at least on one of the V5 variants. Our render still has the current model’s wheels and brakes for reality’s sake, though.

Even More Variants And Special Editions

Ducati And Motocross? Here’s What’s Confirmed So Far

After dominating road racing, Ducati’s ready to take on the off-road world next

Speaking of variants, the next-generation Panigale would certainly have a few of these. The usual suspects would be the V5 and V5 S, followed by the WSBK-homologation special V5 R. Other than that, a couple of special editions also make total sense. We’d love to see a Pecco Bagnaia edition, ripe with upgraded mechanicals, bespoke MotoGP Desmosedici-inspired touches, and #1 decals. It’s only fair given his recent accolades, right?

As exciting as all this might seem, take all the above points with a pinch of salt. None of these have been officially confirmed by the Italian giant, and it’s just our version of what the next Panigale could be like. Or you could just dub this the TopSpeed edition Panigale V5. Oh, and if you think we’ve missed something, do tell us your inputs in the comments.

All specs sourced from Ducati


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