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Rivian R1T Range And Charging Capabilities Explained



  • The Rivian R1T offers an impressive range of up to 410 miles per charge, surpassing many electric models in its class.
  • Rivian is expanding its charging network, with 3,500+ charging stations planned at 600 sites across North America, ensuring convenience for R1T owners.
  • The R1T stands out with its unique dual or quad-motor design, delivering 600-835 horsepower and quick acceleration, making it one of the fastest pickup trucks available.

Although Rivian hasn’t had the smoothest past year ever, the U.S.-based electric manufacturer does have a chance at major success with its ever-growing R1T nameplate. Because this truck has a futuristic yet understated design and powerful specifications, many drivers have begun giving it a second (or third) glance.

The R1T pickup truck has an impressive range, boasting 270 miles per charge, while the Large and Max battery packs extend the range to 352 and 410 miles, respectively. Regarding the Rivian R1T range by trim level, you can expect entry trims to give you ~270 miles, while higher or upgraded trims and batteries see 350-400+ miles. Because most electric models, pickup or non-pickup, hover closer to 300 miles of range, Rivian is onto something with the R1T lineup.

You also want to be aware of this model’s charging, which utilizes a max DC fast charging rate of 220 kW, allowing for rapid charging sessions. You also want to remember that Rivian models have access to Tesla’s Supercharger network, as well as can be plugged into 3,500+ DC fast chargers planned at approximately 600 sites in the U.S. and Canada. The future is looking bright for Rivian and the R1T lineup, which we’ll dive deeper into below. Stay tuned!

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In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Rivian and other authoritative sources, including Car and Driver.

The Rivian R1T Range Is Worth Talking About

One of the more interesting components of the Rivian R1T is its range. While base models boast 270 miles per charge, the Large and Max battery packs extend the range to 352 and 410 miles respectively. This gives you plenty of options for what you’ll need for everyday driving.

Rivian vehicles are on par with industry performance specs in the range department, with most Teslas also hitting 330+ on higher trim levels. After all, that’s its biggest competitor for 2024, so Rivian has to outperform Tesla to make any noise in this industry. Per the brand, here are the battery and range specifics:

  • Standard pack: 270 miles with Dual-Motor (projected)
  • Large pack: EPA-estimated 328 miles with Quad-Motor, EPA-estimated 352 miles with Dual-Motor and Performance Dual-Motor
  • Max pack: EPA-estimated 410 miles with Dual-Motor and Performance Dual-Motor

You Have Three Battery Options For The Rivian R1T: Standard, Large, and Max.

To summarize the above information, you have three choices for your Rivian R1T’s battery, with the standard configuration offering 270 miles per full charge. If you move up to a large battery pack, this boasts 350+ miles, while the max battery selection is ~410 miles.

Real-world highway testing revealed that the pickup model achieved approximately 220 miles of range at 75 MPH, showcasing the importance of understanding practical range expectations in your Rivian R1T truck. You may not always see the advertised mileage in a car, gas or electric, so remember to keep your expectations on the lower side.

Rivian R1T Specs


Dual or quad-motor configuration


600 to 835 horses


610 to 908 pound-feet


Single-speed automatic


135-149 kWh 400 V lithium-ion


~270 to 410 miles

Towing Capacity

11,000 pounds

Starting Price


(Data sourced from Rivian)

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Charging Your Rivian R1T Is A Breeze

The Rivian R1T off-roading.

  • Rivian is enhancing its charging network, building 3,500 stations across 600 sites.
  • Your R1T pickup can charge as fast as 140 miles of range in 20 minutes.

One thing that often makes or breaks EVs is charging. On top of the Rivian R1T range being pretty decent, the company is offering extensive charging methods and stations to its shoppers. If you own or want to own a Rivian model in 2024, you can expect to have access to Levels 1, 2, and 3 charging, plus access to a vast network of charging stations across North America. Moreover, the Rivian Adventure Network of DC fast chargers is built for Rivian owners by Rivian, focusing on renewable energy and convenience for you, the driver.

This network boasts 3,500+ of these chargers at approximately 600 sites along popular routes and highways to encourage Rivian R1T owners to explore the US/North America without fear of limited range or charging availability. As a powerful off-roader, faster charging can be a lifesaver, which Rivian is well aware of.

Although Fierce Competitors, Rivian Uses The Tesla Supercharger Network

A more exciting news story last year was Rivian signing onto Tesla’s Supercharger network, essentially expanding the brand’s charging station access by 12,000 locations. Because Tesla is rapidly investing in charging infrastructure, we’re seeing other EV manufacturers cling to its coattails in an effort to increase convenience for shoppers. Tesla Superchargers are available to Rivian owners this year, while built-in adapters for non-Tesla models using Superchargers won’t be ready until 2025.

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Rivian’s Dual- And Quad-Motor Design Is Unique

Roof crossbars on the Rivian R1T

  • The Rivian R1T’s dual or quad-motor design boosts its horsepower and performance.
  • This model sees a 0-60 MPH test time of roughly 3.0 seconds.

Rivian manufacturing and design has always set it apart from your traditional electric model. This company prides itself on looking into the future rather than the present, which becomes more obvious once you look into the battery specs of these hyper-sexy pickup trucks and SUVs. More specifically, the Rivian R1T range is to thank for its dual or quad-motor design, offering you 600 horsepower (dual). In comparison, the quad-motor setup delivers a staggering 835 horses, propelling the R1T from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.0 seconds. This acceleration performance makes it one of the quickest pickup trucks on the market.

For a quick comparison, the Tesla Cybertruck goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds, making it only a bit quicker in acceleration.

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Although The Underdog, Rivian, And The R1T Pickup Are Worth Checking Out In 2024

2022 Rivian R1T

  • This EV pickup is expected to be widely available in the coming months.
  • The Rivian R1T will retail for $80,000+.

With the Rivian R1T hitting roads and being tested by pros, it’s worth considering if you want a fast and capable pickup truck. With a range between 270 and over 400 miles and a dual or quad-motor configuration, this model is breathing new life into a typically so-so niche.

On top of the Rivian R1T range, you see one of the fastest accelerations in the pickup truck segment, as well as plenty of ways to configure your truck. Yes, the price tag of $80,000+ is steep for a truck, but for what is being given to you, it seems a bit more understandable.

Fast charging is yet another reason this model and the Rivian brand as a whole are making strides toward domination, especially through strategic partnerships across the aisle. As fun as a Tesla-Rivian beef is, the more these brands work together, the easier everyone’s life will be when it comes time to charge your car.

From 2021 To 2024, Let’s See How Far Rivian R1T Can Go

The expected release for the updated R1T lineup is Q1/Q2 of this year, with many people already getting to test drive the pickup truck across North America. So far, the reception has been positive, and people have been enjoying the new bells and whistles on the R1T, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for a good year for Rivian.


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