Buy a Chevy Colorado? Kill switch convo

In this week’s delayed livestream, Publisher Tim Esterdahl and Managing Editor Jill Ciminillo have several spirited discussions that lead to at least two #JillRants — one of which has her knocking over her water bottle because she’s talking with her hands. But the conversation begins more sedately with why Esterdahl decided not to buy the 2024 Toyota Tacoma before the end of the year, and why he isn’t buying a Chevy Colorado or Ford Ranger instead.

The conversation then moves into the controversial “kill switch” conversation that has been circulating on the internet, and Ciminillo debunks much of what she calls the “Chicken Little” mentality of over exaggeration regarding this topic. This, of course, leads to conversations about government control, what the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration will likely put in cars to prevent impaired driving and how much privacy we’ve already given up by owning a modern cell phone.

Esterdahl and Ciminillo cap off the episode with a conversation about why General Motors is ditching Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in future vehicles (and it isn’t because of safety, like the automaker says).

Esterdahl and Ciminillo try to do weekly livestreams on YouTube, which are projected out to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Though this episode aired on Thursday, they typically keep to a Monday/Tuesday schedule at 8 p.m. EST, so be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow them on social media for the upcoming live episode timing and topics. You can also catch the episode as a podcast on all your favorite podcasting software — just search for Pickup Truck + SUV Talk.

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