Hunter’s best friend? Hybrid Infinity X1 Lantern

When I was packing my gear to go deer hunting in Nebraska this year, I made sure I packed the Hybrid Infinity X1 Lantern. I wanted to see for myself what all the hype was about.

What is the Hybrid Infinity X1 Lantern?

A lantern is a lantern right? That’s what I thought and I was, well, completely wrong. This lantern kicks some serious butt.

First, it is a hybrid lantern meaning you power the lights with either rechargeable batteries, “D” size dry cell batteries, solar power or any combination. Yup, it has a small solar power array on the top to collect sunlight built into it.

Second, it can provide light in a variety of combinations like 180 degrees or 360 degrees and light can be in either “White/White, Warm/White, Yellow Bug Light, Red Night Vision, Red Emergency Flashing” according to the Infinity X1 website.

For my needs, I found warm/white to be the right combination for getting my gear out of the 2023 Chevy Colorado Trail Boss I was also testing. The Red Night Vision would have worked as well and I tried it in the dark to great effect.

This lantern can also power USB devices like my cell phone which is always running low on battery as I screw around with waiting for the sun to set or rise and killing time in between deer sightings.

Infinity says the lantern can provide up to 70 hours of light on a single charge. Yeah, a single charge!

All of this is pretty cool, but what really got me was how lightweight the lantern is and how robust the construction of it was as I examined it. I figured it would be heavy and, frankly, I was concerned about the $89 price point. It seems like a lot for a glorified flashlight!

Again, I was wrong.

The bottom line

It turns out lanterns aren’t just glorified flashlights anymore and you can actually get a quality one at that. Sure it is expensive, but I can see so many uses for it and I think it will last a while. Hell it might even out last me!

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