2025 Toyota Tundra Hybrid, EV, Specs, Price

The brand-new 2025 Toyota Tundra stands tall as a robust full-size pickup truck celebrated for its unyielding durability and renowned reliability. Amidst the fierce competition within the truck market, the Tundra emerges as a formidable adversary, particularly when pitted against American-built trucks. The interior design of the 2025 Tundra masterfully strikes a harmonious chord between practicality and comfort, delivering a seamless driving encounter. Depending on the selected trim level and optional packages, you’re treated to an array of luxuries: a state-of-the-art touchscreen infotainment system, a premium sound system, lavish leather upholstery, and expansive, inviting seating. 2025 Toyota Tundra Hybrid, EV, Specs, Price

2025 Toyota Tundra Hybrid

2025 Toyota Tundra Hybrid, EV, Specs, Price

Flexibility reigns supreme, with the Tundra offering an assortment of cab configurations and trim levels, adeptly catering to diverse preferences and necessities. Buyers can seamlessly select the configuration that mirrors their way of life and requirements. For the spirited adventurers, specific Tundra models embrace the Off-Road Package, a culmination of an enhanced suspension system, robust skid plates, and purpose-engineered tires, all working harmoniously to excel on rugged terrains.

To unearth the nuanced facets of the 2025 Tundra, we extend a warm invitation to explore this article in its entirety. Contained within are all-encompassing insights into the new Tundra, spanning its highly anticipated release date, pricing specifics, available trims, captivating features, progressive safety enhancements, an alluring color palette, and a whole lot more.

2025 Toyota Tundra EV

The Toyota Tundra presently stands as a three-generation stalwart in the realm of iconic pickup trucks. The inaugural Toyota Tundra made its grand entrance back in 2001 under the banner of the first generation, aligning its birth year with its model name. The pioneering design sought to challenge the dominance of American full-size pickup trucks and rapidly secured a reputable standing. Transitioning to the 2023 model year, we bear witness to the Tundra’s third generation, an iteration that garnered equal acclaim from discerning buyers. This latest incarnation brought forth notable enhancements in design, performance, technology, and an assortment of features, showcasing Toyota’s unwavering dedication to safety and the progression of connectivity.

2025 Toyota Tundra Release Date

The veil shrouding the release date of the Next Generation Toyota Tundra is yet to be lifted. However, it’s reasonable to anticipate that the next Tundra will grace dealership floors in the latter half of 2025. An educated guess would suggest a fall 2024 launch. As for the booking date, this specific datum eludes us for now. It is with conviction that we pledge to furnish accurate information here as and when any updates regarding the release date surface.

2025 Toyota Tundra Price

The current stance on this matter is that Toyota Motors has yet to unveil the price tag for the impending 2025 Tundra. Nonetheless, insightful murmurs indicate that the forthcoming Tundra may feature a familiar lineup of trims as seen in the 2024 model, albeit with a marginally elevated price point compared to its predecessor. Based on our informed speculation, it is conceivable that the introductory price for the base trim of the 2025 Toyota Tundra could hover around $40,500, while the range-topping trim might touch the $79,000 milestone. In the subsequent lines, you will find the estimated prices and trims for the 2025 Tundra, as extrapolated from information furnished by the 2024 model year.

Trims Estimated Price:

  • SR $40,500
  • SR5 $46,500
  • Limited $52,500
  • Limited Hybrid $56,500
  • Platinum $62,500
  • Platinum Hybrid $65,000
  • 1794 Edition $63,500
  • 1794 Edition Hybrid $75,000
  • TRD Pro $73,000
  • Capstone $79,000
  • Toyota Tundra Price 2025

2025 Toyota Tundra Interior

The dashboard layout embodies straightforwardness and user-friendliness, with critical controls and displays positioned within easy reach. The central stack traditionally accommodates the infotainment system, climate control, and other essential vehicle functions. An expansive touchscreen infotainment system takes center stage, serving as the nucleus for diverse functions encompassing navigation, audio control, smartphone integration, and more. Situated behind the steering wheel, the instrument cluster dispenses vital information such as speed, fuel levels, and engine performance. Higher-tier trims tend to feature a more extensive and advanced digital display.

2025 Toyota Tundra Hybrid, EV, Specs, Price

In terms of materials and finishes, the trim level exercises a significant influence. Base models may exhibit utilitarian and durable materials, while upper echelons often exhibit premium embellishments like leather upholstery, contrast stitching, and upscale accents. Regardless of the trim, comfort for both driver and passengers is the focal point. Higher-end trims embrace power-adjustable seats, memory settings, and heating/ventilation functionalities. Inherently practical as a pickup truck, the Tundra incorporates an array of storage compartments, cup holders, and recesses meticulously integrated to accommodate personal belongings.

2025 Toyota Tundra Engine, Power, and Performance

As keen observers may know, the Current 2024 Toyota Tundra is available in both Hybrid and Non-hybrid Trims. The non-hybrid trims harness the prowess of an i-Force Twin-Turbo V6 engine, churning out a formidable 389 HP and a hearty 479 pound-feet of Torque. In contrast, the foundational trim SR of the Toyota Tundra boasts the capability of generating 358 HP and an impressive 406 lb-ft of Torque.

Transitioning to the hybrid domain, the hybrid trims feature an i-Force Max Twin-Turbo V6 Engine, harmonizing seamlessly with the Hybrid system to unleash a combined potency of 437 HP and a prodigious 583 pound-feet of Torque. All Toyota Tundra trims are equipped with either a Rear or Four-Wheel Drive drivetrain, adjoined by a ten-speed automatic transmission.

The new Toyota Tundra takes pride in its commendable performance. Case in point, the non-hybrid trims can sprint from naught to 60 MPH in a mere 6.1 seconds, whereas the hybrid variant achieves the same feat in a nifty 5.7 seconds. This Tundra embodies prowess and it is reasonable to assume that the upcoming Toyota Tundra of 2025 will retain the same robust powertrain and performance capabilities.

2025 Toyota Tundra Features

Standing testament to the present, there’s no prevailing expectation that the impending Toyota Tundra for 2025 will experience a radical transformation or significant changes. Consequently, it’s plausible that most features will remain consistent with the prior year’s offering. Below, we’ve compiled an assortment of crucial features that are likely to grace the 2025 Tundra:

– Standard 8-inch touchscreen display
– Expansive 12-inch touchscreen availability
– Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
– Smart Key System featuring Push Button Start
– Remote Keyless Entry, encompassing Lock and Unlock capabilities
– Power Slide Moonroof
– Power-Operated Rear Windows
– Backup Camera
– Panoramic View Monitor
– Drive Mode Selection
– Air Vents for Rear Seats
– Front 12V Power Outlet
– Electronically Controlled Fuel Door Locking Mechanism
– Multi-Information Display, spanning 4.2 inches
– Day and Night Rear-View Mirror
– Heated and Ventilated Front Seats
– Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control
– Nine-Speaker Audio System as a baseline
– Elevated to a Premium 12-Speaker JBL Sound System on the upper echelons

2025 Toyota Tundra Safety Features

Toyota Motors has consistently endowed its lineup of pickup trucks with a wide array of comfortable and top-tier safety features. It stands to reason that the forthcoming Toyota Tundra will continue this tradition, ushering in an amalgamation of safety features that mirror its predecessor. Presented below is a comprehensive list of safety features that could potentially grace the upcoming Toyota Tundra:

– Toyota Safety Sense
– Automatic High Beams
– Comprehensive Airbag System, totaling eight
– Child Safety Features
– Smart Key System
– Security System
– Blind-Spot Monitoring
– Driver Attention Monitoring
– Collision Avoidance Systems
– Side-Impact Airbags equipped with Blind Spot Monitor
– Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
– Power Window Lockout Control
– Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
– Front and Rear Parking Sensors
– Backup Camera
– Multi-View Camera System
– Traction and Stability Control
– Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)
– Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)
– Automatic Emergency Braking
– Trailer Sway Control
– Hill Start Assist Control
– Electronic Trailer Brake Controller
– Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Given Toyota’s steadfast commitment to safety, it is highly probable that the forthcoming Toyota Tundra will encompass an extensive collection of advanced safety technologies. These technologies will not only enhance the safety of drivers and passengers but will also exemplify Toyota’s unwavering commitment to road safety.

2025 Toyota Tundra Specs

Trim SR
Model Year 2025
Body Type Pick-up Truck
No. Of Doors Four-Doors
No. Of Rows Two Rows
Seating Capacity Up To Five Passengers
Fuel Tank Capacity 32.2 gal.
Full tank Fuel Range Up To 772 Miles
Towing Capacity Up To 12,000 Pounds
Payload Capacity Up To 1940 pounds
Engine N/A
Power N/A
Torque N/A
Transmission N/A
Drivetrain N/A
Acceleration (0-60 MPH) N/A
Top Speed N/A
Fuel Economy Rating N/A

2025 Toyota Tundra Dimensions

Length N/A
Width N/A
Height N/A
Wheelbase N/A
Ground-Clearance N/A
Curb-Weight N/A

Interior Dimensions

Head-Room (Front/ Rear) N/A
Leg-Room (Front/ Rear) N/A
Shoulder-Room (Front/ Rear) N/A
Hip-Room (Front/ Rear) N/A
Passenger Volume N/A
Cargo Volume N/A

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